Democratic Candidates Hold Rally In Teller County

Although most of the primary competitions have occurred on the Republican Party stage, area Democrats aren’t hanging out on the sidelines, with plans for upcoming local forums.
A number of key races are in store during the general election, with active participation expected by Democratic contenders. This process has already kicked off.
Colorado’s Democratic Party candidates met supporters, informed voters and shared concerns at the July 1 meeting of the Teller County Democratic Party.  Guests included the following Democratic candidates for the November 6, 2018 Colorado Election:U.S. Congressional District 5 candidate Dr. Stephanie Rose Spaulding; Colorado Treasurer candidate Dave Young; University of Colorado Regent District 5 candidate G. Anthony “Tony” Wolusky; Colorado Senate District 2 candidate Beth Hart-Hurz; and Colorado House District 39 candidate Kamala Vanderkolk
In a panel discussion all the candidates responded to questions from the audience, sharing insights as well as platform positions on a wide range of topics of importance to local Coloradans as well as for our state, region and nation.
Attendees also joined the candidates for informal one-on-one exchanges after the panel exchange discussion.
 Additional public forums are planned for the Ute Pass/Teller County community, to offer Colorado voters opportunities to meet candidates, learn more about issues and participate in shaping campaigns prior to voting in the November 6, state election.  For information about more events this summer, please visit the Teller County Democratic Party’s FaceBook page,< >
and this newspaper.