Horoscope for July 2013


Aries Horoscope for July 2013

You’ve been busy with career matters, but in July, you can safely turn all your attention to your home without any fear you’ll lose momentum. Give your space a critical eye. Does your apartment reflect the modern you or is your decor stuck in a time warp reflecting someone that you barely recall and who is staring back at you in the mirror? Now that the great benefic planet, Jupiter, is making his presence known in your home sector for the first time in 12 years, and a new moon, July 8, will be within touching distance of Jupiter, you have your perfect moment to strike.

Whether your plans are big (you need to move) or small (you need a new set of placemats and linens for your bedroom), you can have a successful conclusion if you begin the week of July 8. At the same time, you may feel some pressure at work, so you will have to juggle work demands too, especially in early July, due to Pluto’s position. Fear not, you can handle whatever comes up, so keep your main attention on home matters because it is there that you will see your biggest progress. If you need a mortgage, the bank will be helpful – you seem to have the goods to prove you deserve one, and should hear good news near July 22.

Saturn moves direct on July 7 too, allowing you to get a better grip on financial affairs. Take your time, do research, and think over what you’d like to do next to add to a sense of greater security. You can launch changes after Mercury goes direct July 20 (having been retrograde from June 26), but you would be wise to wait even longer, until the new moon in Leo, August 6, the ideal time to make concrete financial plans and changes in contractual agreements.

Saturn is also the natural ruler of your house of fame and honors, so if you’ve had difficulties since last February when trying to find a new position that is right for you, Saturn’s move direct should bring noticeable help. In particular watch the days that tightly circle July 7.

If you get a chance to travel over the weekend of July 20-21, jump at the opportunity. Your ruler, Mars, will link to Jupiter, making it a perfect time to visit a beloved family member, or to view real estate that you might want to rent or buy. You will be fortunate on this weekend, so plan to use it toward finding solutions to your home-related goals.

Friends will have a much bigger role in your life at the full moon, July 22, plus or minus four days. You may be invited to a friend’s wedding, a festive party, or a college reunion or professional seminar, as a few examples. If so, you will meet many new friendly people, some of whom you may want to get to know better. Saturn will be in hard angle to this full moon, so watch how often you are using your credit card, for later you may be surprised at how much money slipped through your fingers. Additionally a friend may ask for your help, as she appears to be under stress and could use your assistance. Keep a flexible schedule near that full moon.

It seems you will be on everyone’s speed-dial because over the weekend of July 27, a prominent man in your life may not be feeling well or be under enormous pressure and need your understanding and support. This particular Saturday, July 27, will be fraught with difficulties, as Mars will attack Pluto, and Saturn will block the Sun. Keep your schedule light, and keep your head down and out of the line of fire. Work will be demanding and so will family and home. At the same time, you may be concerned about tight finances. It’s nobody’s favorite Saturday.

Things will continue to rock more strenuously than a jeep driving up a rock-strewn incline, making for a somewhat white-knuckle day, July 31. Keep saying, “I can do this” as you breathe deeply. Mars, your ruler, by then in Cancer, will be at odds with Uranus in Aries. If moving or renovating, watch workers carefully lest a prize possession of yours be damaged or lost in the chaos that will be going on at home. If you are not moving, a family member or person you hire for home may suddenly get on your nerves, triggering a melt down. It’s a fragile day for just about everyone, so stay loose. Next month will be glorious, so no worries there.

Taurus Horoscope for July 2013

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, or being a contributor to a magazine or writing a piece for a prestigious website, pull out your laptop and write your query letter now. With smiles from Saturn in your committed business and love relationship house, if you feel you’d do well with a writing partner, interview candidates and draw up papers to make things official. Take action several days after Mercury goes direct, as it is never wise to sign papers of any kind while Mercury is retrograde. You can negotiate, study agreements, and stage interviews and meetings, but make everything official after Mercury goes direct July 20. I suggest the full moon, July 22.

You will likely travel this month, for any reason, and if you go, your trip would be wildly happy. Jupiter’s presence in the same house as the new moon shows your trip would be profitable if for business, or luxurious if done for pleasure. Although your expenses will be high in the first half of the month, they will settle down after Mars moves into Cancer, July 13. Treating yourself to a short weekend away by water seems not to do awful financial damage, so if you can get the days off, ask for a few.

Your communication skills in writing, doing public speaking, in regard to telecommunications and advertising, sales, PR and publicity, advertising will all be undergoing a wonderful growth period now and in the twelve months to come. Edward Bulwer-Lytton once coined the phrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword” – you may discover how true that phrase is for you if you commit to honing your skills in the year ahead.

Mid-month brings the culmination of a brilliant, dazzling golden triangle in the sky, all in water signs that blend beautifully with your earth sign element, dear Taurus. Great opportunity and happy days seem assured. Some astrologers feel July 29 is the big day to get a gold star, but I am holding fast to July 17 and the days that circle it. (In truth you will feel this golden triangle as it approaches, from July 10 onward.) This is a wonderful dilemma – you get to tell me which day worked best for you on Twitter: @AstrologyZone.

If you decide to travel this month (very possible) you’ll need to be back soon, as your career will bring a major development within days of the full moon, July 22. If you have interviewed for a position, you would get the answer as the full moon reaches its crest. Any position or promotion you’d discuss now would come with quite a bit of responsibility, as Saturn will be in hard angle to the full moon, but very friendly to other planets. It looks like you’re keen on winning the higher position. If you are not ready to move up, you can wait until February 2014 when you will be in an even stronger position to reach for the sky. Another way this full moon may work out is that you may receive public praise or publicity that establishes you as an industry leader.

In your private life, be careful if mixing with relatives, such as an aunt, uncle, in-law, cousin, sister, or brother, as near the full moon, controversial topics could unleash a torrent of emotion. Keep Pandora’s box closed, at least for four days beyond the full moon’s appearance, at least until it has waned.

Your romantic life will blossom once Venus enters fellow earth sign Virgo for the first time this year, and fill your house of true love from July 23 to August 16. Travel will bring love closer, so try to steal two or three days in the country – you’ll come back flushed with love.

Gemini Horoscope for July 2013

In the coming twelve months you will begin to earn very good money, and July begins to bring you proof of what’s to come. Late last month on June 25, Jupiter entered your earned income sector, to stay until July 16, 2014. This is the first time the planet of good fortune has visited your house of earned income since mid-2001-mid-2002. So much of your monetary success will come directly as a result of seeds you planted over the past twelve months. Watch for opportunities to blossom just after the new moon, July 8. Don’t be shy – speak up for your raise or if interviewing, name your salary. A friend will be instrumental in putting you front and center on an extremely lucrative opportunity. It will be clear that your friend believes in your talents and will be willing to go out on a limb to speak up for you.

Mercury, your ruler, will continue to retrograde until July 20, a phase that started last month. This will keep your progress slow, especially in regard to financial matters, but don’t rail against delays. Those delays will benefit you, something you will see later. Once Mercury turns direct, your life will go from ditheringly slow to moving at breakneck speed, so be ready and that will happen by July 22. Still, you have to play your cards right, for no negotiation will be a slam-dunk, especially as you get later into the month. If you stay alert and don’t rest on your laurels, you should be fine.

While you wait for Mercury to stop being retrograde, ask questions and gather information. A rare golden triangle supported by four major planets will appear in the heavens on mid-July (reaching perfection on July 17-19) just prior to Mercury’s turn direct on July 20. This scintillating triangle of light, linking Neptune (vision) in your house of career, Jupiter (luck), and Mars (energy) in your house of money, and Saturn (wisdom and experience) in your house of work projects, spell career and money victory for you. You are about to be at the right place at precisely the right time and will be able to offer the experience and skills that will be highly prized.

It appears you’ll want to travel this month, possibly quite far, and will return home within a day or two of the full moon in Aquarius, July 22. Pace yourself – you will have a lot to do on your schedule. Saturn will be in a challenging position, so it appears you’ve got a lot on your list to finish up. You can accomplish all you have to do, for Mercury will be moving direct, and the four planets mentioned will work together to support your every move. It’s hard to imagine how you could experience anything BUT huge victories, and happy ones, too.

On July 31, Mars will make a raid at Uranus, a highly combustible pairing. A friend may ignite an argument and it’s downhill from there. It may well be that this friend (or someone you assumed to be a friend) may have pangs of jealousy upon hearing about all your good fortune. Keep confidential any matters related to money. If you do, you’ll come out ahead.

Cancer Horoscope for July 2013

Over the past few years, Cancer certainly has not had it easy. Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and past eclipses have brought difficult challenges and required you make continual adjustments. Soon you got the message that to survive this considerable planetary assault, you’d have to find ways to re-invent yourself. Think back to 2009 and the years that have transpired since then. 2009 to 2011 brought eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn, so your life began to change. You are not the same person you were back in 2009 – you are stronger, wiser, and more able to handle anything life throws your way.

It was ironic how things were playing out. Most people get one big aspect at a time, with some space after the difficult aspects leave, but you were getting them one after another, with no relief. Just as the two-year series of eclipses ended in 2011, Uranus in Aries began a dispute with Pluto in Capricorn, and instead of things calming down, they actually began to heat up. Your job, your health, your close relationship, and your finances – everything was calling for attention. You were beginning to think you could not get a break.

Now, you are due for some rare and exceptional good luck. Jupiter, the planet of happiness, expansion, health, and prosperity, has entered your sign late last month, June 25, for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter is now gearing up to provide you with a year that brims with opportunity, until July 16, 2014. This will give you an enormous advantage in all phases of your life. Keep in mind that most people get only 6 or 7 such visits of Jupiter in all – this will be one of those dazzling years for you.

Most years, when Jupiter moves into a new house of the horoscope, your astrologer (me) can give you advice on how to take full advantage of Jupiter’s energy, depending on the house and sign that Jupiter is traveling in. That is not true now, for Jupiter will be in your solar first house, the house that rules your identity and reflects what is truly important to you. Those feelings are found so deep within you that even I cannot see or guess what they might be, but you know what they are. Focus on your deeply held dreams, dear Cancer. Jupiter rules many things – happiness, good fortune, expansion, financial success, distant travel, justice – and it also rules miracles. If you were disappointed with how things played out in the past, don’t assume the future will be the same way. You are getting a second chance to create a new and better life, dear Cancer.

It in the coming twelve months, you can choose how you’d like to use your advantage. You will easily capture the eye of influential people who will want to help you. It will be imperative to have your priorities ordered when these VIPs ask you about your goals and how they can be of help. The danger is that you will squander Jupiter’s potent energies by going off in too many directions at once. Like a child in a candy store, you may be tempted to grab as many sweets as possible, and stuff them all in your little mouth in the shortest possible amount of time, afraid someone will suddenly take away your choices, and all the sweetness of life will evaporate. Doing that will only give you a tummy ache! No one will take away your choices, so take your time. You have a year of good fortune, starting now. Think over your goals, and choose the one that will give you the greatest long-range happiness, represents the biggest and best potential, and yields the most inner satisfaction.

Nothing ever is straightforward, and as your chart shows, Pluto this month will be in opposition to the Sun on July 1 and Uranus will be in hard angle to the Sun too, on July 3 and 4. Someone close to you may be intent on convincing you to change your opinion or plans, and conform to his or hers. This person will be forceful and demanding, and quite accustomed to getting his or her way, and so a confrontation like this can be very tense for you. If you are convinced your plan is the right one for you, stick to your guns and present your feelings with all the passion you feel. You are holding all aces for the first time in a very long time. Forget past disappointments, and do not doubt yourself.

You have every reason to be confident, for you have the Sun, new moon, Jupiter, and Mercury in Cancer – powerful support – and soon, you will have Mars in Cancer too, from July 13 to August 27. Mars in one’s own sign, a rare occurrence as it happens every two years, is always considered a key indicator of impending success. All you need to do to is supply energy and determination toward anything you want to achieve – the universe will help you every step of the way.

Watch for a dazzling professional breakthrough near July 21, plus or minus two days. On this day, Mars in Cancer will align with Jupiter in Cancer – Mars is the natural ruler of your career, so all that you’ve done in the past will come to a point and bring big, celebratory professional news.

A financial matter will reach fullness at the full moon in Aquarius. You may have to settle a large bill, or may be able to make a large purchase. If you are involved with a creative project, you may have to deal with an overage. Inform team members that you need to sign off on any spending over that which was estimated, before funds are spent. Alternatively, a social event might become costly, say, if you accepted an important role in a wedding party, or are about to go on vacation, as two examples. Watch spending to stay in control.

Romantically, you have so much going for you – Venus in Virgo plus Mars in Cancer add up to plenty of sex appeal this month. An even more important factor for you if single is that you now have Jupiter in Cancer, the best placement to find true love. Be out and about all month, for nothing will happen if you stay home! Astrology is not about predestination. I can perfect your timing for you, but you must supply the energy, focus, and determination to succeed.

As if this were not enough wonderful news, a golden triangle will appear in the sky peaking in perfect energy from July 17-20, but active all month – wow! This golden triangle of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, all in water signs, will put your name in lights among the stars. Matters relating to love, children, and creativity shine. Travel will enhance romance enormously.

If you are attached, the turn of Saturn direct for months ahead, starting on July 7, will allow you to clarify a decision about your partner – finally you will know what you must do next. If you have been unhappy, Jupiter will give you the confidence to leave and discover a whole new life for yourself. If you are in a strong and loving union, you will want to make something more of your relationship. The choice, as ever, will be yours.

Leo Horoscope for July 2013

Leo is a warmhearted sign, and you have a way of spreading cheer wherever you go. This month you seem a little less gregarious and a little more interested in spending time alone to think about your next move. That’s the right idea, dear Leo, for by spending time by yourself, you will be in touch with your inner feelings and can strategize a path ahead. Jupiter has just moved into the sign just prior to yours, Cancer, which means next year, on July 16, 2014, you will need to be ready to welcome the rare and important visit of Jupiter to Leo, a once-in-twelve-year occurrence.

For now, it may be easier to decide what you don’t want, or what should be jettisoned from your life in coming months, rather than what you want to add. That’s fine – that is valuable to think about, too.

Dreams change. Sometimes something we dearly hope to achieve at age 21 appears to be downright juvenile at 31. So if certain daydreams no longer hold fascination for you, it is time to draw up a new life plan. You will have a year to do so – start now.

July 17-19, the peak of the golden triangle, when rare and sublime harmony will prevail in the universe, should be special for you. You may be able to get the funds you need to transform a sticky home or family situation that has been on your mind for months.

Your romantic relationship (or a business one) will be the center of your attention at the full moon, July 22. With Saturn in hard angle to the full moon, I see that one of two completely different discussions are likely to come up. The first may center on time you spend at the office. Your partner or a close family member may feel neglected and ask that you spend more time at home, giving you very conflicted feelings.

Alternatively, a different discussion may surface and center on a parent who seriously needs your help and attention. You may wonder how much time you can give your beloved parent the time she or he needs, for you have so much work to do at the office, and your boss is expecting so much of you. It will require a juggling act, but you may be able to find a happy solution.

If you need to change your residential situation, or want to rent or buy a country house, your live-in partner / spouse may not agree about your ideas. Be prepared for the need to persuasively lay out your plan in detail. You may want to purchase real estate and this month, if you need a mortgage, a golden triangle involving many planets will help you get one with attractive terms, reaching a peak of goodness on the golden days of July 17-19. Mercury will be retrograde during the first three weeks, so withhold your signature until after July 21.

Several days require attention for possible sudden adverse news: July 1, July 3-4, July 27, and July 31. Some astrologers feel that July 29 will be outstanding, but I feel the jury is still out on that day – let me know on Twitter @AstrologyZone, using the hashtag #July29 in your comment. I put my poker chips on July 17-19 as memorable and worthy of four gold stars.

In matters of love, you have Venus in Leo from the start of the month through July 22. The weeks that Leo graces your sign will represent a perfect time to refresh your looks. Book a salon visit, or after July 30, buy new clothes. You’ll love how good you look in your new clothes and you will want to cut off the tags immediately to wear those items that night. Venus will add a great deal of magnetism to you, so be out and about if you hope to meet someone new. If attached, the full moon, July 22, will help you to crystallize a big plan for the future.

Mars in friendly to Leo sign of Gemini will boost your social life from July 1 to 12, so socialize the most during this time.

Virgo Horoscope for July 2013

July will be wildly romantic and bring enormous opportunity to enjoy social fun. With Jupiter, planet of good fortune and expansion, your ruler, Mercury, and the Sun, and new moon July 8, all in the same house of people / friends / events, you are about to enlarge your circle enormously. Lots of enticing events will come up, and although you tend to like to work long hours, see if you can find ways to take advantage of some of those invitations. Cultivate new friendships, and see if you’d like to get more involved with social media. You may also want to consider joining a group or club in real life. This is the area that will show some of your greatest personal growth, especially starting from the new moon July 8.

You may feel a little rundown and in need of rest by the full moon July 22. If you’ve been going through a medical protocol, or a series of fitness training sessions, you will now see it end, or reach an important plateau where you can assess where you are and discuss what comes next. At the same time, at work, you’ll finish up a large work project that will be due within four days plus or minus, of the full moon, July 22. Saturn will be in hard angle, so expect to work very hard as you reach your deadline. The more you can accomplish on this project earlier in the month, the better, but it’s possible that a rush to a finish can’t be helped if the client changes some of the details at the last minute. Some rushing near the end date seems inevitable, so put everything else in life on hold until the project is done, which will be no later than July 26.

Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde all month, a situation that started June 26 and that will continue until July 20. Expect a lot of backtracking during those weeks, with changes and redesigns. On the plus side, you may run into more than one old friend you’ve not seen in a long time and enjoy catching up.

Your love life may have shown signs of sputtering over the past several months, but with Saturn turning direct on July 8, you will find it easier to navigate a new or present relationship. For some, a closer bond with the person you have loved will be possible. Venus will be in Virgo from July 22 to August 16, a perfect time to sizzle up your looks and step out in style. You can attract love, but you’ll have to spend a little energy to do so. Go out, socialize, and see what the world has to offer, dear Virgo – if you do, you’ll be rewarded.

There will be a difficult day that may seem strewn with thorns – July 27 – when your partner (or a friend) will be cranky and pushy due to Mars opposed to Pluto. On top of this, you’ll feel worn to the bone due to Saturn in hard angle to the Sun. Things will improve a bit by Sunday, July 28, for Venus and Jupiter may muster a sweet day to socialize, but then things begin to go downhill again by July 31. Month’s end may bring adverse news, quite suddenly, involving money, most likely about a bill coming due, one larger than you anticipated. Hang in there – August will be a big improvement – I promise.

Libra Horoscope for July 2013

This has the makings of an extraordinary career month, one of your very best of 2013. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, has just entered Cancer and your tenth house of career success for the first time this decade. This is a big development for you. Jupiter will be accompanied by a welcoming committee, including Mercury (news), the Sun (authority figures), and the new moon, July 8 (fresh starts). Mars (energy and action) will be on hand to help your career progress too, from July 13 to August 27. Starting on July 8, and in the two weeks that follow, it’s imperative that you hit the ground running. Check job listings and call friends for tips of new openings.

Certain industries will be best for you. The hospitality, hotel, and restaurant industries will be strongly favored, as will anything having to do with home (furniture, linens, bedding, accessories) and home entertaining. Work connected with the stock exchange, banking, and insurance also will be favored. Salary offers seem in keeping with the impressive title you are hoping to gain. If salary should come in a little lower than you had hoped, I still feel you will be so attracted to the work and the prestige the job will bring you that you will take it.

A rare and beautiful golden triangle in water signs will appear all month but reach special perfection on July 17, with runner-up days July 18 and 19. This triangle will have to do with your excellent career progress. This triangle will a link your houses of: 1) work assignments (allowing for you to add lots of creative input now), 2) fame and honors (considerable gains to be made here), and 3) salary and compensation (additional money will add to your sense of security). This all adds up to a possible exceptional career gain for you.

Mercury will be retrograde in your career house during July’s first three weeks, so although it appears you will get an offer, take your time musing about giving your final answer. Wait until Mercury goes direct July 20. The meeting of Mars and Jupiter on July 21 will bring you career help from a partner, collaborator, or expert, such as headhunter, agent, lawyer, business partner, or publicist. Watch this day, July 21!

Up in the main body of your forecast, I could not find the right moment to tell you about two troublesome days. The first will arrive on July 1, when Pluto will be directly opposed to the Sun. On this day, requirements of family, or for a real estate / property or home situation, will clash directly with demands of work. If you have a big meeting, the client or other party will be forceful and difficult, on a surprising scale. You may have to stand your ground, which is stressful in its own right, too.

The aspects of July 3 and July 4 will also be red hot – unpredictable, volatile, and hard to handle. Uranus will be in sharp, 90-degree angle to the Sun in Cancer. These days represent the Independence Day holiday in the US, and many families will be scrambling to take a short jaunt out of town. Rushing around while trying to pack and keep your children organized may cause tension and an angry confrontation with your partner. Be alert here, too. When driving, people will have a very short fuse and may display road rage.

I feel the whole first week of July will be fraught with heightened emotions, the reason I was urging my Libra readers in earlier forecasts to vacation in May and early June. The more peaceful you can make your first week of July, the better – I feel you may want to avoid crowds. If you are a Libra living outside the US, you will still feel emotions swirling around you, too. Nothing will go as planned when Uranus is active – it is always a surprise and involves what you would never think is possible, but not in a good way.

Now, for my exciting summary concerning love! A romantic experience will likely thrill you and have your heart beating double time at the full moon coming earlier, in Aquarius (0 degrees) on Sunday, July 21. Within four days of this date, look for a memorable episode, one of the very best of the year. If you are in love, this night can spin a memory, and if you have not been dating (or dating the wrong person for you), this full moon may bring an introduction. Things won’t happen without your direct involvement, so be out circulating and let nature takes its course, quite deliciously. Saturn will be in hard angle, so find things to do that won’t break the bank, and you’ll be all set.

Scorpio Horoscope for July 2013

For a long time, on and off, activities ruled by your ninth house have been lit up for you like Times Square, including emphasis on higher education, distant travel, and international trade, among other things. Now, much bigger planetary power will come in to make this area glow brilliantly for you. Travel should bring exceptionally good news, especially after the new moon July 8 (plus two weeks).

Give a gold star to the day July 21, when Mars will conjunct Jupiter – travel for romantic pleasures, or for business, just before this aspect peaks on July 19, should bring you the ideal outcome.

You may be ready to sign up for classes at the university this fall or if finishing graduate school, to defend your thesis. Or, you may be writing an assignment for an international magazine. (Under this trend, publishing and broadcasting projects will sparkle for you now and for a long time in months to come.) You may be starting your own import-export business, or see your book translated into other languages. People who are based abroad, or who were born abroad and live in your city, will hold special significance and will bring certain benefits for you. The new moon on July 8 will set many of these types of plans in motion.

If you are involved in a legal case, things should go well because you have Jupiter close, but you will need to watch your ruler, Pluto, standing directly across the skies and staring at the group of planets in Cancer on July 27. You may find that the other party will behave badly, possibly in a ruthless manner, displaying an almost desperate determination to win. Still, stay cool. That may be a problem for other signs – those who are more easily intimidated – but not a Scorpio. You can outwit the opposition if you stay alert (which, of course you will). Huddle with your lawyer to come up with imaginative ways to disarm the opposition.

Keep in mind that Mercury will retrograde all month (having started June 25) and will go direct until July 20. No matter how vital the matters you are attending to now, you need to wait until Mercury goes direct and has stabilized before signing papers or agreeing to any offers. If you will be flying abroad, which seems very likely, delays may crop up, so bring material to keep you entertained at the airport – and always get to the airport early for your flights.

Water signs like yours will be in an ideal position in July, as an exceedingly rare golden triangle will appear in the heavens all month, and reach a particularly magnificent ideal point July 17-19. You began to feel the tiny clues to the benefits to come as early as the beginning of June, and will continue to do so until August 7, but this golden triangle reaches a level of breathtaking perfection in mid-July, a time that should be especially wonderful for you.

That triangle will link your first house of you and your sense of identity to your fifth house (true love, pregnancy / children), and finally also link to your ninth house (distant travel, learning and publishing / broadcasting). These elements, which will work together, may bring you great happiness. Venus in Virgo will help you see friends much more in coming weeks, starting July 22 until August 16.

If you are involved with a creative project, you should spend focused time on it this month. Mercury in retrograde in the first three weeks may require changes and adjustments, but those may actually work to make your final project come out even better. Venus will tour your reputation sector all month (a holdover from June) and will be in place this month from July 1 to July 22, allowing you to make inroads and impress higher ups. Be patient until Mercury goes direct July 20; after that you can announce your biggest plans and final decisions.

A home-related project will come to an end at the full moon of July 22, plus or minus four days. You may finish packing if you are moving, or your contractor, painter, or home designer may complete a home design project. If you purchased furniture earlier, it will be delivered near July 22 (hopefully after July 20, the day Mercury goes direct). You appear to be putting out a lot of energy at this time, so pace yourself. If your physical space is not due to change, you may be focused on the welfare of one of your parents. If you find you are hosting houseguests, they will be a handful this weekend! Be prepared!

Sagittarius Horoscope for July 2013

July will be about taking advantage of certain financial offers that will almost certainly come up for you – you will need to decide which, if any, are right for you. With half the solar system moving through your houses of commission, bonus, inheritance, venture capital, investment, court settlements, and the like, you will certainly have plenty to think about and discuss. You will be focused not so much on salary but on a large amount of funding you will either be given (say, through bonus or commission) or that you need to translate a dream into reality. You may be talking with investors, bankers, venture capitalists, lawyers, brokers, or other financial types. If an inheritance, court settlement, or division of property is now ready as a result of divorce, the final decree will be made.

The new moon July 8 will bring talks you have been conducting over past weeks to a more important level. If you haven’t been having talks, you will see them begin now. If you are interested in getting a mortgage or renegotiate terms, Jupiter’s position shows you’d likely get one with exceptionally favorable terms.

Mercury will be retrograde all month, until July 21, so be sure all your paperwork is letter perfect. Having errors in an application will detract from your reliability and hurt your chances for a fine result. Take an extra day to look over your entry to be sure all your figures are accurate. It appears you will write a large check now, too, but you may have saved up for this eventuality, or you may be buying a house, kitchen appliance, car, computer, or other expensive item. Your outlook for increased income until mid-2014 is superb. Do not buy anything expensive until after July 20, as Mercury will be retrograde until then, and cause all kinds of delays and miscommunications.

Romance shines all month, particularly when you travel, for Venus will be one of the most ideal places for you, in Leo, in your long distance journey house until July 22. On July 7 and 8, Venus will receive lovely beams from Uranus, sprinkling the weekend with pure, surprising, romantic joy.

You seem to ready for a fun, short jaunt over the weekend of July 20-21, thanks to a tender full moon, July 22. That may coax you to visit friends, or to plan private time away with someone you love. With all the calculations and financial maneuvering you’ve done this month, you need a rest, so do all in your power to go away over this full moon. Make this weekend a slow and easy one.

When it comes to romance, Sunday, July 21, will sparkle for you when Mars aligns with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck – Jupiter is also your ruler and worth more to you than others. If you are single, a new person may show up that might intrigue you very much. Time that you spend with your children (or another’s child, if you can borrow one!) will also be quite wonderful, too – find a Broadway show or a magic show to enjoy.

The month ends on two very tough days. The following weekend of July 27 may gyrate and it appears that money may again become a stressful factor, due to Mars in opposition to Pluto. It seems someone close will be adamant that you accept a certain financial dictate that you’ve long opposed. The pressure this person puts on you is sure to rile you up. Try to avoid talking about money at this time – admittedly, it won’t be easy. This will be a sensitive topic for you, because on the same day, Saturn will be at odds with the Sun, and you are likely to feel worn and weary.

Then, on July 31, when Mars challenges Uranus, a major argument about money may ensue with a lover or, alternatively, you may have to put out quite a bit of money for an older child. August looks bright, so keep smiling.

Capricorn Horoscope for July 2013

Now that Jupiter has arrived in your seventh house of partnerships, it’s decision time. Jupiter brings rapid growth to all it touches, so if you’ve been dating, you will be encouraged to make more of the relationship you have now. You need to decide whether to commit your love forever, or walk away. Chances are, you’ll be more likely to make a commitment, now that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is in your marriage house for the first time in twelve years. Jupiter will stay until next year, specifically to July 16, 2014, but this month will be very special because a new moon in your commitment house will appear July 8 to accelerate your plans. It would be a great month to get engaged or plan to have your wedding.

Do you remember the song from Aquarius? “When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars….” Dear Capricorn, this will happen in your chart in July – quite magical for making a forever, ever promise.

This same energy can be put to good use by starting a business partnership or collaboration. You might hire a wonderful agent, publicist, lawyer, or accountant, for the seventh house, so brilliantly lit for you, rules a professional you engage to help you on a one-on-one basis. You may hire a writing partner if you are starting to write a book or screenplay, or you can use this energy in a very different way, such as to hire a specialist if you are seeking a medical diagnosis. This is the month to review your options and choose the expert you need.

Do all in your power not to etch anything in stone too quickly, as Mercury will be retrograde during the first three weeks in July. You would do best to wait until after July 20 to make your biggest, most serious moves.

Saturn, your ruler, will go direct on July 8, having been in weak retrograde motion since February 18. This is your guardian planet, so this has to be good news for you. You will no longer encounter as many obstacles as you have in past months when working on pushing plans forward. Your period of doing due diligence is over, so now you can cruise along through life at a much faster speed.

Just as Mercury is about to go direct, you will see a string of days, July 17 to 19, when you will have proof that things are improving for you in every way. Now, stronger Saturn will be pulling for you in work, travel, and within a key relationship.

You will need to finalize a financial obligation within four days of the full moon, July 22. A large bill will land on your desk, and with Saturn in hard angle, there’ll be no way to delay paying it. However, if you are involved in buying or selling real estate, this full moon may have a very different manifestation. You may be excited by developments, and if hoping to buy, you may be willing to pay a sizable sum for the right living arrangement. Mars will link to Jupiter, and may bring a call from your broker about an ideal space over this weekend of July 21-22.

If so, monitor things closely. On July 31, Mars will be at odds with Uranus, a jarring aspect. Take no chances if putting in a bid – if you love the space, make sure your bid reflects your enthusiasm for it, or it might be rejected unexpectedly. Also be careful when dealing with family members as one wrong word could cause things to heat up and go out of control.

Finally, the end of the month is often moving day for many. Be sure to work with a reputable moving company. The Internet is replete with horror stories about fly-by-night moving van companies who begin to hike the fees while your things are in transit, often double the estimate by the time they arrive. They have your things – you feel put over a barrel, and many people pay (rather than call a government watchdog group, which they should.) Avoid feeling held hostage by the moving van company by checking out the reputation of the company you want before moving day. If a price is too low, watch out, as it’s a red flag.

You do have one spectacular day, July 22, when a home, property, or family matter may bring a sensational, workable solution. Mars, the planet ruling your solar fourth house, will align perfectly with Jupiter in your house of partners. This suggests a professional linked to your home, like a real estate broker, or other specialist or middleman, will offer you a tip that turns out great. Mars will align with Jupiter every two years on only one day.

Aquarius Horoscope for July 2013

You’ll have a lot of projects to complete both at work and at home in July. Keep an eye on the detail, lest an error slip through and spoil the accuracy of the work – and your reputation. You may feel you have to hire recruits, but in that regard, go slowly. Although you will have fantastic luck in finding the perfect candidates for you, keep in mind that Mercury will be retrograde until July 20, so you will have to expect changes and delays. Don’t try to speed the slow pace that Mercury will create, for the very delays that you encounter and that will frustrate you will actually work to your favor. The surprising truth is that new and even better options are likely to come up just after Mercury goes direct after three weeks, on July 20.

An intense interest in improving your health and fitness may also come up this month, just after the new moon, July 8. It’s the right time to have annual medical and dental exams, for you will be able to find the time and have the motivation to get them all done. You may now turn over a new leaf to better nutrition and to have regular sessions at the gym. Some people make resolutions about health in January, but your important new moon for fitness comes now – use it, see results and start to look and feel better quickly. Jupiter’s presence in your sixth house will help you lose weight the right way – and you’ll look radiant.

One of the best aspects of the month will occur on July 21, involving a sparkling link from Mars (action) to Jupiter (good fortune), when you may have to go out of town to see a client. You both will be on the same page at this time, so you should be able to forge an agreement quickly.

At the same time of the month, the full moon will be in your sign, Aquarius, on July 22, and will bring something of vital importance to culmination. This full moon will be doubly strong if your birthday falls near January 20. Saturn will be in hard angle to that moon, so you may have to face a certain reality that seems harsh in regard to your career or your closest relationship. Your partner may feel you spend too much time at work, but your boss may feel the opposite way, that you have been valuing your personal life at the expense of your professional commitments. This is a tricky full moon, and there will be no way to avoid this clash of conflicting demands. Open your eyes and ears, and be sympathetic and understanding to those who are upset, and together find a good solution to defuse heightened emotions.

Conflict may occur when Mars challenges Uranus, your ruler, on the last day of the month, July 31. Whatever comes up, it won’t be something you expect, so you may be caught off guard. Knowing this might occur, you may need to keep your antenna up for clues if something is amiss. Get others to open up about feelings they’ve not expressed but that need to be discussed. Earlier in the month, July 3 and July 4 are not your best days either – Uranus will challenge the Sun, and the results are jarring. On both these days, you won’t be able to predict where things will go, so you’re best to avoid all conflict.

Romantically, your very best days will extend from July 1 to 12, while Mars tours Gemini and your fifth house of true love. At almost the same time, love-planet Venus will tour Leo and your house of marriage and commitment, from July 1 to 22. Lucky you, single or attached, the universe has you covered.

One outstanding day that gets four gold stars: July 7, when Venus and your ruler, Uranus, combine to make a gorgeous, surprising day, especially if you are single, but attached should find this day quite delicious, too.

Pisces Horoscope for July 2013

You have given almost all your time to your career lately, but this month, the universe is about to make a huge correction. Jupiter, having traveled many millions of miles over a twelve-year period, has finally reached its destination in your fifth house of true love late last month, and Jupiter plans to stay nearly thirteen months.

This planet of good fortune, Jupiter, will stay with you for the coming nearly thirteen months, until July 16, 2014, to help you see your romantic life blossom. With Jupiter exalted in Cancer, you will be able to naturally and intuitively absorb Jupiter’s gifts to their fullest extent. Circulate, and be open to new types. As a Pisces you tend not to be overly critical of others when you meet them, and an open, accepting attitude is the right one to have when meeting new people. Being critical before you get to know the person won’t get you where you want to be socially. If you are attached, your relationship is likely to accelerate dramatically as you draw closer.

This month, you have the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, the new moon, July 8, and soon, Mars (from July 13 to August 27). All these planets will work together to make this month and August the most critical months of 2013 for finding romance. You will have Jupiter to help you in an uninterrupted way until July 2014, but this month is special, for you will have so much cosmic support.

If you are attached, you will now have a chance to bring your present relationship back to those first exciting breathless days. If you are in an established relationship, you now have every piece of the puzzle in place to help you have the baby you desire. If you have children now, at least one child (if not all your children) will give you reason to make you proud.

All those planets will work together for you now, and all you need to do is to show the universe that you are serious about having a richer, very tender personal life, and are now ready to go after your dreams.

Something rather extraordinary is at play in the heavens through all of July – a golden triangle of water signs – that is as rare as it is beautiful. Neptune in Pisces will signal Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio to form a perfect triangle shape in the sky, all calibrated in tight perfect mathematical degree from July 17 to 19.

This is all headline news, for it will benefit you very much as a member of the water sign family. You are at the right place at the right time, dear Pisces! If you have something big to launch, this the time to do so (but wait until after Mercury goes direct July 20.) This golden triangle is an enormous feature of 2013.

If you were born within five days of February 23, you will hit the cosmic jackpot. This configuration of three major outer planets in a triangular position in the sky, shimmering like diamonds, can only be called a once-in-a-lifetime chance to offer you rare opportunity. Areas of growth include your love life, foreign travel, relationships abroad, improved health, possibilities to write or work in publishing or broadcasting, and awards or recognition for your creative talents.

Speaking of talents, Pisces usually loves working in a creative field, and if you do, this month will kick off a year of unprecedented artistic expression. You have the universe firmly behind you now, so you can afford to take a judicious creative risk now and in the future. Pisces is a sign that is very prescient, knowing what the public wants before the public will know what they want next. Present your edgy ideas to the powers-that-be at the top, for you stand an excellent chance of having your plans approved and funded now.

There are important days to watch. Socializing, vacationing, or work on a creative project may cost you quite a bit of money – quite unexpectedly so – when Mars and Uranus are at odds July 31. A better time for negotiating a financial deal, or for managing money, will be when Mars aligns with Jupiter, July 21, a four-star day, or in the days surrounding this day, July 19, or July 22.

One last thought: on July 27, Mars and Pluto will be in opposition, at a time when a friend may meddle in your love life. She or he may mean well, but you won’t appreciate the pressure you will feel from this person. Lie low on July 27.

If you’d like to make a change in regard to your living arrangements, your window of opportunity is about to close. Perhaps you got much done at home in June, when you had many planets to help you. If not, get busy – Mars can still lend you a big hand from July 1 to 12. After that your attention will be drawn elsewhere and the opportunity to make quick, beautiful changes to your home will be lost. (Jupiter, the great benefic, won’t be back to this part of your chart for twelve years.)

Mercury will be retrograde this month, a holdover from June 25, not to become direct until July 20, so make repairs, or move house (fine to do if you label items carefully). Do not purchase expensive computers, furniture, or appliances, or close on your house until after July 20.

Plan to wind down at month’s end, for at the full moon, July 21, you will need rest and quality time by yourself to think and to possibly focus on your next creative project and your beautiful, loving future.