Marigreen Pines Tour 2022

  The date is set! The much anticipated tours of the historic Marigreen Pines Estate in Cascade, CO will be held on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17, 2022. The tours of the estate, currently the home of the Holy Cross Novitiate, are hosted by the Ute Pass Historical Society & Pikes Peak Museum.

   Marigreen Pines was the home of the Thomas Cusack family from 1895 until 1978. The tour includes their original home, Ellinor Cottage, as well as the elaborate Marigreen Pines mansion, built in 1923. Anne Cusack Johnson donated the estate to the Order of Holy Cross in 1978.

   At that time, Mrs. Johnson, a founding member of the Ute Pass Historical Society, stipulated that the mansion and grounds should be open for tours one weekend every three years for the benefit of the Ute Pass Historical Society. This tour has been rescheduled from the 2021 date. The tour is the biggest fundraiser for the non-profit group.

   Tickets are on sale NOW! The easiest way to obtain tickets is to copy the ticket order form from our website ( Mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: UPHS, P.O. Box 6875, Woodland Park, CO., 80866. Your tickets will then be sent back to you with the instructions for the day you choose for your tour. The orders will be filled according to the date they were received, beginning May 19th.

   The tours will begin at Ute Pass Elementary School, where you will watch a 20-minute video and then board a bus to the mansion. No private vehicles are allowed on the novitiate’s property

   Tickets are also available at the Museum Center, 231 E. Henrietta Avenue in Woodland Park, beginning May 19th. Tickets are $35, and $30 for patrons and groups of 10 or more. Tickets do sell out, so keep note of the dates!