Horoscope For September 2012

Aries Horoscope for September 2012

As September opens, the full moon that appeared on the last day of August still will exert an influence and will find you craving a rest. The first few days of September bring the Labor Day weekend in the United States, so chances are you will be off. Even if you are not based in the US, or have to work, take time to think about your next career move in the time you do have to relax. Also, recall the influential people you know, and muse about which one can help you. With a full moon in your behind-the-scenes sector, a VIP will be willing to take you under his wing, or at the very least, be willing to give you an impressive reference.

Financial questions will need sorting out too, all month. September 3 brings a breakthrough, thanks to Mars and Pluto in sync. The following day, September 4, will be positive too, due to Mercury’s friendly attitude to Pluto. After September 15, you’ll be very busy at work, with many projects that require a detailed eye. Mars, your ruler, will be friendly, so let your clients or boss know you’ll be available for all the plum projects that you notice coming in the door. Once Pluto turns direct on September 17, at long last your career will take off like a rocket. Watch the days surrounding this date for clues that your time in the sun is coming, dear Aries.

Later in the month, near September 17-20, a client or boss may pressure you in ways you find unacceptable, and in so doing, push your buttons – you may be tempted to become quite rebellious. Count to ten, and do your best to be diplomatic. Our romantic life will improve the moment Venus enters Leo and your fifth house of love on September 6 for a full four weeks. Your triple star days will be September 12-13 when Venus will signal Uranus and bubble up plenty of fun. More good fortune will arrive on September 21, when Venus will reach out to Jupiter – by then you’ll be unstoppable. Be sure to plan a special romantic date night with your one and only on these dates, or be circulating if you have not met the “one” for you quite yet.

The month closes with a very erratic, volatile full moon in Aries, September 29. If anyone thought they could predict your every move, they will be in for an awaking. You may be adversely surprised by the moves of a partner or collaborator at this time, and what you do in response will be equally surprising. Uranus will oppose the moon – you may walk out if sufficient evidence comes out that you’ve been wronged. This trend will be more pronounced if you are a March-born Aries or have planets in Aries or Libra near 7 degrees (within five degrees). As I mentioned, a split may not pertain to a love relationship but instead involve someone close in business or friendship. Sometimes, when a relationship is not what we assumed it to be, it is best to leave it. You can see how you feel, but because this full moon comes like a keg of old-fashioned gunpowder out of the Old West, you might be best to listen and not respond just yet. Keep your schedule clear to allow you to focus on what comes up, and don’t plan for any key initiations near this date. If you have something on your calendar already, circle the wagons so that you have people you can call on if things go off in the wrong direction. Above all, keep your health strong, as this full moon may be a bit draining.

Better days are on the way, dear Aries. Next month, on October 5, Saturn leaves your opposite sign of Libra – hooray! After three years of testing, you will be free at last. Give this aspect several weeks to calm down, but all in all, you are done with Saturn’s tests.

Taurus Horoscope for September 2012

Early September will be just made for fun, love, and socializing. It starts off with heightened emotions, thanks to a full moon that appeared just hours before the month began, August 31. In the first week, you will likely receive a flurry of invitations, and so you’ll have many reasons to connect with friends. Neptune will be very prominent at that full moon and will be spinning a magical whirl of enchantment to get you in the mood for love. All sorts of collaborations will glow in the week of September 1-7, thanks to a friendly Mars in Scorpio. So special is this week is that you may get engaged or married, and if so, it would be a perfect time to do so.

By the new moon in Virgo on September 15, if you are single and not dating, it seems you will be eager to meet a new romantic partner, or to rekindle the passion you’ve always had for a present love. Single Taurus will enhance possibilities for love by going together to a new setting. Are you attached? You’ll be in an ideal position to drink in the very best of this new moon’s vibrations, for Mars will encourage you to make a long-term goal or commitment, or at the very least, to find time for play, fun, and love with your present partner.

Last month your home nesting instincts may have been piqued, and now, with the arrival of Venus in Leo, you may be ready to work on adding decorative touches. Browse your favorite shops and also look for online offerings. Venus will help you pretty up your home in magical ways from September 6 to October 3. On September 12, you are likely to find the perfect piece of furniture or accessory – one that you’ve been seeking and at long last, found!

If you’ve delayed an important overseas trip and are determined to go away, start planning during the week of September 1-7, when Pluto will send sweet messages to many planets. The move of Pluto to direct speed on September 18 may allow you to put that trip back on your agenda within weeks, but you may still need to be patient just a few more weeks. Do not plan a trip for the second half, from September 18-30, because you will first need to allow some very turbulent cosmic storms to pass through – book your trip for October.

By month’s end, the fast pace of September may leave you craving rest. The harvest moon weekend of September 29-30, and the days surrounding this full moon, will convince you that you need to step down your usual frenetic schedule. Things going on at work are likely to bring adverse surprises, either in terms of office politics, or in terms of a project that is in danger of going off the rails. The real focus will be on a woman who may be infirmed or in some need of help, and you will need to roll into action quickly. This person may be your sister, cousin, friendly neighbor, or your mother.

You’ll be feeling a bit tired at month’s end, but you will have to find the energy to address what comes up. Thankfully, you can do so fairly quickly, even if the process may seem a bit strenuous in those few days. You have what it takes to pull through. Plan a pampering weekend – you may want to add a spa treatment, a good book, and cup of tea. If you do, you’ll be on your way to soothing your nerves in a turbulent world.

Gemini Horoscope for September 2012

September starts off with a bang. Your career should bring great news, so hopefully you plan to be in the office near the full moon August 31 to take advantage of what is about to arise. That full moon will set the exciting professional tone for September’s first week, and chances are, you will be nicely rewarded for work that you performed well in the past. Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune and happiness, is now in Gemini for the first time in this decade and last June crowned you celestial favorite. At this time, you may see the fulfillment of a long-term professional dream, and you will have a whole year to see it realized, until June 25, 2013.

By now, Jupiter is moving at sure, swift speed – good news for you, for Jupiter will put you at exactly the right place at the right time to reap the benefits of a superb career opportunity. Keep pushing forward on your dearest professional aims. By next month, October 4, Jupiter will go retrograde. He still will help you, but he will be temporarily in a less powerful mode. And Mars, the energy planet, will leave your workaday sector on October 6 until January 30. As you see, now is the time to push forward – later it will be a bit harder to make progress. Now that Neptune is sending strong rays, it’s clear your creativity and vision will allow you to take center stage. You can get a lot done now, so take advantage.

After so much career-oriented emphasis in the first half of the month, mid-September brings a new moon in your sector of home and family matters, allowing you to turn your attention there. You will have one of your best points of the year to make progress, so even if your career is showing exciting developments, take time to organize things at home. Jupiter’s position suggests that you may spend more money this month on your home than you had planned, but your outlay seems to be well worth the price. Mars will give you the energy to get going and the new moon will show you options that have been unforeseen until now. Concentrate on structure and organization, as well as cleaning, painting, and de-cluttering. If you need to move, you can find a proper place to rent, or you may buy or sell. Next month, Venus will help you with decorating.

Circle September 25-26 as two golden days, when Mercury and Jupiter will be beautifully oriented. With your ruler in such perfect sync with Jupiter, you can schedule interviews and presentations, exams, speeches, and written work, confident you’ll do well in any of these areas.

The harvest moon in Aries will fall on September 29, but could bring troubling crosscurrents when it comes to love and friendship. Uranus will oppose the Sun and the full moon will conjoin Uranus. With Uranus so active, the outcome is always what’s least anticipated. Things could turn out to be either very right or very wrong. There’s a possibility that a friend could act in a volatile, unpredictable manner, possibly causing parting of the ways between you. Allow for the possibility that it may turn out to be a troubling time. With Mars, Aries’ ruler, in hard angle to Neptune, a misunderstanding may be at the heart of the matter, so go the extra mile to be clear in communications. Do not travel over this weekend – too many things may go wrong.

Cancer Horoscope for September 2012

The beginning of September is your time, dear Cancer. If you didn’t travel yet, the first five days of the month will be simply divine. The full moon of August 31 will still be strong and give you the right impetus to pack and go. This may be a highly romantic time too, as Mars will brighten your fifth house of love and encourage new love to blossom. This is assistance you’ve not had in two years. It would be the ideal time to choose a private getaway for two. If you are not dating and have practically given up – don’t! Look your best – Mars will work hard to help you meet the right someone new.

More travel may come up in the second half, thanks to the new moon, September 15, and lucky you, again your trip may turn out to be quite romantic. Mid-month will be a good time to plan a quick trip to the close-by countryside.

The new moon September 15 will herald a great time to go away for business, too, and to negotiate deals with clients. Your creativity will be high all month, so if you are paid to continually come up with new ideas, you will find influential people to be quite impressed with the ones you present now.

If you cannot travel, communications projects and a pursuit of higher education is also emerging as a big theme, and one you will enjoy because it will be so stimulating.

I did not mention this earlier, but I just remembered and want you to know Venus will move into your second house of earned income on September 6 and remain there until October 3. This will instantly give a lift to your financial outlook in the weeks to come, but especially on September 12-13, when money is likely to come in out of the blue, and on September 20, when a client seems very generous. While it is true you may have an expense or reversal over September 29, your overall outlook for generating more money is strong.

In the first two weeks, get as much done at work and in your personal life as you possibly can muster. After that, difficult aspects will make September’s last ten days fraught with tension. To deal with what comes up will require a measure of strategic thinking.

On September 19 and 20, Uranus will have a dispute with Pluto, indicating a general lack of cooperation will be in the air. It will be a very hard time to get a consensus, and you may feel at times unfairly treated. (I had not mentioned this either, but it is true that Uranus’ dispute with Pluto is the reason storm clouds will be gathering and electrifying the air. The full moon will simply light the fuse.)

You won’t be able to settle any matter that may come up as early as September 18 – things will be moving to a crescendo on the full moon September 29. At this time, you will feel a strong push-pull between the demands of home and career. A decision by top management seems to affect you directly but in a way that you find somewhat outrageous and stressful. A boss may leave, your position may change, or a client may switch business to a competitor, causing cutbacks. Or you may be moving to take a new job and feeling overwhelmed with all the pressure to get things done as you transition to your new city.

If you have a demanding client or boss, you will likely manage to stand your ground, but adjustments will be necessary and tricky. The days at month’s end are almost certain to exact a price – in terms of energy – from every Cancer. You have the intelligence to handle this situation, but you can’t be overscheduled and tired when you do – plan to be fresh, rested, and ready.

To make matters just a little harder, a partner, in business or in love, may ruffle your feathers by being dictatorial to you. Or this person may be a little insulting by offering unsolicited advice that you don’t want to hear and will certainly reject but be forced to swallow anyway.

Through all this you are fortunate in that Mars will be in agreement with your Sun, especially if you were born late in your sign, near July 17, but those born near June 28 will find the gale force winds strenuous for several days. Through all of this, you can find a way to prevail, but to get there, prepare to go through a trying time first. You will need to be strategic and anticipate what effect your actions will have from A to B to C as you extend the line forward and over the horizon.

I called this full moon of September 29 a monster full moon on Twitter (@AstrologyZone) for a reason. I am being honest. The mutable signs have had their difficult challenges 2008-2011 and now the cardinal signs, like yours (Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn) are feeling occasional changes and challenges of their own. These moments clarify situations, so in the end they do help, even if it is not immediately obvious that the universe is actually on your side. Eventually you will see this, but I am not sure if you will immediately.

Dear Cancer, I need to hear what happens in your life at this full moon, so be sure to leave me a note on my Twitter feed. I will read every post, and even if I can’t respond to each one, you will be heard. I will look to see if your experience is at all similar to other readers’ experiences – I will see if I can find a common thread or theme. Help me out and I will become a better astrologer for you. If you see me on Twitter I truly try hard to respond to as many people as I can. Try to couch your question in such a way that many readers can benefit from your answer, and I will choose your question first.

Leo Horoscope for September 2012

In September, take time to reorganize finances. The heightened energy that you feel during first few days of September will be due to the August 31 full moon, still strong in the early days of the month. This lunation will give you the motivation to wrap up a negotiation of a deal, sign a contract, or send an application off to get a loan or mortgage.

Alternatively, you may overhaul insurance policies and examine recurring expenses. Your house of other people’s money will be lit, so no matter what financials you need to build or examine, you will polish off all the points on your list in no time flat.

The second half of the month will be devoted to increasing your salary. Your timing will be ideal – it is one of the best points of the year to attend to finding ways to improve your cash flow. Mars will be sweetly angled, so your energy will flow smoothly and uninterrupted, and you’ll be very effective in presenting your case.

Home matters can now be successfully addressed, too, thanks to Mars in Scorpio energizing your residential sector. Some of your financial meditations this month may be centered on how to make your space more comfortable and beautiful. By the coming eclipse of November 13, only two months away, you may need to be ready to act quickly – and when things happen, it may be sooner than you ever thought possible.

You may be aching to travel for just about any purpose, but as much as you may want to get out of town, opt to stay home. You’d not be wise to go anywhere over the full moon weekend of September 29, plus or minus four days. On this full moon Uranus will oppose the Sun, an exceedingly difficult aspect. You are ruled by the Sun, adding weight to this aspect, and an unexpected, unpredictable twist to events.

At the same time, Uranus will bring additional tension to the full moon by orbiting close. You may have car and other mechanical problems, too, so it really would be best to take a journey of the mind instead, by going to a foreign movie, visiting a museum, or signing up for a lecture. Do not sign papers, and try to avoid taking important tests. If you are having an appointment with an immigration official, see if you can either delay it or move it up to the start of September.

Venus will move into Leo on September 6, setting off an enchanting time for fun and love. You may want to choose new clothes while Venus showers your sign with radiant vibrations, until October 3. Venus will see that you love your new things. Women readers may want to change their makeup or hairstyle.

Your best days for love if you are single or attached will be September 12 and 13 when Venus and Uranus will partner up to possibly bring a surprise for love and fun. September 20 stands out, too. For a glorious weekend away, choose September 8-9.

Virgo Horoscope for September 2012

This is your time to see how high you can fly, dear Virgo. Your career is on fire, and with the Sun, new moon, and Mercury all in Virgo, you can set the agenda and be successful in pushing many ideas forward. The new moon of September 15 in Virgo will be your most favorable moment to launch your greatest initiatives, whether personal or professional. Mars will be beautifully angled to this new moon, so the force will be with you. You’ll communicate unusually persuasively now, and more easily rouse others to your causes.

As you get to the last third of the month, you will have money on your mind. News may be very difficult and possibly shocking. On September 18, when Uranus will pick a fight with Pluto, and again on September 20, when Uranus will be arguing with Mercury, your ruler, you may begin to see the handwriting on the wall. This will not likely be an easy time for your finances, and as hard as you try, you can’t quite predict what will happen. Sometimes we simply have to sit back and see what flies in.

At the full moon, September 29, things will reach a feverish pitch. You may need to make a payment that you never expected. Or if you are in the process of negotiating a deal, it may take a turn to go in the wrong direction that you never saw coming. In a third option, if anyone owes you money, the sum you are sent may be smaller than was owed you, if you are to get any money at all. Don’t be blue. You are at the very end of a long and difficult financial cycle, and as soon as a few weeks, you will enter a new phase. This will be the last major monetary crisis you’ll see for some time – after this, it appears you will be able to create contingency moves to make sure this never happens again. While you will have Uranus in financial houses for the coming years, you are getting increasingly adept at moving things toward the middle so that you don’t suffer from rapid gyrations of financial volatility.

In love, things are improving day by day. Pluto will turn direct on September 17, paving the way for a better romantic relationship. You may experience temporary turbulence as cosmic winds swirl about, but your long-range outlook for finding love remains bright. Sometimes a discussion is necessary to clear the air, other times, a breakup, but one way or another, if you felt you were in limbo in regard to an important relationship, after Pluto goes direct, you will know your own mind and see a clear path ahead.

If you are attached, the beginning of September will be important to you. The full moon of August 31 will still be strong throughout the first four days of September and you may decide to be exclusive to another – or you may wed. If you have had a very difficult time with your partner over months or years, you will now move to clear the air, or, if you feel there is no hope, part. Keep in mind that Neptune will play a big role in this full moon, August 31, so make sure you are not reacting to a miscommunication. Get the facts – the picture might change quite a bit for the better. This is a very positive full moon, so the outcome should please you very much, immediately and over the long run.

Libra Horoscope for September 2012

Early in September, an assignment is reaching conclusion stage, but you will still have a few details to review and finish if you are to rise to meet a deadline, looming no later than September 4. If the project you are thinking about is creative, you will be proud to show it to one and all, thanks to Neptune’s prominence in early September. If your assignment is not artistic, review any financial facts that you state to be sure estimates are accurate and realistic, as your assumptions might be either off or overly optimistic.

After this pressured first week, you will enter a quiet phase – a change will offer you sweet release. You need rest. You’ve been unusually busy over the past two months, so you could use a restful, quiet vacation where you can beg off social obligations and retreat from the world. The new moon in your twelfth house of privacy on September 15 will allow you to do this – take your chance.

If you have a medical matter to address, you will have time to do so in September, and if you look, you can locate an expert that understands your condition. This is also the ideal time, at the new moon September 15, to confront a psychological fear or habit that you would like to overcome. View this month as one to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

This would also be a time to work on a creative project dear to you. Expressing your feelings and insights through an artistic venue may be one of the most satisfying ways to use your time now, and because you won’t have distractions, your productivity will be high.

Expenses will run high this month, due to Mars moving through your second house of income and resources. Your heavy spending will continue until October 6, so this phase won’t last overly long. See how you can trim costs for now by diverting pricey purchases until next month to help smooth out cash flow. It appears you have planned to lay out large amounts of cash this month, and so you may be prepared for it.

A relationship is likely to bring completely unexpected troubling developments as you approach month’s end. September 18-20 will bring signals that something is amiss, but by the full moon, September 29, tensions between you and this other person are likely to boil over. This energy is highly unstable and could push talks in virtually any direction. It will be impossible to predict which way things will go, or what the outcome will be, but a severe split is one of the possibilities, doubly so if your birthday falls on or very close to September 29.

Occasionally, when planets are working at cross-purposes, it is not relationship difficulty that comes up, but a health matter. Start to take extra good care of yourself early in September, so that by month’s end, you are feeling in strong condition. We always deal best with stress when we are rested.

It would be best to plan a quiet end to the month. If your birthday falls on September 29 or close to it, then have your birthday celebration a week ahead, over the weekend of September 22-23 – you won’t want to do much of anything over September 29-30. If you are moving or doing something else that is big, be sure you have helpers around to lean on when things begin to go haywire. Your career seems to be erratic at this time, as will friends. This is a very difficult full moon, if only because it will have tentacles that reach into so many different parts of life.

You have not had it easy over the past three years, but you are coming to the end of a long and difficult road. Saturn in Libra has been a big part of the difficulties you’ve endured, but at long last, Saturn will make his departure from your sign in early October, not to return to this position for 29 years. You are nearly done with the trials and tribulations from taskmaster Saturn, and you are now wiser and more mature than before Saturn first came to visit you in October 2009.

The events of the full moon, September 29, will be due to the placements of Uranus and Pluto, dear Libra, but until now, over the past few years, you’ve had to fend off Saturn, too. Now you won’t have Saturn in Libra, and that will be a huge help. Only those born within five days of September 29 will feel this full moon (and Uranus and Pluto) directly; others may only feel a mild effect. What occurs at this month’s end will help you reboot your life in a way that will be more stable in the future. Although these transition full moons are not always easy to take, they are helpful in that they show up certain truths that you either never saw or had found it hard to face. Once acknowledged, this full moon will help you plan accordingly, and put you on a more stable course for the future.

Scorpio Horoscope for September 2012

Mars is now in Scorpio for the first time in two years, putting you in the driver’s seat. It’s impossible to overstate how important this period will be for you. Mars will give you courage and drive, and sharpen your competitive spirit in ways that can put you front and center. To use Mars’ energy to the fullest, launch a new project in early to mid-September. Make it one that you are passionate about and make it one that would require exceptional energy and courage to pull off, for Mars will be a superb helper in that quest. This is the first time since September 2010 to October 28, 2010, that you’ve had Mars’ assistance, so enact a plan in the early part of this month, and watch how positively others respond to your ideas.

Romantically, at the beginning of September, you may be walking on air. The full moon of LAST month, August 31, will still be exerting an outstandingly social and romantic vibration during September’s first four days – you will enjoy this phase. This will be a wonderful time, and things will continue to stay quite social, helped by the bright new moon in your people / events / friendship sector on September 15. That new moon will help you expand your contacts impressively in the two weeks that follow.

Mars will assist that new moon of September 15 and will act like a booster rocket to triple the number of people you meet and connect with now. You will enjoy catching up with old friends that you care about, too – friends you haven’t seen in ages. Scorpio is not known to be the social butterfly, but this month, you can be, and enjoy being one, too.

Pluto, your ruling planet, has languished since April 10, but will pick up speed on September 17. From then on, you’ll notice a quicker pace to your schedule. Mars is your other ruler (Scorpio is fortunate to have two), and has been retrograde for many months, too (having turned direct April 13).

It took Mars many months to ramp up to his earlier, quick orbit, and finally he is there now. Mars is now moving faster than he has at any time in 2012, and that spells progress for you. If you feel that you have been walking through glue this year, in a way, you have. From September 18 onward, you will make much greater progress. Still, due to other planetary clashes, be patient – you won’t see evidence of progress immediately. This is a complicated month, so I will try to explain this in the most basic terms possible.

September 18-19 will bring on a very tough aspect, Pluto in hard angle to Uranus, and quickly thereafter, on September 20, Mercury will oppose Uranus. You will almost certainly see this aspect play out on the world stage with demonstrating groups clashing with one another. Or you may see a scandal or other very angry incident emerge and make front-page news. For you, personally, home and family matters are likely to be unstable and problematic, while contractual talks, career, and assignments seem to spin wildly in a direction no one anticipated, and certainly not you.

I had not mentioned this in the main body of your report, but near September 18-20 would be a very bad time to travel, so sit tight. If you need to see a client for business, consider doing a videoconference instead. Your work life is apt to be extremely hectic during this week, too, with surprises coming at you every turn. Tensions are sure to arise, and everyone, of every sign, will notice the turbulent aspects. Do not sign any papers on or near these dates or you will endanger the project by embedding these difficult aspects into the life of your venture.

Whatever is going on at work, on a day-to-day level with a project or a co-worker relationship, is sure to grow larger and more emotional at month’s end, when everything reaches a climax at the full moon September 29. This will be an angry full moon, so keep your head down and out of the line of fire. This full moon will bring up actions or decisions of individuals done behind the scenes, likely unbeknown to you until now. Co-workers and underlings will not pull together and may be downright rebellious.

Stay by yourself, stick to routine, and do not bring up controversial subjects with people in business or personal life. Throughout, protect your health, as you will feel drained and exhausted by events. By the time five days have passed, this phase will be over, and you can sigh with relief – a lot will have been revealed to you, and so by then you will know more, and you can adjust your expectations.

You are fortunate that Venus will staunchly protect your reputation by being in Leo and your career success sector (tenth house), from September 6 to October 3. On September 20, you’ll likely see that the good work you’ve already done over past months can add up to more money in your paycheck, or in terms of better benefits for you. September 20 is a perfect day for an interview, because financial negotiations should go your way. Earlier, September 12-13 may bring a career breakthrough.

If you remain calm and think out your responses, you will go through this full moon more successfully than most. At month’s end, listen, think, and reflect, but take your time in responding. These aspects are very separating. If you walk out, it may be forever.

Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2012

As you begin September, your home life will be a main priority. You may be moving or stylishly improving your space, thanks to a full moon that punctuated the end of last month, August 31. In the first four days of September your energy will be high, and you will be very focused on fulfilling a home-related project. Neptune was somewhat close to that full moon, so hopefully water damage will not be a concern to you. If you are dismayed by water in any of its forms at home, you can find help quickly, but do so no later than September 4. It’s possible, however, that Neptune’s proximity will simply spark inspiring ideas for your home design – a much better manifestation of Neptune’s powers – the gift of creativity.

You can see enormous career gains after the new moon appears September 15, assuming you are mobilized to act on opportunities that arise (and they will)! If you hope to get a new position or promotion, this will clearly be the moment you have long awaited, but feared never would come. Mars will be helpful. This energetic planet will be based in a subtle, private place of your chart, so quietly contact influential people to set up appointments, but do not discuss those meetings with friends. Discretion will be your byword, so keep mum until you get that top position, which may take weeks or months. (The bigger your new position, the longer the process will take, but of course your effort will be worthwhile!) Your chances of success are strong, for Pluto, a powerful planet found in your second house of salary, will go direct on September 18 after having been retrograde for months – since April 10.

September 29 brings a jarring full moon in Aries, causing news to surface that could threaten the future of either a platonic or, more likely, a romantic relationship. No matter how well you say you know the character of a friend or lover you have recently started to date, this full moon may prove to you that you didn’t have insight into this person’s character. Stay flexible, and expect the unexpected. Everyone will be walking on eggs during this full moon, so don’t feel singled out or different, just stay conservative, in a watch and wait mode. Do not initiate anything near this full moon – instead, observe, reflect, and when you feel ready, respond.

The information you learn may make you want to part from this person, and if so, it may be for the better. There is another possible outcome, however, in that a friend or lover may face a crisis and require your aid. In that case, you will likely want to lend a hand. You will know what to do.

One last note: If you are attached to someone in a long-term relationship, surprises are not likely to come up with your committed partner, but more likely with a friend.

Capricorn Horoscope for September 2012

You’ve been busy with your career over the past two months, but September will offer you the perfect time for a quick, short vacation getaway. Mars, now in Scorpio and your solar eleventh house of friends and groups, will be busy stirring up social fun with friends during most of the month, and as things unfold, you will quickly see that your friends will be a supreme source of support and comfort.

You seem ready to leave town for the Labor Day weekend (or if you are based outside the US, in the first weekend of the month). That trip won’t finish your traveling days, but will actually encourage you to more. The new moon September 15 will bring more opportunity, and this time, it may be a journey that takes you far – possibly overseas. The purpose of your trip may be for business or pleasure, but if for the latter, it won’t “feel” like heavy-duty work. Your surroundings will be special, and it appears you’ll be able to save time to see friends while visiting your new destination.

It is possible that you’ll feel the exciting, broadening gift of the new moon a little differently, alternatively by going back to college or graduate school. The September 15 new moon will bring with it a strong urge to learn, reflect, analyze, research, and debate all that you discover – and judging by your chart, you’ll unearth and be exposed to much information, with a great deal of it exciting to think about. Your vistas will open wide, and your mind will be hungry for the exciting stimulation coming your way now. Pluto, in Capricorn, has been in sleepy retrograde orbit for months, but will turn direct on September 18. Pluto will now allow you to achieve much greater progress than you’ve seen so far this year. Make your list, check it twice – be ready to go!

The month ends on a jarring, troubling note. The full moon September 29 will focus on your home, property, or family situation, but news will be tense. Whatever occurs might be foretold by events earlier, near September 18-20, when Uranus will taunt both Pluto and Mercury. As things unfold you will likely feel you had no warning.

It’s not clear if what will be going on at month’s end will affect your physical home or other property situation, or a matter involving one of your parents or other relative, or a buyer, seller, or renter of your property. Alternatively, you may be focused on a roommate, designer, contractor, or landlord. Your career will be impacted by events (if only to force you to concentrate hard to juggle it all), and your finances may gyrate dynamically, too. You have the maturity to handle this, so be ready by keeping your schedule flexible. Remember, this is only temporary. Better days lie ahead.

Aquarius Horoscope for September 2012

Your finances will need a bit of attention at the full moon August 31. You seem to be finalizing a deal, sending a large check, or attending to another sort of financial obligation or negotiation. There appears to be a deadline, and by September 4, you will meet it.

By September 15, you will be ready to set up a financial plan for the future. You may end certain arrangements and set up new ones, or negotiate a present contract to more favorable terms. It’s a perfect time to review retirement savings, and all recurring charges, such as from cell phone or Internet providers. While you’re at it, ask credit card companies to lower interest charges. Your new motto should be, “Those who ask, get.”

Your career is building strength, and now that Mars is in Scorpio and touring your house of professional fame and prestige, you will find it easy to get the attention of influential VIPs who can help you get to the next level. This trend will continue to grow to greater fullness in November, but to take full advantage, begin rewriting your resume now and create a workable career strategy.

On September 3 and 4, you may reach out to a VIP, even socially, which might help you in your progress. Pluto will be friendly to both Mars and Mercury on these days, respectively. If you have already found a new position that you are aiming to get, you may start to talk about compensation and benefits in the week that follows September 15. A day that the sparks of love will fly is September 12 or 13, when a text message may set your spirits soaring.

You may crave travel at the end of September, but it would be best to remain home. Cosmic storms will begin to whip up near September 18-20, and aspects circulating will engage and threaten your two travel sectors, covering both nearby and far trips. Travel is likely to be fraught with difficulties, due to a disagreeable clashing of Uranus to Pluto and Mercury.

This trend will mount and peak in a stressful culmination at the full moon, September 29. Within five days on either side of this date, travel will become filled with unexpected adverse events. Uranus will oppose the Sun and conjunct the moon, adding to the possibility of missed meetings, lost luggage, or even more unwelcome events. Uranus is your ruling planet, giving it greater strength. Stay home, by all means. If you will be away at that time, see if you can come home closer to October 5.

The third and ninth houses rule other areas of life in addition to travel. A partner, critic, competitor, detractor, or client – signified by the Sun, now under siege – will likely act obstinate and intractable, so reaching accord will be a challenge not worth fighting now. Venus will be in the house ruling your partner, usually a smooth influence, but even Venus will not be able to stand up to this wild full moon. Approach this person again in a few days, in early October, not near that full moon. Alternatively, your sister or brother, aunt, uncle, or cousin may be a major focus, and if so, you may need to help your sibling – hopefully you’re getting along with him or her!

Pisces Horoscope for September 2012

The full moon of Pisces, which appeared only a few hours before the start of September on August 31, will bring a dearly important matter to a crest, and chances are, you’ll be overjoyed at what occurs at this important juncture. Pluto and Mars will be friendly, so it could be a very social time for you, too. In fact, you may also get a chance to travel to a distant point at this time. Mars is now touring your ninth house, in friendly Scorpio all month, giving you energy and opportunity to enjoy friends and all that life has to offer. Whatever comes to fruition at this full moon seems to touch you deeply, and may represent the culmination of a long hoped for desire.

Later the new moon, September 15, will appear in the part of your chart that rules collaborations. Here’s your chance to become more serious about the person you’ve been dating or to set up new goals with the partner you are already committed to now. Alternatively, you may now successfully hire an expert, such as a new accountant, lawyer, or doctor to help you, as this energy includes all types of one-on-one assistance from various professionals and experts you would like to align with on a common goal. If you have your own business, you may set up a joint venture for a new project.

Planets will begin to migrate into financial houses in the second half of the month, and tensions about money are likely to become noticeable as of September 18, when Uranus and Pluto will clash, or on September 20, when Mercury and Uranus will face off and bring up a disagreement about how to appropriate money with a partner.

Note what comes up, for the news that you see emerging now could be a sign of more to come several days later. Specifically, by September 29, the full moon in Aries will bring concern about money to a nerve jangling pitch, perhaps when a check is due. You seem to be taken back by what happens, for certainly it’s not something you’d ever expected to occur.

Dear Pisces, next month Saturn will move out of your eighth house of “other people’s money” and allow you greater control over your finances. You won’t feel the same pressure that you have over the past three years, and while you will still have Uranus in a financial house, in the future, having only one, not two, big planets to challenge your money managing skills will make a world of difference. You are getting better at foreseeing your monetary needs and planning for them. Although this month’s aspects suggest life holds many surprises, the truth is, we can’t always plan for every contingency. The universe is teaching you resourcefulness and flexibility, talents you are rapidly developing to new and impressive levels.