Horoscope for October 2013


Aries Horoscope for October 2013

The first week of October brings a troublesome new moon on October 4, revealing soon after just how unstable one close relationship has become. This will come as a shock, because someone you have trusted in a close love or business partnership has been careful to keep details of his or her behavior hidden. Now those details seem to come to the surface with the power of a geyser. On your mind may be a love relationship, conflict over a child, or how a creative project must be handled.

There is another way events may manifest instead, in a scenario where no one is to blame – in this case, you may be concerned about the wellbeing of the person you committed to in this relationship. No matter what comes up, you will not see this coming, and now will have to decide how to handle things.

In the first week of October, emerging financial or career news may frustrate to you too, making you feel boxed in, without many options. A high level VIP will be obstinate, dictatorial, and unyielding, just when you need most to see an attitude of flexibility, openness, and understanding. Aries born near April 1 will feel this influence more than most, but everyone, of every sign, will feel tensions in the air.

By the full moon, lunar eclipse in Aries, October 18, the future course of what to do will be squarely in your hands, but you won’t have a lot of time to choose a direction. Take the emotion out of the situation and deal only with facts, as hard as that might be to do. The aspects at play will test you, and for some, cause separations, but as always in astrology, nothing is predetermined. All eclipses bring news we need to have to protect ourselves, and it is delivered quickly in an unexpected way. When it comes to eclipses, in most cases, there is a feeling of finality about what is to be done. Keep your health up to par, as October will be one of those months where many demands will be placed on you and you will need all your facilities to keep up.

As an Aries, you are action-oriented, but with your ruler, Mars, moving all month toward an opposition to Neptune on October 19, you won’t have all the facts because they will be obscured. Mercury will be retrograde from October 21 to November 10, adding more emphasis to the truth that it is not a good time to announce final actions. Besides, eclipses come in pairs, and your next one, a more friendly solar eclipse in Scorpio, will arrive November 3. Wait until it has spoken. In times like this, holding back is often the best course of action, for conditions are shifting. When the dust settles, you will know what to do.

The picture has bright points too, for your ruler, Mars, will be in Leo until October 15, and will work hard to support your interests. The fact that Mars is your ruler means it has extra weight. If you feel you need to defend your position during the first half of October, go ahead and speak up, and be confident that your words will be heard and noted. Taking a trip may be a good idea, for traveling to a new setting may allow you to put events back in perspective. Venus will be in your travel sector from October 8 to November 4, so take full advantage, and go away to unwind amid blazing fall foliage.

On October 16, with Mars’ move to Virgo, you will be ready to roll up your sleeves and work on a flurry of assignments that will start to come in. If self-employed, business will be brisk. Mars will be in beautiful angle to Pluto by October 31, so the VIP who proved so difficult in early October may soften and be more amenable to your suggestions by then. Or, the new and improved VIP may be just that – a different person who arrives on the scene to help you.


Taurus Horoscope for October 2013

Your duties at work are likely to take an unexpected turn in a new direction as a result of the new moon, October 4. As a fixed sign, you do not always welcome news about sudden shifts in the office, but perhaps with time you can find a way to ease into the changes. You may get a new type of assignment, be switched into a new department, or need to find replacements for those who report to you. If you are self-employed, you may suddenly be confronted by unexpected moves of competitors, or shifts in the marketplace that require you to respond quickly.

In the most extreme manifestation, your firm’s management or board of directors may announce massive changes in personnel that may reverberate through the company. On a simpler scale, you may need to find a new nanny for your children, or a new gardener to do landscaping for your home.

The October 4 new moon is not an easy one, because Uranus, often called “the great awakener,” will be acting in a rebellious, assertive way and challenge the new moon. This can make you tense, so plan not to have an overly packed schedule during early October. Taurus likes to think before acting, and although you won’t have much time, if your schedule is not overly packed, you’ll be in better shape to plot your course.

Because your sixth house is where all the action will take place, and this area also rules your health, keep yourself in good health. Do not take sports risks in the two weeks following the new moon of October 4. Foreign travel may not go smoothly this month, so if plans start to go haywire, grin, shrug your shoulders, and let things take a natural course. Everyone, of every sign, will be in the same boat.

A full moon lunar eclipse on October 18 will reveal what has been going on behind the scenes without your knowledge. This may be about the political maneuvers of someone at work, or a client who has been interviewing competitors in secret, with the hope to make a sudden departure. Once you know the story, you will be able to deal with events in an effective way. You may feel shaken by the news this eclipse brings, but keep in mind that the universe is sending you this news to protect you.

Alternatively, the October 18 full moon eclipse may bring you in contact with medical personnel and possibly places of confinement, like a hospital. A relative who may be ill needs to see your cheerful smile, or you may decide to have a procedure done soon for yourself.

This month you appear to be working on your home too, whether to make repairs, paint several rooms, institute renovations, design changes, or make other improvements, but you may encounter a number of delays and distractions. It will be hard to press forward with a difficult new moon October 4, a full moon eclipse (October 18), and Mercury about to go retrograde October 21 to November 10. You would be better off sitting tight. You can do research, but do not make any final proposals.

By holding back you won’t lose any advantage but will gain one. You will start to feel Mercury’s slowdown by October 10. Railing against delays will only use up energy, but you will soon find that nothing will be accomplished or resolved. Use the time to think about how to handle any obstacles – you will move forward quickly after November 10.

Love will be bright in the second half, once Mars enters Virgo and cosmic storms have rolled through in the first week. Mars will enter your love sector on October 15 and stay until December 7.

If you are attached, Mercury will retrograde in your relationship sector, so you may have to delay a plan or you may change your mind about one. Make sure you go the extra mile to make your communication clear, as misunderstandings tend to run riot when Mercury is out of phase – get the whole story.

Circle October 16 as a special day to hear good news about money AND to have an exciting love connection. You’ll be in a happy-go-lucky mood, making it a luminous day to be set up by a friend to meet someone new.


Gemini Horoscope for October 2013

A friendship or love relationship will be much of your focus, but when it comes to one individual in particular, emotions may run high. You may hear troubling, unexpected news about a friend or lover who is in crisis and who needs your assistance. Or, you may feel this month’s energies in another way and be distraught because someone close, in love or friendship, has not been entirely forthcoming, or may have even betrayed you in some way. Money may also surface as a bone of contention.

Because the third house of communication is also being drawn into the aspects at the moment by the Sun (October 3), a text, social network post, or telephone call may set off discussions – or a dispute. At the same time, you may also be concerned about the welfare of a child.

The October 4 new moon will be to blame for this jarring state of affairs, and with Uranus directly opposed to this new moon, nearly everyone, of every sign, will feel somewhat raw and out of sorts, for all troublesome news will likely come as entirely unexpLike all new moons do, the new moon of October 4, will package the energy swirling about in the air at the time and focus it powerfully, like a spotlight, so that you can see it and practically touch it. A new moon opens a door to a new direction, and in your case, as we have been discussing, for Gemini, the news will involve a love relationship, a friend, or a situation going on in one of your children’s lives. If you are creative, the same house that the new moon will focus its attention on – your fifth house – also rules your artistic expressions, so a creative project may need to be swiftly changed, perhaps due to sudden shifts in the marketplace, or when you see inaccuracies, as two examples out of many possibilities.

The first week of October is undoubtedly difficult, however, so this new moon will be “tainted” by the wild and wooly aspects of Pluto and Uranus. That means the new moon will show you Pluto’s forcefulness and Uranus’ tendency to strike in places we are not looking. There is a reason Uranus, planet of chaos, rebellion, and unpredictable events, is called “the great awakener” – we can never quite predict where Uranus will strike, but this planet surely knows how to get us to sit up and pay attention. The moon rules your second house of earned income (always), so you will likely see the handwriting on the wall – you’ll need to find the funds to either improve a situation or break free from it.

By the full moon lunar eclipse, October 18, you will see this social situation reach a peak, but for now, hold off making a final decision. You also may be making an appearance at an important social event, but with all that happened in early October, your involvement may be six parts obligation and one part fun.

By this lunar eclipse, you will be on the eve of Mercury retrograde, October 21 to November 10, suggesting conditions around you will be in flux. Also, Mars will be make a direct opposition to Neptune on October 19, so because Neptune obscures information and Mars will make you eager to act, you have a potential situation that you will be tempted to rush to fix, without all the facts. Your aim should be to find out what is NOT being said to you. This month, omitted information may be the most revealing information of all. Let the dust settle, and wait to find out what will come out at the new moon solar eclipse, November 3.

Mars will enter your home sector on October 15, to stay until December 7, just in time to make it holiday-ready by year’s end. If you are not moving or renovating, painting, or repairing, you may want to host a Halloween party at home on October 31 – all the conditions will be right for a very fun party.


Cancer Horoscope for October 2013

Buckle up, dear Cancer, as October’s not likely to be an easy month. The new moon on October 4 in Libra is almost certain to bring up news on the home front, and will involve your home, roommates, family, or people you need to interact with often in regard to your home, such as your landlord, contractor, or designer. If your home or other property that you own, rent, or manage will not be your focus, it may be that one of your parents (or someone you think of as a parent) will require attention quickly and unexpectedly. The attention you will need to give home will impact your career, and your closest partner, too, as all three areas appear to be tied into the same package.

You may find you need money to fix the matter going on at home or with family, and with Mars moving through your income and savings sector, it seems likely you will need money to solve at least part of the problem. Be sure you know what any check you write would cover – you seem to be unclear about your balance or something going on with your credit unbeknown to you. Mars will be opposed to Neptune (moving toward exact opposition on October 19), so you may assume one thing about your finances, when something else will be true.

Mercury is about to retrograde from October 21 to November 10, compounding an already murky situation. Sign no important papers and make no key decisions until mid-November. October is not the time to start anything new – not a new venture, nor a new relationship.

By the emotional full moon lunar eclipse in Aries of October 18, sudden career developments will force you switch your attention back to the place you work. You may hear that a woman VIP that protected you is about to announce a departure, quite out of the blue, or that your job description is about to shift radically. If you are self-employed, you may suddenly see that market conditions are changing quickly and that you will have to keep your wits about you to outsmart the competition. Mars – the planet that rules your house of career – will be friendly, so if you stay calm, you can find solutions. You may need to travel a short distance near this October 18 eclipse, possibly to talk with a client or to attend a company seminar. The themes that come up now will press on you in the months ahead.

Financially, you’ve been spending more money than usual last month, and it will continue in October, but once Mars enters Virgo on October 15, you will not be writing as many checks.

Consider taking a relaxing long weekend trip in the country, between mid-October and the first week in December. Breathe in fresh air, and see beautiful fall foliage. With Mercury retrograde, make sure you get your car tuned up (mechanical things go haywire during these retrograde periods), and ascertain that your bed and breakfast reservation is on file and has not been deleted accidentally. Having double-checked all, you’ll be off to a wonderful trip in a new setting.


Leo Horoscope for October 2013

You seem busy as October opens, but beware – the new moon will be in a feisty, even angry mood, and unlike most new moons, will create more obstacles than progress. The new moon may trigger contract negotiations, but talks are likely to hit snags. Don’t try to rush things to closure. Delays will benefit you. Mercury will be getting ready to retrograde on October 21 until November 10, so you will feel the impending slowdown much earlier, starting near October 1. Under this difficult new moon, it is imperative that you proceed slowly, at least until Mercury has regulated its orbit in mid-November.

In the meantime, Mars, the energizer, is back in Leo after a two-year absence. Mars is making you feel that you need to get going, but with all the complications evident in October, you would be wise to slow down, reflect on the details of your plans, and go through a check list of your assumptions to see if they hold up in the light of day. You can schedule actions in the first week of October, but as said, nothing will be straightforward in this wild and wooly month. Stay observant, and don’t count your chickens before they hatch. There will be so many twists and turns this month that most people will want to simply stay home and hide under the covers.

Travel appears to be on your agenda, perhaps to do business, see family, or view real estate. If you have not planned to take a trip, you might have increased and frequent interaction with people abroad. In that case, you may be involved with import-export of goods, services, or information, or are planning to study overseas. This is a month that requires everyone remain flexible, continue to talk to executives, but not push for answers. If you are anxious to get a green card, visa, or passport, apply at the dawn of October, but again, you must be patient.

In a month that will be packed with aspects, we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries, October 18, suggesting that a foreign alliance you have enjoyed over some time may now have run its course and will soon end. You will deal with this well enough, but there may be a financial consideration to address. If you lose a source of income, or lose a scholarship (this same area of your chart that rules academia), you may at first assume you don’t have any options to find new sources to replace that lost income – you will, so don’t lose heart. The Sun, your ruler, and the eclipse will be in supportive angle to Neptune, a planet that has some sway over your finances, so keep plugging. Seek a financial planner’s advice, and be optimistic about what you might uncover.

Romantically, you have one special day – October 16. Venus, the love planet, will be in perfect angle to Uranus, the planet that brings surprise. Make a point to go out on this glorious evening. Know, too, that the moon will enter fire sign Aries later that day, making it all around a wonderful evening for fun and love.

The other day to circle on your calendar as a “must” for a fun, romantic night out will be October 31, Halloween. It seems friends want you to come to a party, as it’s no fun without you. Start making your costume early, dear Leo – you need to show the world how Halloween is done right, Leo-style!


Virgo Horoscope for October 2013

You are entering a tricky month, for planets won’t cooperate well with one another. As they stomp around in the heavens, we will feel the tremors below. The new moon, October 4, will set the trend. Your main area to watch closely will have to do with money. With Uranus opposed to the Sun and new moon, this new moon will be an angry one. Events will be unpredictable and unexpected, so buckle up and take comfort in knowing everyone, of every sign, will feel this new moon in one way or another.

In your case, it appears you will have to find a way to pay a sum of money to cover an unexpected financial expense. This news may have something do with the changes that are going on behind the scenes at work, unbeknownst to you. You may have to put the brakes on a certain expensive social event you had hoped to attend, but if so, it would be temporary – there will be more events next month.

Later, the full moon will also be a lunar eclipse, October 18 in Aries. Mars rules Aries, and with Mars opposing Neptune, a thick fog will settle over important financial details either because no one thought to include them, or because someone is deliberately concealing them from you. Be very careful about any money you borrow from a bank or other source, for you may not know all the terms. Do your best not to loan money to others, unless it is a family member you trust or don’t really care if that person ever pays you back (like your grown child for example). It is alternatively possible a tax matter, mortgage, or credit situation will need tending, but even so, a notice of money due seems to bring more questions than answers. If you work on commission, the general manager of your company may change your quota. If you are dealing with an insurance company that is not paying you your due, ask for backup information – with Neptune something is out of view.

Also, this month, check your credit report for errors. It’s said that one in ten people have something wrong on it, but one in five have something so wrong that it would prevent them from buying something vital like a house or car.

Take it easy in October while planets rage. Mars will be in a quiet part of your chart until October 15, allowing you to catch up on rest before you come to the year-end holidays.

 Moreover, Mercury, your ruler, will go retrograde in your travel and communications sector between October 21 and November 10. Nothing of earth-shattering importance will take place during that phase and the possibility for errors in judgment or skill will increase. Above all, do not sign a contract nor buy anything expensive during this phase (especially not an electronic item), and leave space of as many days as possible before and after the bookend dates of the retrograde. The universe is giving you a free pass to drop out and relax, so plan to resume talks and meetings in mid-November.

Mars will enter Virgo October 15 to December 7, and increase your presence and your courage and drive. Mercury retrograde will add roadblocks until, as said, November 10, but Mars in Virgo will give you sparkle, and make you quite unforgettable. You’ll have a patina of elegance and charisma that will draw others to you.


Libra Horoscope for October 2013

This is birthday month, but due to the plans of Uranus and Pluto to rail against the new moon, October 4, you will have to carefully plan your every move. All month, allow for the possibility that unexpected events might pop up to throw you off course. Vow to stay flexible and adaptable, for it’s the only way to navigate such a topsy-turvy month.

The new moon will appear on October 4, and if you are born near this date you will be more strongly affected than most. Your attention will be drawn to two different areas of your life. The first area will be to your partner or a prominent male in your life (like your father or boss) who will bring somewhat unexpected or shocking news to you that would have never expected. It is not clear whether your partner will suddenly need your support and assistance, or if your partner will act out of character to do something that is hurtful to you.

The days leading to this new moon will be difficult too, October 1 and 3, but the problem is, no aspect is operative for just a day, but for several days – you see that all these days will have circles that overlap each other. There is no way to know what will come up, but all new moons, full moons, and eclipses are tied to past events, so let your history with those around you guide your thinking.

The second planet that will battle the new moon, Pluto, may bring up questions of what to do about your home or a family matter. A roommate, landlord, family member, or other person connected to your home will challenge you and be quite insistent that you fall in line with his or her dictates. No one can easily dominate a Libra, but standing up for yourself may feel strenuous, and, at times, you may feel like you are fighting City Hall. Make sure you care enough about this matter to go to the mat for it.

If the person you are focused on is not acting in a pushy way, it may be the situation is urgent and complex, and not easy to fix. Pluto rules the government, so a certain government agency may be involved with news you receive now. You seem to feel checkmated, but you are smart – you may be able to find a way out. Avoid an automatic reaction – there is an answer to every question if you spend a little time thinking. This month will teach us all to be original, flexible, and resourceful.

The full moon lunar eclipse on October 18 will be in your opposite sign of Aries, so if your birthday falls within three days of this date, you may be surprised and changed by events that come up. You are ready for a new chapter, and the universe is ready to give it to you, ready or not. A friend, or many friends, may be extremely helpful to you at this time, and you are likely to be touched by their kindness and wise advice. Venus will be well angled to Uranus, signaling that the outcome of any situation can be positive at this time, but you will have to brainstorm through your many options to find the golden nugget in this situation.

Mars will be opposed to foggy Neptune near the eclipse of October 18 (Mars and Neptune will reach a peak opposition on October 19), so it seems you will still be trying to decide how to help your partner or how to deal with a betrayal of you that your partner finally revealed. On the other hand, if you were hurt by this person’s comments or behavior earlier this month, you will need to decide how to fix or separate from the relationship. Everyone will be subject to the foggy environment of October, so be comforted in knowing most people will be grappling with the same situation as you, only in different ways.

The old wise axiom “When in doubt, do nothing” seems to apply here, for Mercury will go retrograde from October 21 to November 10. This makes it a very bad time to announce final decisions, life directions, or new launches. Do not sign contracts, and do not buy anything expensive until mid-November. It’s not a time to institute a new plan of action, but rather it is a time to watch and wait for news that will almost certainly require you to adjust your thinking.

Your best day for romance will come mid-month, October 16, when Venus and Uranus will have a sparkling conversation. Venus is your ruler, so if single, you can be sure Uranus will be helpful in getting you plenty of attention from admirers. Attached? You, too, will have plenty of fun.

Another important weekend for fun and love – as runner up – will be over the weekend of October 12-14.

Do you want to go to a Halloween party? The moon will be in Libra, suggesting you’ll love what happens. Go!

Celebrate the tiny moments that come – they will help you cope with the big life events that will rage side-by-side. You are getting stronger every day, and after this period is over, any gale force winds you encounter will not likely hurt you. Your motto will be, like the words of the Helen Reddy song, “I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!” (And in the case of my male readers – “I AM MAN!”) You are not one to ever be thrown over in a storm!


Scorpio Horoscope for October 2013

This month holds a difficult new moon, October 4, which will be in conflict with Uranus and your ruling planet Pluto, adding up to a time of pressure. Political maneuvering in your office of those who either report to you, or who work alongside you may concern you, so stay alert to all you hear and see, including any gossip that you might pick up. Be very careful of what you say and how you say it to co-workers and underlings, lest someone takes offense and make a Federal case out of it. With Uranus opposed to the Sun, and the Sun now based in the most hidden part of your chart, any sudden development could come out of the blue and have implications for your professional reputation and income.

If you are negotiating an agreement of any kind, this new moon may permanently or temporarily insert a monkey wrench in your talks. It’s not just the new moon that is scrambling thinking – the impending turn of Mercury to retrograde, October 21 to November 10, won’t help matters either. Mercury will be in Scorpio, so chances are, you will feel this retrograde more directly than most. Mercury rules communication of all kinds, and so misunderstandings and lapses of judgment are the main danger during this phase – go the extra mile to be clear, and by all means, sign no papers until November 12. Delay any plans to buy expensive items, especially not an electronic, an appliance, or a machine with moving parts (like a car).

The full moon will bring a lunar eclipse in Libra, October 18, so if there was any office intrigue, this full moon eclipse will bring the truth out in the open. If it was not a person from your office who gave you pause earlier in the month, it may be a romantic or business partner. Full moons bring conclusions and a floodlight of information. News may be very revealing. Still, it will be easy to jump to conclusions, as your secondary ruler, Mars, will be precisely opposite Neptune on October 19, making for a very confusing environment where it will be hard to separate fact from fiction. This is a month to have patience, to go slowly, and to listen to every word that is said to you.

It is possible that you will not receive news in terms of a work or personal relationship but about your health. The planetary energy at play this month will be strenuous, and so if you have a latent or chronic health matter that you need to address but have not done so, schedule a medical consultation now, without delay, so that you will feel better fast.

You will have much more time for friends after Mars, your ruler, enters Virgo on October 15 to stay until December 7. Two divine date nights will be October 25, a Friday, and October 31, Halloween! In the latter case, start making your costume!


Sagittarius Horoscope for October 2013

Shakespeare wrote in Mid-Summer Night’s Dream: “For aught that I could ever read, Could ever hear by tale or history, The course of true love never did run smooth.” I may add that the course of friendship doesn’t always go easily, either.

Your first clue that something may be up in your personal life will come at the new moon October 4. Uranus will stare down the new moon from directly across the skies, causing tension and possibly shock regarding a lover or friend’s behavior – or both. It may be, for example, that your new date has taken a strong dislike to one of your friends, or vice versa, that your friend has a lot to say about the new person you’ve been seeing. At the same time, the new moon will receive a very hard glance from Pluto too, suggesting that money may become a hot potato with friends or a lover. You may have to decide what do about this unusual situation, so take your time.

The energy of this new moon is quite tense, so everyone will notice that things seems off. Difficult new moons occur to warn you of something – it will be up to you to determine what that might be, and how to fix things if you see something is amiss, assuming you’d even want to keep the relationship going. Considering how tense this new moon will be, it’s possible you’ll throw in the towel and leave the relationship early in the month.

Things will reach an important juncture at the full moon lunar eclipse in Aries, October 18, culminating something important in regard to a person you have started to date. Whereas the first aspect, discussed above, will more likely focus on a friend, this eclipse, October 18 will now focus on how you feel about a romantic relationship. This eclipse will be a bit kinder than the new moon of October 4, so you may be cheerfully planning your future. The person you are dating will now be your focus. If you are seriously attached, you may be discussing your future plans for children, or an unexpected pregnancy that may bring up talks of marriage too. This month the universe will shake things up so that you can make progress. Of course, change is not always easy to accept, but you must admit, it does clear the slate and open you up for a new chapter and lots of personal growth.

Right after the eclipse, from October 21 to November 10, Mercury will turn retrograde, adding to the confusion of the month. You will have to be very careful about making fateful decisions now, as Mercury will scramble thinking and communication. This is a time to observe and reflect, not take action. You won’t “lose” anything by waiting – in fact, you will gain by prudently waiting.

Venus will enter Sagittarius on October 7, to stay until November 5. Use this phase as a license to treat yourself to a soothing massage or a brand new haircut.

It’s not quite the month to meet someone new, for there is too much static in the air to judge if someone will be good for you or not. There are two exceptions to that rule. The first is October 16, when Venus in Sagittarius will reach out to Uranus in Aries. That would be a fantastic night to go to a party or mixer in the hopes of meeting someone new.

Also, Halloween should be great fun as well, with the moon in Libra (a sign that blends well with yours), and Mars and Pluto will stir up a perfect party atmosphere. This is the right time to refine your health and fitness habits, and to gently improve your looks too, especially from October 7 to 15. You deserve tender loving care.


Capricorn Horoscope for October 2013

This month may bring a defining month for your public and private life. On October 4, a new moon will appear in your professional sector. Usually a new moon in this part of your chart would bring an important career opportunity, but this new moon seems to bring up more questions than answers. The reason is, this new moon will be forced to fend off two rogue planets – Uranus in your home sector, and Pluto in Capricorn in your first house, ruling the very way you view yourself and your possibilities, as well as what type of partner would be right for you. Pluto’s involvement indicates you may see yourself in a new and perhaps quite a powerful way.

You may get a new career opportunity in the ten days following that new moon – but there will be unexpected problems in regard to your present or future housing or needs of family that will pull on you too, so no choice will be straightforward. This new moon is a tough one, and no one will have all the answers – not immediately at least.

Your attention will force you to put all your concentration on your home situation at the full moon lunar eclipse October 18, perhaps to attend to news that came up at the same time you were investigating a career offer or promotion. Capricorns born in the first week of January will feel this influence the most. You may be tempted to flee town near the weekend of October 19-20, but leaving would not entirely bring stress relief, so save your pennies and opt for a soothing spa package in your own city instead.

You seem to be spending more money than usual lately, too, perhaps for an important purpose that you planned to do, such as to pay for college tuition or an important overseas trip. Happily, the high spending level you’ve seen since the end of August, and all through September, will drop off quickly once you get beyond October 15.

Immediately after the eclipse, Mercury will be retrograde from October 21 to November 10. This retrograde is coming at a tough time, as you seem to have career and home-related matters to settle. Still, you can’t go against Mother Nature – when Mercury retrogrades, you have to pull back. By not rushing, you may find new and better options, so don’t assume everything’s a mess, and you are doomed. No! It is never wise to make big plans or commitments or buy expensive things (most certainly not electronics items and autos) while Mercury is retrograde. Your judgment is off – you’ll see it’s best to wait!

The happiest news is that Mars will enter fellow earth sign Virgo, a superb spot for you on October 15, to stay until December 7. Mars will coax you to travel far and wide, or to study at the university, for this influence is one that will open your mind to many new people and areas of life, and that stimulation will be delicious. If you have always wanted to work in the media, such as broadcasting or publishing, you will get your chance mid-month, so plot your course and send your inquiry on November 12.


Aquarius Horoscope for October 2013

On October 4, the new moon will receive a direct challenge from your ruler, Uranus, making this a rocky start to the month for everyone. The area of your chart absorbing this volatile energy will be your travel sectors, so it might be wise to hold off taking any trips until next month. Nothing will go as planned if you go now. In addition to delays, you may have mechanical problems with your car or other modes of transportation before you get to your destination.

If you absolutely must travel sometime in the first week of October, then just double check everything – have your car tuned up, get weather reports, make sure your appointments are holding, and that the hotel has your room. This is no week to say, “I’ll get a hotel when I get there.” No, you might not. You may run into a worldwide convention of say, dentists, and find you are sleeping in your car or the railroad station.

The same houses, so lit up for you this month, but in a volatile, difficult way, rule your relatives, like siblings, aunts, uncles, and in-laws, (but not parents – they are covered by a different part of your chart), so you may hear news from one of these relatives. Don’t wait to catch up – you can give a call to get up to speed on family news.

You also need to brace for an unexpected challenge from a partner early this month. Uranus, the planet that rules your sign, will oppose the Sun in the first week, which suggests that you may either be worried about the well-being of a partner, or suddenly be betrayed or hurt by one. Keep in mind this person may not be your romantic partner – it may be your agent, manager, publicist, ghostwriter, business partner, lawyer, or other close one-on-one collaborator, and there is no way to tell from which area of your life this person will emanate. This is a testing aspect, so if your close relationships are sound, you may not notice this aspect at all.

If you do discover your partner has been duplicitous, you may suddenly have to decide what to do. Make sure you have all the facts, for with a month filled with more fog than the English countryside at dawn, nothing will be clear, and no one will be absolutely sure about what’s real and what’s not. It would be a shame to accuse someone of deception when this person is actually innocent. On the other hand, if your romantic or business partner has clearly betrayed you, and you have the evidence, you may suddenly decide to separate – quickly. Uranus in hard aspect often leaves a scar, so you may be very hurt by what occurs.

Mars in Leo, your opposite sign, is not helping, for Mars will be on a mission to bring any possible hidden resentments that may exist to the surface. If Mars discovers that there are none, you will sail through this period easily. Thankfully, Mars will move on into Virgo on October 15, and by then you will know most of what is what – but not entirely. If you hope to divide property at the end of a relationship or marriage, buckle up for difficult talks in the weeks ahead – you may encounter surprisingly fierce opinions from your soon-to-be-ex on how financial matters must be handled, and things will not calm down until December 7.

The full moon October 18 is a lunar eclipse in Aries, and because full moons tend to conclude matters, you may be aching to announce a decision, or sign papers at this point. Mercury is about to go retrograde from October 21 to November 10, so making any commitments would be a bad idea. Rather than move forward, review assumptions and rethink plans. You will not “miss out” on anything by waiting – in fact, you will gain options.

Inlove, you have one special day to circle in red: October 16, when Venus and Uranus will send silvery beams to one another across the star-studded sky. It’s a day that is due to sparkle, so if single and hoping to meet someone, be out on that day / evening. If you hope to travel – and it seems you do long to go – schedule a trip over the October 12-13 weekend, when fall foliage is apt to be at glorious heights. The planets will be quiet then, so thankfully, you can get much needed rest.


Pisces Horoscope for October 2013

You are about to concentrate heavily on finances, due to the new moon in Libra on October 4. Uranus will be in hard angle to that new moon, so expenses may be surprisingly high this month – Pisces prefers to spend time thinking about creative projects, not money, but in coming weeks and months, you will have little choice but to do so. Do not borrow a penny more than you need this month, as it may take more time (and money) than you assume to pay back the loan. The whole first week of October will be fraught with tension for everyone, but you for, it will come down to having the money you need to pay for things. You may be undergoing a major lifestyle change, which may account for the higher-than-usual check writing.

A full moon lunar eclipse on October 18 will bring a conclusion to one financial matter. You may send a check or receive one. If you have applied for a raise, you are likely to hear back about that matter at this time. Mars will be friendly to this full moon, which is fortunate, as this eclipse will be in Aries, and Mars rules Aries, so the outcome of your talks or efforts will please you. Mars will be in your partnership sector, so an intermediary may be especially helpful – a broker, agent, headhunter, lawyer, or other middleman. After this eclipse, you may see more money pour into your coffers, and this may offset all the money outgo that you saw earlier.

If you are attached, your partner will start to take your full attention from October 15 to December 7. You may be planning something together – a trip, a wedding, the purchase of a house, or the start of a family, for instance. Whatever you both are talking about seems to move rapidly in the right direction as you both appear to be on the same page. If you are not attached, your business partner, agent, or other professional will have plenty of ideas and help you to broaden your base. In fact, even if you are attached, your business collaborator may be very helpful to you now.

In your career, you have Venus gliding through your reputation sector starting October 7, and continuing until November 4. The buzz about you will be sensational during those weeks, and by October 16, you may get some amazing press. If you are looking for a new job, high-level people in your industry will speak well of you. October 16 is a day to circle in gold when Venus and Uranus cook up a great opportunity in your career, one that is prestigious AND pays you surprisingly well.

Mercury will go retrograde from October 21 to November 10, so after the eclipse occurs on October 18, plan to slow down. You might take a trip in early November, a good idea as long as your trip would not likely be for an important business meeting. (For that, wait until next month to go, after November 10.)

Halloween should be great fun – Mars will send good energy to Pluto – so you will likely be invited to a party. Pisces usually likes the creative aspects of this festive day – start making your costume early in the month so you won’t run out of time.