New Dining Option Featured in Teller County

Cat’s Roadside Road Kill Restaurant Coming Soon

Caterina Manholder


As a creative and resourceful chef, and being a person who believes that old adage about “waste not, want not,” I believe it only makes sense to take advantage of those occasional sad but unavoidable casualties one sees along the highways and rural roadsides in Teller County.

Also, Colorado is a popular hunting destination, affording an opportunity for yours truly to acquire some wild, local game such as deer, elk, and moose. In addition, one can occasionally purchase Yak meat at a local ranch.

The chef of this operation has been granted the go-ahead to establish a restaurant at a soon to be announced location here in Teller County!

For the convenience of hungry patrons, as well as hunters and folks with meat to share, there will be drive-in as well as drop-off windows located on opposite sides of the establishment. This forthcoming restaurant will also offer inside dining in our cozy comfortable dining area.

Enjoy gourmet game specials for an unforgettable dining experience like no other! 

Imagine savory shredded squirrel burritos, raccoon ragout, chipmunk kabobs…and don’t mind the bits of fur; think of it as built in dental floss. The possibilities for venison are absolutely mouth-watering, and will include roasted, stewed and smoked options for your dining pleasure.

Side dishes too will be available, although my Old Man has opted out of this operation.

He told me, “Get your buns in the kitchen and your biscuits in the oven!” He’s a bit busy these days. I do have an able assistant lined up to help with the yet to be determined sides of vegetables, potatoes and such.

Watch for our opening day to be announced soon!  

Happy April Fool’s Week!

Note: Every year TMJ News produces an issue of fake new articles as a tradition to celebrate our favorite holiday.