Green Mountain Falls Appoints New Town Marshal

New GMF Marshal. Sean Goings, the newly-appointed head lawman for the town of Green Mountain Falls, takes the oath as the new marshal during last week’s Board of Trustees meeting. Goings has served as the town’s deputy marshal since 2017. He replaces Virgil Hodges, who recently retired from law enforcement after nearly 50 years of service, including a number of years as the head lawman for Green Mountain Falls. Photo by Rick Langenberg

On May 3 at the regular meeting of the Green Mountain Falls Board of Trustees, Sean Goings was appointed as the Marshal for the Town of Green Mountain Falls.

Marshal Goings offers the Town of Green Mountain falls a long history of law enforcement experience and dedication to community service.  Marshal Goings began his career in law enforcement with the Woodland Park Police Department in 1999. He left the WPPD in 2014 to serve as the Safety and Security Coordinator for the Woodland Park RE-2 school district. Marshal Goings will continue to serve the students, families, and faculty members of the school district through the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year.  He has also been serving the community of Green Mountain Falls as a Deputy Marshal since 2017. He has robust experience in a variety of law enforcement disciplines but his commitment to community policing along with his genuine, humble, and engaging disposition is what makes him a perfect fit for the Town Marshal role.

The Town of Green Mountain Falls Board of Trustees and staff would like to congratulate Marshal Goings and thank him for accepting this role.

Additional congratulations are forthcoming for Marshal Virgil Hodges on his retirement after 48 years in law enforcement.  The Town was privileged and has benefited greatly from the contributions that Marshal Hodges has made over the past five years.

With gratitude to both Marshal Goings and Marshal Hodges.

Becky Frank, GMF Town Manager