Teller Sheriff Department Hedging Bets on Reefer Crackdown Jackpot

– by Rick Langenberg –

The Teller County Sheriff’s Department is eying some big-dollar grant pursuits, courtesy of one of their main public enemies, illegal marijuana grow operations.

The agency also is targeting some big dollars for a much improved dispatch center, part of a $5 million facility expansion.

Last week, at the request of County Administrator Sheryl Decker, the commissioners signed off on a grant request, setting the stage for a  possible mega bid from the state Department of Local Affairs for “gray and black market marijuana enforcement” dollars.

The contact person for the grant request is Teller County Sheriff Commander Greg Couch.

Altogether, this new state grant fund lists a total pot of $6 million. The purpose of the program is to “provide financial assistance to local law enforcement agencies and district attorneys…for the investigation and prosecution costs associated with unlicensed marijuana cultivation or distribution operations.”

Teller, which launched an aggressive campaign against illegal marijuana grow operations at the beginning of 2018, is a prime fit for this potential grant, according to officials. Decker estimated that Teller is one of only six counties in Colorado that could be eligible for the grant funds.