Climate Change and Woodland Park

I. C. Snow

Most scientists and climatologists agree climate change is real and coming to your neighborhood. As the climate warms, many are wondering how it will affect us here in Woodland Park.

Since we don’t live in a coastal area, we don’t have to worry about sea level rise per say. There will, however, be an increase in people moving to higher ground. That means housing prices will continue to sky rocket, traffic will get even worse than it is now, and bad guys will be looking to take advantage of the unprepared.

So. What can we do here to prepare for climate change?

Many areas we depend on for agriculture will be hit hard by climate change. To prepare, it’s a good idea to plant some food crops on your property. Among these crops you may want to start planting things like; orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit trees, tomatoes, and rice.

Along with rising temperatures, the climate here will become much drier as well. It’s a good idea to purchase a whole house humidifier and stock up on distilled water. This will keep you house, much more comfortable in the dry air. Even the smaller humidifiers will help keep things in a more comfortable range.

As people migrate from low lying areas, there is a danger that marauding bands of thieves and looters will be willing to risk their lives to take what you have. Some things you may want to consider to protect yourself are; shotguns (a 12-gauge pump is a good choice), a high caliber, high capacity rifle (an AR-15 or AK-47 are good choices.), a high caliber, high capacity hand gun (a .45 caliber semi-automatic, the Glock G-20 10mm, and G-22 .40 caliber are two favorites) avoid handguns like the .44 magnum and .357-magnum, as these can possibly penetrate your walls and kill your neighbor. Don’t forget to have at least 10 high capacity magazines for all your firearms too.

One more gun to consider is a good .22-caliber rifle and handgun. There are legions of .22s in both rifle and handgun on the market, but a well tested and reliable .22 rifle is the Ruger 10/22. The 10/22 has stood the test of time and can be fitted with a 25-round magazine. The .22 may not stop an intruder dead in his tracks, but it will take care of those pesky varmints that want to eat your tomatoes.

A gun is not much good without ammunition. While availability of ammo has been challenging in the last year or so, it is beginning to show up on shelves again. You can never have enough ammo, so stock up while you can. A good supply of ammo should consist of; at least 500-rounds of handgun ammo, 1000-rounds of rifle ammo, and 2500-rounds of ammo for your .22. Another advantage of have a good supply of ammo is, you can use it to barter for other goods and services.

While guns are a great thing to have around to deal with bad guys, there are other options you can take to protect your home and family. Well placed Claymore mines on your lawn are one option. The M18A1 Claymore is a directional anti-personnel mine. It even comes with a warning on the mine telling you which direction to aim at the enemy.

Booby traps are another option that can deter would be assassins. A pit with punji sticks (sharpened sticks facing up in the bottom of the pit) is one such booby trap. Another is a pit with rattlesnakes in it is a good one too, but don’t forget to feed the rattlers.

A simple, lethal or non-lethal, booby trap is a trip wire. Non-lethal trip wires can be set up to alert you of unwanted guests. Just tie it to a bunch of tin cans or bells to the wire and you’re set. A lethal trip wire can be arranged to trigger a shotgun to blast the intruder.

As always, don’t forget to notify your neighbors that your yard is mined.

These are just a few of the things you can do now to prepare for climate change. For more information, Google the United States Department of Defense.

Happy April Fool’s Week!

Note: Every year TMJ News produces an issue of fake new articles as a tradition to celebrate our favorite holiday.