Woodland Park School District Announces Appointment of Assistant Principals

The following is a press release submitted by the Woodland Park School District.

Woodland Park School District (WPSD) announces the appointment of Assistant Principals for Woodland Park Middle and High School, effective July 1, 2024.

Mr. Chad Cosner, a seasoned professional with five years of dedicated service within the district, will assume the High School Assistant Principal role. Throughout his tenure, Cosner has held various roles, including high school Counselor, Athletic Director, Dean of Students, and Interim Assistant Principal. His extensive experience and commitment to students’ academic and personal development make him a valuable addition to the secondary campus leadership team.

Mrs. Michelle Eastman, an outstanding educator with four years of service in the district, has been appointed as the new Middle School Assistant Principal. Eastman has served as a high school social studies teacher and an AP Human Geography teacher and has been instrumental in leading the Student Council. Her dedication to creating a positive learning environment and her ability to connect with students and staff position her as an ideal fit for the role.

Both Cosner and Eastman understand the importance of partnering with parents and guardians in the education of students. They recognize that collaboration between school and home is fundamental to student success and are committed to fostering open lines of communication, and building strong partnerships with families.

WPSD extends its appreciation to Woodland Park High School (WPHS) Interim Principal Cindy Gannon, whose exceptional leadership has been instrumental in maintaining a positive and effective learning environment during this interim period. Her vision, coupled with her ability to inspire both students and staff, has significantly contributed to WPHS’s overall success and stability. Gannon will continue to support the Secondary Campus Principal, Dr. Tory Richey, and Mr. Cosner, providing valuable continuity for the district.

The passion for education, innovative ideas, collaborative spirit, and commitment to parent engagement displayed by the 2024-25 secondary campus leadership team will enhance the overall educational experience at Woodland Park Middle and High School.

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