School Threat Update…

A Statement from Woodland Park School District….

During the two days of cancelled school, local law enforcement and our District Safety & Security continued their investigation while the District Administration team planned for the safe return to school. 

Yesterday, staff provided support for our students as appropriate for each age level and all schools had a productive learning day.

Although there is no new information regarding the on-going investigation, we want to ensure you that we will keep you informed as it progresses. The reward is now set at $2,100 for information leading to the identification of the person responsible for this disruption to our community. Please contact the police department at 687-9262 or Safe-2-Tell at 1-877-542-7233.

Thank you to our local law enforcement for providing a high security presence at our schools today and in the following weeks. As always, student and staff safety remains a top priority for our District.

On a separate issue: We are grateful that Teller County Sheriff’s Department arrested Jason Smith late last night acting on a tip that Smith had threatened his children and was going to commit a school shooting in Divide. His children are not students in our District. Please be aware that Smith is in custody and his children are safe.