Support for Veterans

The City of Cripple Creek has a long-standing tradition of supporting our Military Veterans, Veteran’s organizations, and events. A highlight of the City’s recognition for our Veterans has been our support of the annual Salute to American Veterans event.
Unfortunately, due to COVID the City was forced to cancel this premier event in 2020. The financial impacts of the pandemic eliminated the City’s ability to financially support all special events, including the Salute to American Veterans for 2021, and with the exception of the 4 th of July.
Several social media posts have suggested these cancellations were the result of the City’s lack of appreciation for our Veterans. These divisive posts were wrong and in no way reflect the City’s actual position.
The Salute to American Veterans event historically generates one of the largest attendances of any Cripple Creek special event. The driving force behind the City’s support for this event has always been the recognition it provides for our Veterans.
While 2022 remains an unknown, we are hopeful it will provide the opportunity for our community to show our appreciation once again for our Veterans which they so richly deserve.
We are also very proud of our active-duty military and our Military Memorial Wall, located at the entrance to Mt. Pisgah Cemetery. The wall is dedicated to active-duty service members from the Pikes Peak region who have made the ultimate sacrifice since the 911 terrorist attack. An annual ceremony is held once a year to honor our fallen from the previous year. The event is typically held in conjunction with the Salute to American Veterans Rally and open to the public. The date for the 2021 dedication is currently pending.

City of Cripple Creek