Horoscope April 4th 2012

Aries  march 20 – april 19

The drama builds, peaks and dissipates this week as the Sun enters your sign almost immediately, the new moon takes prominence on Thursday and then Mercury retreats to Pisces the very next day. You’re at the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde cycle and have been thinking, about the impression you’re giving others and also how maybe, you might be able to offer everyone a more accurate angle on your abilities. Nobody likes a show-off or wants additional competition, so it’s a question of striking a balance between promoting personal interests versus stroking the egos, of those who could easily annihilate you.

Taurus :  april 20 – may 20

Assuming the weather is forgiving, look west after sunset in the direction that the Sun went down. Almost anywhere in the world you’ll get a great view of what looks like the two brightest stars in the sky, though these are actually the planets Venus and Jupiter. Venus is the brighter and Jupiter is slightly fainter, but on Sunday and Monday evening depending on your location, they’ll be joined by the crescent Moon. The reason for this astronomy tutorial is the whole alignment takes place in your constellation. It is difficult to imagine any more positive picture casting such a joyous light, especially on your emotional well-being…

Gemini may 21 – june 20

You are famous for frolicking hither and yon, letting one enticing interest after another captivate your focus simultaneously. It’s wonderful that life is never boring, tedious or routine. However, a pull towards new interests is different from dodging unpleasant factors elsewhere that you don’t want to tackle. Then a desire for stimulation starts to look like running away, from complicated issues the resolution of which takes time and dedication. Presently you can address factors that have repeatedly caused trouble in the past. It’ll mean looking deeply and honestly inside yourself and may slow you down, for a few minutes…

Cancer  june 21 – july 22

Your relationships have altered, not just on an intimate and private level. Your friends and acquaintances you barely know, now recognise you as a force to reckoned with, after the guts you’ve displayed during those often testing times leading up to this juncture and the occasions when in the teeth of adversity, you have shown the tenacity and fortitude to stand behind your principles. Certainly the last thing on your mind was conveying a good impression, but actions speak louder than words and your resilience has not gone unnoticed. Keeping the clearest view of what is worth fighting for or not, remains the wisest course. –

Leo  july 23 – august 22

If you have an interest in your career affairs, it’s important to persist with what you’ve started as those trends that have boosted your professional interests of late, continue broadly throughout March. Even if employment matters are far from your mind, you can apply these comments directly to any ambitious goals. A couple of factors might trip you up, but they are character traits you’ll recognise. First, routine is not your strongest suit, so impatience can tempt you to quit prematurely and to scatter your energies. Secondly, you can’t always start at the top. Working your passage shouldn’t be a cause for resentment…

Virgo  august 23 – september 22

Both Mercury and the new moon highlight your dealings with those closest to you, especially relationships that involve sharing your space, money, property and possessions. These constitute the arena in which current issues are played out, when it comes to how much you’re prepared to tolerate, where you can follow and are happy to help, versus instances when you’re not prepared to compromise. Acquiescence isn’t an option, because with Mars in your sign until July the drive to assert yourself is overwhelming. But you see the alternatives far too clearly, to force your own agenda with bullying tactics and overt hostility.

Libra  september 23 – october 22

Mercury encourages a review of fundamental health habits, especially whether you’re living so cleanly as you thought. Alcohol and substance abuse are only a part of the picture if you are skipping meals, eating late or waiting until you are so hungry, you’d swallow whatever wasn’t nailed down. Your relationships have an impact on your vigour too. Struggling silently and shouldering your anxieties by yourself, breeds isolation that in turn makes you feel worse. Perhaps you wouldn’t relish the responsibility of somebody around all the time. But you aren’t alone in saying this, your ideal compatriots figure exactly the same…

Scorpio  october 23 – november 21

You are in a phase of conclusion, where factors that have been central to your existence up until this point, no longer possess the relevance they once did. Interests, aspirations, objectives and your guiding principles have in many cases ceased to maintain the same significance they held for you before, either because circumstances found them wanting or they somehow drifted beyond the range of your regular activities. It is impossible to ignore the part played by your romantic affairs in these events, yet with Jupiter and Saturn on opposite sides of the sky, these are set to regenerate quicker than other matters…

Sagittarius  november 22 – december 21

Think back over various plans you implemented during the closing stages of last year and early part of this one, that didn’t really match the hopes you had for them when it came to their results. Rather than chalking it up to experience before pursuing some equally sure-fire plan you are confident will work out better, think over the details of what went wrong and why this didn’t correlate with your expectations. It is tedious when every instinct calls you to abandon ship at the first hint of any failure, but sometimes it’s only a minor element that is at fault, you couldn’t begin to pinpoint without this process of trial and error.

Capricorn  december 22 – january 19

Uranus challenges you to establish the home life you claim to have always wanted, one that reflects your individuality and who you are nowadays. For this to come about you must first shake off the remnants from a less than perfect past, that for the sake of habit or respect for tradition have always dominated beforehand. Even if you’re eager for change there is plenty to work your way around, because of how you’ve always done things and the value this suggests. Search widely for different methods of structuring your family, because at least by following tried and tested alternatives, you won’t flail around in the dark.

Aquarius january 20 – february 18

There is scope for improvement in your financial affairs. Your expenses are considerable and though you’re doing your utmost to earn the extra cash, there remains an element of confusion about how best to increase your income. Part of this shortfall is down to decisions you’ve taken previously, that could be described as bold and enterprising, but which others dismiss swiftly as rash and foolish. A few new ideas won’t ever go amiss, perhaps gleaned by revisiting developments from the second half of February. See whether you can’t put a fresher spin on them this time, putting your legendary creativity in to full effect…

Pisces february 19 – march 19

Mercury’s retrograde cycles of around three weeks are a communications nightmare. Consider your Internet connection as disabled by a firmware upgrade, your car breaking down for no reason and you thinking the contract made in hell on your new mobile phone, was such a great deal as a few examples. But really, these events are part of your everyday routine, since your ethereal way of tuning in to the universe, never had much to do with logic. Now Mercury comes back to your sign for a return visit you’ll find the more you speak, write and talk with those around you, the better the outcome is in every way…