Dem Frontrunner In Heated Congressional Race Makes Teller County Appearance

Brittany Pettersen, a Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District, which now includes Teller County, made a recent appearance at a local restaurant and was greeted by many local supporters. Photo by Vicki Shehan

Barrage of Concerns Voiced by Citizens and Area Democrats

Vicki Shehan and Rick Langenberg

Why should Republicans have all the fun in the heated race for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District  seat?

Republican candidates have come out in force for the District 7 contest, which features a newly-aligned district including Teller County and other mountain areas.  That is partially due to the fact that the incumbent congressman for District 7, Ed Perimutter, is stepping down at the end of his term in Jan. 2023. He has represented this congressional seat for eight terms that encompasses much of Jefferson County and Broomfield, and now takes in Teller County. .

(Previously, and prior to the most recent redistricting process, Teller was part of the 5th Congressional  District, led by Congressman Doug Lamborn.  Now, that district just encompasses Colorado Springs).

A slew of Republican candidates for this 7th Congressional District seat tried to appeal to local Republican leaders during an event, hosted by the Teller GOP Party several months ago. Enthusiasm ran high about their prospects, as this could become one of the most competitive congressional races in Colorado.

Well, the path to a GOP victory in this race is still an uphill journey, according to many political insiders due to the District 7 map.

In fact, District 7 should remain under the reign of the Democratic Party due to the key issues and challenges facing Coloradoans and Teller residents. This theme was stressed by the Dem frontrunner for this seat and the main person endorsed by  Perimutter and state Democratic leaders.

On April 24,  Brittany Pettersen, a veteran state legislator and the leading Democratic frontrunner for this seat, made a visit to Teller County and met with enthusiastic supporters at a local Woodland Park restaurant. Pettersen was well received by area Democrats before a crowd of more than 30 people.


During her appearance, Pettersen  stressed that she  is a Colorado native and received her degree in Political Science and Psychology at a local university.


She jumped right into politics after college, stating that while growing up here, she saw “all the things that needed to be changed for a better future.”


Pettersen’s political work history these last three years has been serving as a state Senator for District 22. Pettersen was elected to the state Senate in 2018. She  also served as the Democratic representative of the Colorado State House for six years. She is now running as a Democrat for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District and hopes to become Perimutter’s replacement.


Besides her experience as a legislator, Pettersen is also a wife and mother.


During her recent appearance, Pettersen fielded a barrage of questions from local citizens in attendance.


Locals expressed concerns about  such issues as water rights, the drought situation,  forest fire prevention, oppressive voting rights, women’s rights, fracking and mining, inflation and a lack of affordable housing in Colorado. This showcased the main topics addressed by Petterson.


Pettersen stated, “Democracy was challenged. People are exhausted and struggling. They’re also scared for the extremism.”


She believes this November’s election would become one of the most expensive congressional races in the history of Colorado.


Pettersen plans on returning to Teller County this summer for more “Meet and Greets” before the November election.


The Democratic congressional candidate thanked everyone attending and for the warm welcome she received.