Local Chiropractor Honored With Prestigious Award

Dr. James R. Wiley DC

Wiley Snags Title as Top Doc Of The Year

Dr. James R. Wiley DC

~ by Trevor Phipps ~

This year a local chiropractor won a prestigious award that honored his work with patients and his time spent volunteering.

Dr. James R. Wiley of Ute Pass Chiropractic in Woodland Park was recently given the Chiropractor of the Year award by the Colorado Chiropractic Association. Wiley was picked for the award this year out of thousands of other chiropractors in the state.

 According to Wiley, he was shocked when the association announced that he would win the prestigious award. “I was nominated and given the award as a surprise at a banquet,” the chiropractor said.

 Dr. Wiley first started his career in the medical field with hopes to be a doctor. Then, at one point he had a change of heart and decided to spend his life helping people as a chiropractor. Wiley has practiced locally in Woodland Park for 13 years now and, to see him, patients have to put themselves on a waiting list.

 When the chiropractor is not busy seeing patients, he spends much of his time volunteering in the community and being a part of the Colorado Chiropractic Association. He feels that he was given the award this year due to his continued dedication to the community. “I am willing to take time away from my family and do things that other chiropractors don’t do,” Wiley said.

 A couple of years ago, Wiley was elected the president of the board of directors of the Colorado Chiropractic Association. He spends much of his time serving the organization and helping the chiropractic community as a whole. He also serves the local community by being a part of an opioid task force.

“The opioid epidemic is a major problem, with 33 people a week dying it is just unacceptable,” Wiley said. “The country is currently on a downward spiral from a health perspective.”

 Wiley plans on using his award and his position as the president of the state association to change this. He also plans to help all of the chiropractors in the state improve and continue to help people stay healthy. He also said that he wants to spend more time raising awareness for people to be more healthy.