Happy Independence Day – Mad Dog Murph


Better fare hard with good men than feast it with bad. Thomas Paine

We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine, The Crisis, no. 4, September 11, 1777

Okay, so let us begin with the creintegrationation of new words. That’s actually a conjugation of create and integrate and then to conjugate…..can you relate? Inter-dependence with a pun mixed in for Independence Day. WOOF! WOOF! There’s my dog imitation for you! So instead I wish to make fun of our interdependence which is what our independence has become…..Why do I wish to make fun of such a thing? Well as Thomas Paine said once upon a day in The Crisis, no. 1; “I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” Conscience, hmmm, what did Paine have to say about that….”When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.” I think having a conscience is a virtue, and if virtue is not hereditary how can conscience be hereditary? Well, I have a conscience and I do try and exercise some of the better virtues. I have seen the days where I laughed at death and said WHATEVER! There are those principles that I hold dear and would exercise though it mean my own death. I know there are those who would not shed a tear and be gleeful at my own demise, but those are men who are full of themselves and exercise a mean and base character. We’ll just call those men politicians and tax collectors, in the old days they were robber barons and the taxes were called fealty. We really haven’t changed all that much, but through social engineering and subtle changes in context, the tax collector and politician can no longer say “Off with their heads.” Okay, usually. There are those places like southern Missouri where that still works in some cases, but they do it more humanely, if you call being executed by a cop or hit man a humane way to go…and so it is that a patriot is a man who loves liberty more than he loves life….but it is a wise man who picks his battles wisely.
I guess many of us don’t really know a lot about the past because we weren’t there to witness the events….especially the events that occur before and during our formative years. Such as many people don’t know that Hamilton wasn’t really all about liberty, he was a federalist. He was more for himself and federalism which seems that we can now classify as semi-feudalism with a whole lot of fascism in the mix. If you sit down and do some real studying we can at least surmise that Hamilton wanted a large advantage in gaining his piece of the pie in his manipulations and writings in the federalist papers. But again I was not there to witness Hamilton writing those papers, but he was sure a fan of innuendo and setting brush fires in the minds of men to get what he wanted.
So many people believe we are free, but we are simply pampered slaves who can move about within certain confines so long as we pay the fealty….ahem excuse me…rather taxes due the land barons…..ah, excuse me….the politicians so that we may hold our meager items as long as we stay in our lane. You can choose your lane, and the American dream can be achieved, at an ever increasing price. For instance, I had a discussion with a friend who started a business recently, he told me if you want to start a business, and then you hire employees, you will find that one of the taxes you pay is unemployment tax and that for each new employee you must pay a fee of over eleven thousand dollars to shore up the insurance companies that failed in the last “crash” as it was called. Many people don’t know that there was an act of economic warfare against the U.S. which was carried out by the Saudis when the pulled a lot of money out of the stock market in one day, which triggered the “crash”. Man, what’s with the negative vibes, I am having a really hard time pulling out the puns…..so I hafta say, where’s the pun in that?
So, with social engineering to keep people divided, the reduction in morals and virtues to keep the policy enforcers busy, government somehow continues to slow boil the frogs and ensure its own existence. But like I said before, if there is no civil defense and the bulk of the population is ever destroyed, what good is government with no one to lord over? So somehow I obviously don’t get it.
I get why I don’t get it. Like most of you I can’t handle the truth, well, at least that’s what the government may think. I personally think that politicians can’t handle “telling” the truth. Primarily because they may lose their jobs if they are told the truth. But in actuality, or at least in the politicians’ minds “we” the people, can’t handle the truth, but in actuality they don’t want to tell the truth so they convince you, and themselves the truth is what you want it to be, kinda sorta….I feel like I should have named this article “Catch 22, a political interdependence”. I do love it when I hear that a politician gets angry and defensive from what I write because that pretty much means I nailed it, and I do like exposing the politicians for their misconduct….though we know becoming a politician is one of the best ways to avoid prosecution unless you mess with a child….then your station as a politician determines how much trouble you actually get in.
So Obama has sold us out with TPP also called the Trans Pacific Partnership and basically made Americans subject to corporate laws in other countries and attempting to nullify the constitution in many ways…..yes I said subjects, but then we already know that we are subjects. I don’t take being the subject or a subject very well. I do try not to be full of myself though and I try to be at least a little bit modest, though it doesn’t work when I run around the house naked…..no, inside the house, not literally “around” the house. If that sounds stupid it’s because it is, but hey, it’s a pun….but if that makes me a pundit then I quit!
So this Independence Day I will celebrate the brave actions of men from long ago and mourn the loss of the dream they had for all of us. But then again, I will also celebrate that while government feels that “they” can grant “rights”, even though the only one who can really do that is the creator, the true essence is that politicians as I said are baser people who don’t get it and think that “they” know best for many of us. They may consider themselves omnipotent….I know better.
I must say, pampered slavery isn’t all that bad. You actually have to get out of your lane to make much of it, just don’t get caught, otherwise the robber barons send the policy enforcers and it will “cost” you a lot of filthy paper, or greenbacks, or shekels. We know how that works too, hand over enough at once and you can get back to business. Hand it over in payments and well, it’s going to cost you your good name. And again where is the pun in that.
I ponder a final thought from Thomas Paine, “Society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness.” If you believe in the good book, then little good can come from something so wicked.” I would recommend the dissolution of our own government but what would we do with so many out of work clowns? Not enough circuses for all those monkeys either.
Happy Interdependence Day folks, enjoy the BBQ, enjoy the beer, and wonder what could have been had we remained a truly free people.

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. Thomas Jefferson