Horoscope For August 2012

Aries Horoscope for August 2012

The month starts off in just the right way! A beautiful social event will likely come up within days of the full moon, August 1. This moon falls in humanitarian Aquarius, so you may be attending a humanitarian event, charity fundraiser, party, or sporting event that brings many people together from every walk of life. Jupiter will be near and add a luster of opulence, luxury, or sense of special privilege. Uranus will provide warmth and fun, and bubble up quite a bit of conversation. You may need to travel a short distance to attend, but it will be easy to do, so go! Your sister or brother may come, or you may benefit from your sibling in some way, so why not check in to catch up?

You seem quite in touch with your creative side, and will be eager to express yourself in new, imaginative ways. If you have an important project to focus on, or a pastime you are serious about doing, take time this month to give it your all. The new moon August 17 should allow you to show off your creative talents in an exciting way. Saturn and Mars are beautifully angled to the new moon, increasing your sense of security, suggesting money and enviable publicity may be the outcome. The full moon has a lovely angle to the Sun and moon. But that won’t put an end to the outpouring of your creative ideas – the new moon in Pisces August 31 will bring out even more from you, and if you keep up momentum, you will have a considerable body of work to show for it a full year from now. Woo hoo!

Romantically, this month has all the makings of becoming one of your strongest of the year. You will be socializing quite a bit all month, but your best chance to meet someone new if single will come in the days after the new moon in Leo, August 17. That new moon could easily open a flood of opportunities in the weeks to come. Attached? Life will turn softer and sweeter – you will have lots more fun, a nice change from all the serious stuff that has been going on lately. If you want a baby, this is the month to discuss it with your partner, and if you’ve been trying but not having any luck with getting pregnant, to see a specialist who can help you. You’re under brilliant vibrations.

Taurus Horoscope for August 2012

Many people vacation in August, but this year, it seems you’ll stay back and attend to work-related assignments – a good idea. Your workload will be heavy, and with deadlines looming, you will want to stay on top of your assignments. Big rewards will fall to you if you keep your mind on the job. Not everyone goes on holiday in August, and often, those left behind are able to gather up all the goodies when plum jobs are doled out and normal contacts are not around to receive the assignment. That could describe you, dear Taurus. Here is why:

Within days of the full moon August 1, it is likely you will score a superb career victory, quite out of the blue. Jupiter will smile at the full moon, culminating in your most prestigious sector, August 1. This full moon will shine a light on all your accomplishments of the past year. A VIP is likely to take an unexpected notice of your work, and you may receive praise or publicity for your recent efforts or gain an important new title.

Your home will bring good news by the new moon, August 17, and the days that follow. Mercury will have gone direct on August 8, so you will have an open road to buy or sell property, furniture, and appliances; to sign a lease; or to buy or sell a house. Through July, you may have felt beset with home and real estate delays, but after August 8, your future path will speed forward much more decisively. If you want to sell a house, you may get news on August 2, an excellent day to put up your listing (or respond to one), and by August 18 or 22, you should get some gratifying interest.

After August 17, home and family progress will accelerate even more, and hopefully, things will go your way. Yet, you don’t have to take big steps – even small changes will bring big payoffs when related to home. You’ll be lucky as a Leprechaun now, so you can even expect to find a terrific home-related bargain, like a handsome antique desk or the perfect fabric for drapes, and possibly on sale. I say that because you are in for some brilliant surprises in all matters related to home, thanks to the interplay of Mercury and Uranus over the weekend of August 18-19, so be sure to investigate options then.

When it comes to money, you will have the golden touch, as you may have already seen evidence of this over the past two months. If not, stay optimistic – your aspects are excellent. Your best days for fine financial news will come on August 1 and 2, when Jupiter contacts the Sun and full moon, and on August 22. Also, mid-month as indicated, anything having to do with home or real estate will be blessed and bring you good prices and possible appreciation later.

Romantically, you are sitting pretty. Things will start to shimmer once the Sun moves into your house of true love, August 23, to stay four weeks. You’ll see instant results, too – watch the weekend of August 25-26 when Mars and Neptune will align, sure to bring on a magical evening to remember.

Then, things will improve further at the month’s second moon, August 31, also called a Blue Moon, and will bring a bewitching experience, just made for you. Again Neptune, planet of dreams, will have a major role in how things go, as Neptune will conjoin that Blue Moon and instantly put you in a romantic mood. Within three days before or after August 31, plan an enchanting evening out with good friends at a restaurant that offers sensuous food and wine, soft music, candlelight, and flowers. You need time off to unwind – don’t feel one bit guilty about enjoying your romantic weekend to the fullest.

Gemini Horoscope for August 2012

For the first time in months, life is starting to become smoother and happier. Mercury, your ruler, will go direct motion on August 8, pushing forward projects dear to you. After having to endure weeks of delays, this has to be good news. Also, another planet, Mars, has since moved out of the tense position it had occupied for eight months at the start of July and now lights your house of love, ensuring you’ll have many warm and tender romantic moments to enjoy in early August.

Your creativity is starting to blossom again too, and some of your imaginative ideas can be directed toward career projects. You will likely notice a strong surge of energy and feeling of optimism return. Venus will remain in Gemini during the first week of August; so before Venus leaves your sign on August 7, treat yourself to a spa treatment. Be sure to socialize quite a bit then, too.

You would be wise to take a vacation early in August. You may be returning from a long, important trip at the full moon period, August 1-5 (the full moon is August 1), and feel happy that things went so well. Don’t put away your suitcase too quickly, however, because by the time your clothes are back from the dry cleaner, you’ll be heading out again. That will happen just after the new moon August 17, when Mercury and Uranus are beautifully oriented and your trip is likely to be spontaneous. You won’t need to go a far distance to have fun, either. Even if you have to go for business, you will enjoy your trip very much, for you will find time to discover new facets to your location. See if you can stretch out your visit a day or two.

Your career will be poised for a major step up at the month’s second full moon, August 31, and in the days surrounding it. Be sure to be back home by month’s end to take full advantage! A major project that you put your heart into now will later be applauded by VIPs and bring you up another notch in status. Your success seems to have something to do with an artistic effort – either with words, poetry, photographs, art, design, style, dance, music, or film – that you weave together into something special. Or, it may be that you will be the subject of the camera’s eye, discussing your views or accomplishments with the media. No matter what, this is sure to be an important time for you.

Romantically, Venus governs your sector of true love, and now that this planet of love is moving rapidly forward (as of June 27) and that Mercury, your ruler, is also moving ahead on August 8, you will make better choices in love, and see progress, too. You may have to make a tough decision about someone you are dating near August 15 when Mars aligns with Saturn. Once Saturn leaves your love sector on October, you will see a big up-tick in your social life. Be patient. You’ve had Saturn pressing on you for three years, but the obstacles enjoying love are rapidly dissolving, dear Gemini. Better days lie ahead.

Cancer Horoscope for August 2012

As you begin August, you seem consumed with an important financial matter, and you will need to address it within four days of the full moon, August 1. Still, although your eighth sector, where this full moon will appear, rules monetary obligations that must be met, it also rules the kind of money that you expect to be paid. This full moon is a positive one, so there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing a one-time sum of cash arrive in the first week, much to your surprise. If you owe taxes, student loans, or other obligations, it looks like you will have the money you need to cover your obligation.

If you should feel depleted financially after you pay debts, don’t be blue, for you may get a substantial increase in salary too this month, but you must ask for your raise quickly after the new moon arrives, August 17. You will have two weeks in which to act, but the first week will be strongest. If your cash does not emanate from salary, it might from the sale of property or as a commission for a sale you complete. Or, it may come as a gift or inheritance from family.

You’ve been concerned about your home situation for a while, and although the problem has been a difficult one to solve, you are getting closer to a final solution. Saturn will be friendly to this full moon of August 17, and Saturn will add to your sense of safety and security. Mars will still be touring your house of home in the first three weeks of August, and that is fortunate, for Mars will push forward answers. Wait until Mercury goes direct on August 8 to make any final decisions and to sign papers.

In your career, you have a fairly stable month, with plenty of room to show off your creativity, particularly after August 23, when Mars enters Scorpio, to stay six weeks. One standout day will be August 26, when Mars will contact the mighty Sun. Your best opportunities this month will lie in the work you do that has to do with the media – including Internet, publishing, and broadcasting – and in regard to projects done for overseas markets or in other countries. Academia also shines for you, in any way you want to read that.

With all the financial and career considerations that you will have in mind in August, you may crave time off to relax. You have an ideal time to go off on vacation, at the Blue Moon in Pisces, August 31. Choose to visit a pretty setting near water, and you’ll be in your element. Mars will be friendly, and by then in Scorpio – the most ideal place for Mars to be to engender romance. Pluto will be helpful too, so not only will single Cancers have fun while on holiday, but attached Cancers will, too.

If you have a legal matter pending, make sure all pertinent information comes to light in proper form during discovery stage. Neptune will orbit close to the full moon August 31, suggesting someone may try to conceal important data. Keep digging. If you do get an offer for settlement, it’s likely to be excellent, especially if your birthday falls near June 30.

Romantically, you will be at the right place at precisely the right time from the time Venus, the planet of love, enters Cancer on August 7, to stay until September 6. You will be irresistible – catnip to others! Attached? Your partner and you will be on the very same page, especially August 29-September 4. Travel will be divine at the full moon in Pisces on August 31, so be sure to give yourself permission to leave town and not leave a forwarding number for a few days.

Leo Horoscope for August 2012

Birthday time is here and you’ll be eager to kick back and have some fun. Mars will be in your travel and communication sector, increasing the level of activity and stimulation in your life. You may travel only a short distance, but no matter – you’ll love the places you visit.

If participating in sports this month, take every safety precaution near August 15, when Saturn and Mars conjoin, and protect bones. It’s not the best day for a hang-gliding episode or bungee jump – you get the idea. (I didn’t mention this up above, in the main body of your report, but I thought I had better mention this!)

In love, if you have been dating, the future of your relationship will be on your mind. If you want to take it farther, you will have that opportunity, but if you don’t, the universe will encourage you to think about why you feel that way. First you may have to iron out some differences, but opening up about feelings to clear the air is often necessary to grow closer. If you are already married, you may be sorting out a problem that needs closure, but because the full moon is so loving and giving, you should see only happy endings. You may use this August 1 full moon for crystallizing a business partnership instead, or improve an existing one. Collaboration is an ongoing effort, but often one that often brings big benefits.

The new moon August 17 falls in Leo and will likely be a big moment for you, and doubly so if your birthday falls near that date. It will allow you to push forward on a desire dear to you – you will be free to decide what that dream should be for you. It’s the only the new moon of the year that will give you that opportunity to choose to take action in such a wide breadth of areas of your life, as it’s your birthday gift from a loving universe.

All that you will put in motion after that new moon August 17 appears will have an unusual propensity to succeed. Saturn will be beautifully angled to the Sun (your ruling star) and full moon, giving stability and a sense of security to all that you do. Mars will also be encouraging to your efforts, allowing you to find accord and move forward on a relationship.

Your home or other property will begin to get your attention after a long period of focusing strongly on your career. Mars will begin to light this area from August 23 until October 6, so aim to make your initiations within that time. You will have another opportunity at the friendly eclipse November 13, but at the time, Mercury will be retrograde – never a time to sign important papers. This means you will be forced to close on a house or sell one before November 6 or after November 26 (the full phase of the Mercury retrograde period). Looking at this month, over the last weekend August 25-26, you may be making important home design decisions, and it would be the perfect time to do so.

At the full moon August 31, a financial matter will come to a head, but you need to proceed carefully. Neptune will be very close to the moon, obscuring details that you may need and that are important to any decision you need to make. Facts may be missing because someone will try to hide them from you, or because no one thought to ask for this data – the sin of omission, so to speak. Be careful, because you may be making an investment or expenditure with expectations that may never be met. Not only is Neptune’s position pertinent to the full moon, but also so is that of Mercury, the planet that rules buying and selling, all agreements and contracts. This makes the end of August an unfavorable time to engage in commercial enterprise. The positive side to this full moon is Neptune’s link to the arts. It’s a good time to show your artistic works and to discuss ideas and funding. You may sell your services or a fine piece of art. In that case, you’ll be right in your element, dear Leo!

Virgo Horoscope for August 2012

A work project needs to be finished and sent the minute the month begins, and although there will be plenty of bits and pieces to assemble, you will be on top of the details and humming a happy tune. Things need to be signed, sealed, and delivered no later than Friday, August 3. Work has been busy, and the project you are completing seems to be one that is more special than most. When done, it may bring you quite a bit of recognition, through publicity or an offer for a new post as a result. It appears your name has come to the attention to at least one powerful VIP. You’ve worked long and hard, and reward is coming soon.

Oddly, even as your status and reputation has risen steadily, it seems your income has not. This appears to be a matter of budget cuts rather than anything you did to create this situation. Keep faith, for things are changing and your income will catch up with your sterling abilities by October and beyond. You have been struggling under drill sergeant Saturn’s nearly three-year visit to your second house of income, but once Saturn is gone in October, you will see much brighter days. This situation was acerbated by the presence of Uranus in your eight houses, adding a note of vacillation and volatility to finances, and Mars in your income house, raising expenses – but without Saturn there as of October, your financial life will improve enormously. Mars is due to leave August 23 of this month. As you see, all things are moving in the right direction.

The turn of Mercury to direct speed on August 8 will free up delays in regard to a wide variety of issues, including a decision about a relationship. Mercury is your ruling planet, so its orbit is important to watch. You may be thinking about committing to a person you love, in marriage, or you may form a business deal or collaboration. By the end of August, you will see even greater progress, because the Blue Moon, August 31, will help you crystallize your plan with your proposed partner or business associate within four days of this date. Be sure you know one another well, as Neptune may cloud part of your judgment.

Mid-month, with the new moon in your twelfth house, April 17, you may want to bring your schedule down a notch. It’s time to sleep in, loll by the pool, or take leisurely walks by the shore. You will have quite a number of exciting career events coming in weeks ahead, but you won’t enjoy them if you enter autumn tired.

Romantically, the time near the Blue Moon August 31 might be quite special if you are dating and ready to commit. If you are not, you have another aspect coming earlier, August 29, when the Sun and Pluto will combine energies, giving you a fun night out and a possible shot at finding an interesting person to love. If already attached, this same August 29 date would be favorable for conception and the tender care of children (allow a plus or minus of one day), as well as for making a new plan with your mate for a future idea.

You will have a glorious time to travel once Mars moves into your third house, August 23 until October 6. The weather will be crisper and lighter – you’ll enjoy your time away from home, so start making plans. Whether you hope to meet someone new or have someone, romance will be encouraged and, additionally, being in new surroundings will refresh you.

Further, Venus will finally leave Gemini, an intellectual sign, and move into more emotional and compatible Cancer, from August 7 to September 6. Venus will bring you into contact with friends and take your mind off career matters. In all, in August, you will begin to draw a demarcation line between all that has come before this year and all that is yet to come. You will start to have more fun from now on.

Libra Horoscope for August 2012

The month will begin on an exciting note – the full moon of August 1 will be super-sweet for fun and a tender episode of love. Venus is poised to help, too, by being in air sign Gemini until August 6. Jupiter is also in Gemini, and Jupiter will help to set you apart from all others, making you quite fascinating to those you meet. Mars will complete the picture by being in marriage-minded Libra, and putting you in the lead. Mercury will be retrograde in early August (until August 8) but that only means you may be finally able to do some of the enjoyable things you had put off for lack of time.

By August 15, Saturn in Libra, conjoining Mars, will find you quite serious about shaping a fulfilling emotional life. It will be time to make a decision about a relationship, and that might be about whether to stay or go. Mars will remain in Libra all month, until August 23, and will give you special favor, although the first ten days will be your best. Your allure will be unmistakable, and few will be able to resist your charms. You can use some of that charm for another purpose, say, for getting the other party to see your point on an important business deal – this month, who could possibly say no to you?

Your spending will increase when Mars enters Scorpio on August 23, and will continue through October 6. Not only will you be spending more, but also you’ll be motivated to make more money too. I would not worry about this one bit. You may have already committed to paying a large sum, say, for college tuition or to have an advertising or publicity campaign for your own business. Mars is well angled to Pluto and the Sun through the first week of September, so forge ahead on those financial deals after August 23.

International travel may be on your agenda during the first week of August, too – it would be a divine time to pack and go, especially in the first week. Be back, however, by the full moon, August 17, because if you are not, you may miss one of the big social events of the season. You seem to be seeing old friends, much to your delight. If you have a partner, you will be delighted by the surprises your significant other comes up with over the long weekend of Friday evening, August 17 through Sunday, August 19.

Your enchanting socializing will begin to wind down by the last week of August. By August 31, you will need to finish up a work project. With Neptune orbiting close to this full moon (actually a Blue Moon, the second of the month) you may be delivering the final part of a creative project and making a tidy sum from your efforts. If the project is not artistic, then take a good look at all details before handing it in, as Neptune is known to make invisible errors or omissions.

Keep your health strong, and pay attention to any subtle signs you may be running yourself down. By the end of August, you will need more rest, but you are in luck, as everyone will be on holiday. You can safely take some “me” time for yourself and not need to be concerned that you’d be missing out on anything!

Scorpio Horoscope August 2012

This will be a big month for you. As August begins, home and family matters will be paramount. You may be busy moving, renovating, making repairs, or reorganizing your furniture and possessions. Or you may need to come to a final conclusion over the care of a family member. Address these matters, because you are likely to find the right options.

Even so, keep in mind that as the month begins, Mercury, the planet of thinking and logic, will be retrograde at the start of August and may cloud our thinking process. Hold off on making any irreversible choices, or committing to expensive purchases of any kind until the day Mercury regulates its orbit after August 8. You won’t lose any opportunities, and in fact, you may find additional ones that suit you better. If you need hefty funds, in terms of a loan, investment, a mortgage to make your transition, or upgrade, all you need – and more – will be there for you.

Mid-month, at the new moon, August 17, the career breakthrough you’ve long awaited may now occur. Watch the days that follow that new moon – you may get an outstanding chance to pitch a new business idea or interview for a position. This is likely to be the most critical time of the year to make professional progress, and thanks to the beautiful position of Saturn, you are likely to find stability and security by the career options that come up now. Neptune will be supportive of Mars, too, indicating that if you are in a creative field, you may find your ideas are lauded, approved, and funded.

Clearly, you are coming into your own, dear Scorpio. Mars is moving into Scorpio on August 23 for a seven-week stay that will allow you to take your rightful place at the head of the table. Mars makes a seven-week stay rarely, only every two years, but its appearance in your sign (or rising sign) signifies a time to take a judicious risk and forge ahead with a passionate resolve. No need to solicit other’s opinions; yours will be right on the money. Don’t squander this time, for your outstanding phase will end October 6 – while you have it, use Mars’ powerful energy for all it’s worth!

This month will end with an enchanting full moon – the second in the month – August 31, full of sweet tenderness. The ruler of Pisces, the place this moon will appear, is Neptune, and Neptune will be divinely angled to Mars and Pluto, your double rulers. This sets up an extraordinary possibility for breathless romance! You may be traveling at this time, and if so, you will more likely go a short distance. Everything is working in your favor, dear Scorpio – you are the one sign that will now see the full range of all of life’s possibilities, especially in regard to matters of the heart.

Sagittarius Horoscope for August 2012

August is here, and it’s your favorite time to take a vacation. Happily, the universe will help you by seeing that you get the very most from your trips. The month begins with a quick, short jaunt, thanks to the full moon, August 1, and it seems to serve the purpose of getting you in the mood for taking another, longer journey later. This month’s aspects are quite special, so you won’t likely encounter the problems or delays that you had in previous months, and what a relief that will be! September will be a big month for your career, so while you will have free time to choose what you’d like to do, you can make the very most of it.

The new moon of August 17 will be more your cup of tea, for it will allow you to cover many more miles. If you are planning an overseas trip, your timing will be perfect. Yet not everyone can travel in August, and if that describes your situation, you can find other ways to give your mind intellectual stimulation you will crave. You may want to investigate classes your can take, a book club you can join, or a museum exhibit you can visit.

Going back to college is one way many Sagittarians will use this near-perfect new moon. It will be strong for two weeks after it appears and will allow you to get all the preparations done before you show up for your first class.

You will socialize quite a bit during the first three weeks, for from August 1 to 23, Mars will brilliantly light your house of social fun with close friends. It should be a joyous time and offer a nice contrast to all the professional matters you’ve been thinking about lately. Travel and friendship might be combined, when you travel to see a friend or travel with one to discover a new part of the world together. The five days spanning August 17 to 22 glitter brightly, so be sure to schedule an outing with at least one good friend at this time.

You may need to sign papers this month, and if so, you might want to choose August 22, when Mercury, the planet of all agreements, is signaling Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, presenting you with the ideal day to do so. By all means do not sign papers in the first week, not until Mercury goes direct August 8.

By the time you reach August 23, however, the tenor of the month will change. You’ll want to collect your thoughts and be alone to plan the remaining months of the year. Mars will enter Scorpio and highlight your private sector. Time spent alone, reflecting about your goals over the coming six weeks, will pay dividends, for you will have your priorities in order by the time Mars enters Sagittarius, October 6, sure to be a vital time for you.

At month’s end, you will have a second full moon, August 31, that will strongly – and perhaps, unexpectedly – focus you on your home. Watch for problems with water. Protect against flooding or other water-related issues. Neptune will be very prominent at that full moon, and the problem is, Neptune likes to bring the sea wherever he goes – including to your home.

A good way to use this full moon is to find soft, artistic touches you can bring to your home, for Neptune also rules music and art. You may buy a painting, or you may buy new speakers for your living room to vastly improve the sound. Friends will notice – everyone will benefit, including your family, and your own morale will rise.

Capricorn Horoscope for August 2012

Money, power, and status will be the theme now, so if you thought you’d be having a quiet, sleepy little month, that won’t be the case at all. If you need a vacation, plan to take it when career opportunities begin to simmer down, after August 23. Before that, in the simplest of terms, it looks like this month will bring you some of the very best career opportunities you’ve seen since August and September 2010. (That was the last time Mars came by to lend a hand in these matters). These vibrations will be much too special to waste, and so if you do stay in town, you will reap the benefits.

While the first half of the month centers on your career status, talks will revolve around money in the second half. You may be raising investment capital, meeting with your bank about a line of credit, discussing company benefits, or sorting out other financials. Be careful, however, as Neptune will be edging close to the new moon May 17 and will likely throw off your usual sound judgment off when it comes to financial matters.

After August 17, if you sense the financial picture being presented to you is a bit too rosy, ask pointed questions. If you are auctioning off a piece of art, buying one, or selling an artistic idea to a group, under those conditions, Neptune’s presence may be quite helpful because Neptune is associated with the arts. Even so, keep your antenna up and stay alert. August 17 will be a standout day for money, as the Sun and your ruler, Saturn, will, concurrently, be in sync. If you need money, you can get it if you look for it.

The constant career pressure you may feel in early August will decrease once Mars departs your tenth house of career on August 23. After that, you’ll want to kick back, exhale, and meet up with friends to unwind. Your marvelously romantic and social time will last until early October – more than enough time to become refreshed again. It looks like you will have a chance to travel at the full moon, August 31, most probably to a stunning location near water. Because you will most likely travel by car, rail, or bus (rather than by air) you may be in the mood to explore the nooks and crannies of your environment by visiting nearby towns, and possibly learning some of the history of your locale.

Romantically, taking a breather – and traveling – is sure to help your love life. Venus’ move into your seventh house of close relationships will be another boon to your social life, starting August 7 and continuing until September 6. Venus will see to it that your everyday interactions are smooth, and should you need to bring up a sticky topic with an established partner, it will be easier to discuss. Your only tough day for love and relationships will be August 15 when your ruler, Saturn, will conjoin Mars, and Venus will receive angry vibes from Uranus, and you’ll feel stuck and unsure of the direction to take. Take your time – as the month progresses, you will become surer of yourself and your decisions.

Aquarius Horoscope for August 2012

Something exciting seems to be crystallizing for you at the full moon in Aquarius on August 1, and as remarkable as this may sound, this full moon will act as a mirror to all that is truly important to you. This full moon will be a happy one, for it will receive excellent vibrations from good fortune Jupiter, now in kind-to-Aquarius sign of Gemini. You will have plenty of news swirling about you, and all of it is likely to make you very happy.

This full moon, August 1, will be an important moment of the year, when something will end in a way you had hoped. It may be that a relationship will be developing in a way that is gratifying and very positive. You seem to be growing closer, and your whole life appears to be moving into a new stage. Mars will be supportive too, making it a great time to travel with someone you love or work with in a very collaborative way. Further, Jupiter in Gemini will link to Mars in Libra and to the full moon in Aquarius, forming a mathematically perfect triangle of harmony. This all bodes so well for your happiness.

If you want to take a relationship another step forward, possibly to a serious, official stage, then the new moon August 17 will help you accomplish that. In love, you can begin discussing marriage in the two weeks following that new moon, and in business, you may start to draw up legal papers. (The first week, August 17-23, will be your strongest week.) Keep in mind that Mercury will be retrograde until August 8, so don’t be too hasty about rushing into your agreement. You will want to wait for the new moon, August 17, when you will receive a nod from Saturn, contributing the gift of stability to your union. Mars will be friendly, too, so you’ll likely see no reason to wait.

Your professional life is starting to surge forward in a big way too, starting August 23, with the arrival of energetic Mars in Scorpio. This key career phase is certain to help you set the groundwork for your largest professional victory of the year, and possibly bigger than any year in recent memory. Whatever you seed now will also be advanced by news of the positive eclipse November 13. Your career is about to show stunning gains, made more remarkable because the early part of this year was fairly quiet by comparison. During August, get your ducks in a row, and be ready to tear out of the gate with gusto in September. Mars will leave his enviable career position on October 6, so make this period count. Your next position will be quite a responsible one and represent a huge step up. You may get a hint about what that new position will entail this month or next, but certainly by mid-November.

As you get into the late part of August, the month will be punctuated by a Blue Moon (a second full moon) in your house of earned income. You may be finalize a financial negotiation, pay off a financial obligation, or examine your cash flow – or all three. If you need to reach accord with another party, you will be in luck, for Mars and Pluto will both be very friendly to this full moon – no small advantage. You often have not had the support you needed to accomplish a financial negotiation that’s been important to you – this full moon will be helpful. Both Pluto and Mars are the double rulers of Scorpio, and with Saturn soon to move into Scorpio, these two planets take on special prominence. If you ARE negotiating a salary or fee for yourself, you should be pleased with how things go.

In matters of romance, those who are seriously dating will do best. However, if you are single and dating, you are fortunate in that you have Jupiter protecting you like a big, burly bodyguard all year, a trend that started in mid-June and that will continue until the end of June 2013. Further, you will also have Venus’ support while in Gemini, August 1-6. That will be your very best period to enjoy love. October will bring more opportunities, so be patient. You have great career aspects, so for now, go with those, and be content to enjoy the occasional, but nevertheless exciting opportunities you will experience on days dotted through the month.

Pisces Horoscope for August 2012

A shortfall of cash has plagued you lately, and in the first half of August you seem to be more concerned about money than usual. The difficulties and surprises of mid-July seem to have rattled you, and by August 15, when Mars and Saturn conjoin, you will need to be realistic and create a plan that will work in the future. Continue to experiment with new ways to stabilize your cash flow.

Once Saturn leaves Libra on October 4, you will be looking at a vastly improved financial picture, so it appears some of the new measures you will try will work quite well. You still will have some financial gyrations over the coming years, because you will still be hosting unpredictable Uranus in your salary and earnings house until 2019. Still, this might be because you are self-employed and selling your creative work – erratic cash flow comes with the territory, but you can stay ahead of this if you are careful. Also, Uranus does not only bring bad news, but good news too, as you may see on August 18 and August 22. In fall, financial news as difficult as those you’ve already experienced over the past 3 years is due – the news will be much better. You are coming out of the woods, and relief is within your grasp.

More assignments are due to come your way as of the new moon, August 17, and those will help you generate more income, too. This month, remarkably, Saturn and Mars will act like loving little relatives to encourage you to find suitable opportunities. Think of a new moon as a portal to a new life – give career matters a big push the week to 10 days that follow August 17, and you will see results. Pay special attention to August 20 when Mars and the Sun will trade signals and a good money making opportunity will likely emerge.

This same new moon has another bonus tucked inside. After August 17, you can find enormous progress in regard to health and fitness goals. Take any step, no matter how small, to get fit and feel better. It’s also the right time to make routine medical appointments for exams and procedures.

You’ve been going at the speed of light, but in late August there will be signs that you can safely take time away from everyday cares for a little rest. Mars will move into Scorpio, a divine place for Mars to be, starting August 23 and continuing until October 6. Honestly, all year you’ve not had nearly the help you need from this powerful, energetic planet – Mars. Since 2012 started, you’ve had to fend off critics, competitors, and uncooperative people around you, and then, in July you began to cope with rising expenses. Now, starting August 23, a positive period will begin that will take you through the first part of October. You may now travel or devote yourself to communication / writing / speaking / publicity or media projects that will work out well for you.

At the very end of the month, we have a second full moon, called a Blue Moon, which will receive amazingly sweet energy from Mars, Pluto, and Neptune. You will be hungry for intellectual stimulation, another sign you’ll be eager to travel. If you can’t get away, then sign up for a book lecture in your favorite book store. Pluto’s involvement assures friends will be near, adding a lively note. Perhaps most importantly, with Neptune, your ruling planet, conjoin the full moon August 21, you will be at your creative, and imaginative best. Focus on a creative project, because you will be astounded at the quality of the work you turn out.

Save time for romance this month, too, for Venus in fellow water sign Cancer from August 7 onward will make you irresistible. Venus will be in the very best place for this darling planet of love to be – your true love sector – until September 6. Circulate! To get in the mood, on August 9, a standout day, find ways to give yourself an entirely new look by consulting your favorite stylist. Mercury rules all your committed relationships, both personal and business in nature, so now that Mercury is turning direct, you will find it much easier to navigate relationships from August 8 onward. On August 9, Venus and Neptune will shower you with shimmering vibrations.

Your only difficult day for love will be August 16 when Uranus will challenge Venus; otherwise you will have an open road. August 29 will be deliciously social, and August 31 will likely cap off the month with your very best romantic evening of all.