Horoscope For June 2012

Aries Horoscope for June 2012

This is a big month, with an eclipse and plenty of planetary traffic to shake things up. The June 4 lunar full moon eclipse in Sagittarius will heighten your emotions and bring a slew of surprising, unexpected twists and turns. Through it all, you seem to deal well with all that comes up. Quick, unexpected travel is the most likely result, and you may be journeying to both close and distant points, due to the move of Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, to Gemini, the sign of two, on June 11, to stay one year. This eclipse is in Sagittarius, the other travel sign, and is also a fire sign like yours, suggesting you’ll benefit from developments stemming from this eclipse, if not immediately, later. More travel will come up at the new moon June 19, so this month is truly chock-a-block with travel opportunities.

All month, you’ll be feeling an urge to assert your independence and autonomy. Fortunately, it appears a close partner will give you any space you need. Saturn will be friendly to the eclipse, June 4, so a relationship will feel safe and secure.

Due to Mars’ position at eclipse time, however, you will need to brace for tension in the workplace. A project – most likely involving writing, speaking, coding, translation, or other skill in the realm of communication – will need to be wrapped and shipped. With too few staff to help, and deadlines looming, co-workers may be quick to fly off the handle. Keep your cool – this is a temporary situation.

Your outlook for increasing your earned income is strong but the door for getting your due is soon to close. If you didn’t manage to get your raise approved last month, ask now, prior to June 10, while Jupiter still is in Taurus. Additionally, Venus rules your earned income area of your chart (second house) so when Venus finally goes direct after June 27, you’ll see financial matters go better, and your efforts will show results. Ask soon, confident you may get your raise in time. Saturn’s move direct on June 25, two days earlier, will also bring big news to your career – watch the days that surround that date.

A close relative – aunt, uncle, sibling, cousin, or in-law – may be making headline news in your life in June. With much news due to come up, you’ll want to be first to be on the “please-do-call” list!

Romantically, with Venus out of phase until June 27, it would be better to focus on work and save time late next month for fun and love. There is one bright day, when romance on June 13 is sweet, calming, and oh so charming, thanks to a nice interplay between the Sun and Saturn. Also on that day, the moon will favor you in Aries. Lovely!

Taurus Horoscope for June 2012

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is now packing his bags and getting ready to make his journey into Gemini and out of Taurus on June 11. Before this happens, you are still the zodiac’s celestial favorite, favored in every realm, for this is an exceedingly rare trend. If there is any seed you want to plant, you need to do it now, prior to June 11. Call any VIP still on your list, and present your plan. It won’t be until 2023-2024 that Jupiter will be back, so while you are showered in radiant vibrations now, you will want to take full advantage.

After June 11, you will enter into the second gestation of the Jupiter cycle when this golden planet enters Gemini, and you will experience enormous growth from efforts put into place a year earlier. Taurus likes the feeling of money in the bank, and happily, financial reward is on the way. The money you gain will be directly related to the seeds you planted during the months that spanned June 4, 2011 to June 11, 2012. You are in a wonderful cycle now too, so keep your eye on the prize.

Your first indication that money is about to pour in is likely to happen in the days that quickly follow the new moon June 19. This will be the second new moon in Gemini to fall in your earned income sector in two consecutive months. In fact, you may have seen indications that your fortunes were looking up after the new moon eclipse May 20. Now, Jupiter, the great benefic, will join the second new moon in Gemini, June 19, and trigger much financial bounty in the weeks that follow. The stage is set – you simply need to take action to see results. Saturn will support this new moon, indicating you may be able to increase your stash in a way you have not been able to do in years. Have an interview, or sell something big. Money surrounds you – reach out for it.

Before you come to this new moon, however, you have a major lunar eclipse (a full moon) on June 4 in your house of other people’s money. You may settle a major legal matter or agree on the division of property in divorce. You may hear about an inheritance, but your windfall will more likely be a commission, bonus, or other career-related source, and come as a total surprise.

Don’t get too comfortable, however, because with Mars about to stir the pot at this eclipse June 4, someone will be a bit envious of the sum you receive and may try to find a way to take some, or all, for himself. Alternatively, the money might already be spent and must be appropriated, possibly needed to appease a very aggressive creditor. Taurus is a practical soul, so no doubt your prudent nature will prevail. You can cool down anyone who is prone to causing a ruckus. Remember, however, that although the June 4 eclipse may bring a bit of drama, your long-range financial outlook is excellent. Sometimes an eclipse has to clear out the vestiges of the past to open up the future.

Although this month will be mainly about money, romance may be quite special during parts of the month. Here is why: You will still have Jupiter in Taurus during the first ten days of June, always a plus in finding your one true love. On the minus side, Venus, your ruler, is still retrograde, putting a damper on love and other areas of life, because Venus is sleepy when retrograde and not very helpful. This matters because Venus is Taurus’ guardian planet. When your ruler is out of phase, you will always feel like you have less clout, and everything you attempt to accomplish seems to require more time and energy than it should. Venus will go direct on June 27, and from then on, just about everything will go smoother, and you will feel like you are gaining traction.

Then again, on the plus side, all month (until July 3), Mars will continue to tour your fifth house of true love, indicating you will be noticed for your energy and magnetism. Mars is now moving direct, so it is powerful and strong – harness this energy. In all, you have much going for you, so go out there and show your face to the world!

Gemini Horoscope for June 2012

Ever since the eclipse series started to fall in your sign, Gemini, and opposite sign of Sagittarius (six months from yours), you have seen some important changes in terms of one close relationship, and possibly in regard to your health (which still needs to be watched). There is another function of the eclipses, and that is to update your self-image and your estimation of your talents and experience. Now, we have a new eclipse in this series, a full moon lunar eclipse, June 4.

This new eclipse, June 4, will highlight a close business or romantic relationship. Something is coming to culmination – it could be an engagement, wedding, or a contractual agreement. Conversely, it could also mark a possible ending, as the job of an eclipse is to deliver full information that will help you make a final decision. There is no way to know if an eclipse will find weak or strong links to your closest relationship, but you’ll soon know if it does. Should you “lose” anything, you will be clearing the decks for something better. Venus in Gemini is currently retrograde until June 27 so ideally, you can time your biggest initiations to month’s end.

The happy and very monumental news of the month is that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will move into Gemini on June 11, crowning you celestial favorite of the zodiac. Once this happens, you will have a full year’s reign that will extend to June 25, 2013. You’ve not had Jupiter’s benefic help since June 2000-June 2001. This is rare favor, and it won’t take long for you to see the outstanding favor you soon will have. VIPs will open doors for you, opportunities that you used to dream about will materialize, and your ability in communication arts will be in demand.

You will travel far and wide in the coming twelve months as well, and your outlook for enjoying love (and meeting your soul mate) has never been better in the year ahead. Once Saturn moves out of Libra and your fifth house of true love on October 4, you will have an even better outlook for enjoying love in the future – Saturn is not due back for a long time.

Financially, although things look mixed, you will have so many opportunities that I feel you can land sunny side up. The whole world is opening up for you in ways that you’ve never seen. Don’t let anything that you consider untoward ruffle your feathers, dear Gemini. The best is yet to come.

Romantically, from mid-June onward, and extending for a full year, you certainly have an excellent forecast for love! If single, this has to be good news. This same phase would be ideal for seeing about improving your appearance, whether you are interested in doing plastic surgery or buying skin care products, grooming aids (men), or cosmetics (women). Venus will be in Gemini and moving in very strong orbit from June 27 until August 7. From then on, at long last, you will have no more obstacles.

You are about to move from the sign most likely to encounter obstacles in love (due to Saturn in Libra, until October 4) to the sign most likely to meet the one true love, thanks to Jupiter in Gemini until June 25, 2013. Hooray!

Cancer Horoscope for June 2012

This is a big month, and it appears a lot is about to happen offstage, behind closed doors. This may be because you are involved with a confidential launch of a product or service, or because you are doing other work that demands secrecy. With Jupiter, the good fortune planet, moving into this same area of your chart on June 11, to stay twelve months, it’s clear you’ll be highly productive working alone, away from people who are prone to distract you.

Your career is about to do better than earlier this year now that Mars is moving very rapidly at long last, after weeks of being retrograde from late January through mid-April. This will translate into a faster career pace for you. There are a few humps to get over this month at the eclipse June 4, but you can do it, and after this episode, you will be on firmer ground. Sometimes something you think is not so good turns out to be a blessing in disguise. You may need to travel short distances to see your clients who are based in nearby cities, and doing so will help you progress faster.

Indeed, with a lunar eclipse June 4 in your workaday sector, brace for changes in regard to your assignments, or with personnel, in particular. An assistant that you rely upon may quit, or your regular, trusted housekeeper may be moving away. You may be interviewing babysitters or nannies again, or interviewing a new gardener or housekeeper. At work you may need to see a number of candidates before you choose your favorite recruit. Be flexible – change is a necessary part of life, even though it always seems to come at an inconvenient time!

You may want to pay a little more attention to your physical and mental health. You’ve been busy, but now, with eclipse season upon us, any neglect will show up and beg for attention. The lunar eclipse, June 4, can bring any health concern to your attention – quick attention will increase your chances of feeling your old self again.

Later, the new moon in Gemini on June 19 will bring opportunity to help you sort out any psychological problem you may have been meditating on. It’s an ideal time to check in with a therapist or good friend to get to the core of what could be at the root of your unrest. If you have any propensity that causes you to tear down your health such as smoking, too much alcohol, or something as little as eating cookies in bed at night (oh those crumbs!) you can end that habit. Look for help after June 19.

Romantically, the first ten days of June will be your best, as Jupiter, the great benefic, will be touring your friendship / people / events sector. Jupiter is getting ready to leave, however, and will bring his goodness to another part of your chart after June 11, not to be back to this, your eleventh house until 2023. The first weekend of the month would be ideal for a romantic dinner or weekend away with the one you love. If you have no one now, be sure to circulate on that weekend. Once Jupiter enters Gemini, you will do well with arranged, blind dates set up by people you know and trust. Wait to do so in July – this month, with Venus in retrograde, you’ll feel like you’re trying to climb the escalator that’s moving down – you’ll get nowhere fast.

Leo Horoscope for June 2012

June bursts with a cornucopia of delights – so many that you may not know which juicy fruit to reach for first on the tree of life. For best results, first, concentrate on your career. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in his final days of Taurus, and that means Jupiter will be lighting your house of fame, honors, and career achievement until June 11. Your chances of scoring a professional breakthrough remain high if you didn’t already do so last month.

Once Jupiter leaves your fame and career advancement sector, this benefic planet won’t be back for more than a decade. While you will make progress in the future years, it won’t be as easy to make as dramatic a leap as it will be for you now. Knowing this, if there is any career goal that you still have not achieved but is important to you, take action prior to June 11. You need not fully capture your prize (unlikely if you are just beginning action on a goal), but what’s important is that you take your first step while Jupiter is perfectly attuned to your needs. Present a business plan, discuss a deal, or meet with a VIP to interview for the top job.

This month also holds a major eclipse, and because eclipses are known to be one of the most radical tools that the universe uses to affect change, what comes up June 4, in the friendly-to-Leo sign of Sagittarius, will bring heightened romantic feelings. You may have a very romantic experience and it might play out in a distant, exotic locale. If you’ve been dating and are happy, this eclipse June 4 will ask you to take a step closer and to make more of your attachment. If you have had doubts about this union, you may now break up. This eclipse will allow no middle course, so you will soon see that conditions will work in a way that nearly forces you to decide.

The only downside to this eclipse? Watch your spending, as you may be unaware of how high the levels are mounting on your credit card. This will be doubly true if you are traveling at the time. Mars is giving you reasons to spend, but you can keep things under control if you are vigilant.

There’s another possible outcome to the lunar eclipse June 4. A high-level creative project may require costly refinements as it nears completion, causing some tension. While no one likes to see costs rise, with Venus retrograde until June 27, bolster your reputation by showing a willingness to do whatever needs to be done.

By the time you get to the new moon of June 19, life will become easier, and you will be able to kick back and relax. With a crowd of planets lighting your highly social eleventh house, new contacts will be pouring into your life, and among the new faces you will likely meet several people you’d like to know better. If you are invited to an event after this new moon in late June, you’ll enjoy it, as Neptune will be spinning a gossamer veil to toss over reality to create a setting of magical enchantment. Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, will be in the same area of your chart for the first time in a decade, and in the coming twelve months see to it that you get to attend many more social events and that you will enjoy them. If you are single, many of those events will offer romantic opportunities, too.

This new moon may also offer you a chance to volunteer for a humanitarian cause or charity, or even for a political candidate’s campaign. If you get the chance to work in politics, do, for you’d find the debates that you have with your new acquaintances highly stimulating.

Virgo Horoscope for June 2012

When it comes to career, you are about to enter a beautiful phase, far better than the one you’ve seen in years, dear Virgo. On June 11 Jupiter, the giver gifts and luck, will make a monumental move into your tenth house of fame and honors when it tours Gemini. This is new, for it represents the first time since mid-2000 to mid-2001 that Jupiter has come to this part of your chart, and once there, expand all your prospects for professional advancement.

Jupiter will arrive on June 11, to be followed by an important new moon in the same part of your chart, June 19. Together these two cosmic events will help you elevate your status by getting a promotion or new position – you will see offers come up once you get past the new moon June 19. Your communication skills will be prized, whether you do writing, editing, lecturing, coding, translating, or work in sales, marketing, public relations, or other related areas.

Earlier, in a month that seems to have everything, a lunar eclipse will occur on June 4, lighting your house of home and family. You may now move or decide to make significant architectural or design changes in your space. It’s alternatively (or additionally) possible that someone will move in or out of your space, or in regard to your close family members, completely changing the dynamics there. If you always wanted to live abroad, that may happen now.

In your personal life, Neptune is about to move backward beginning June 4 (a busy day in the heavens!), so you may change your mind about committing to an engagement / marriage or business alliance, at least until Neptune turns on its full power again, November 11. Use the time between now and November to think about your next move. This works both ways – it you had made a decision to get divorced, you may hold off and instead go into couples therapy. With Neptune opposing your Sun, and in hard angle to the transiting Sun and new moon, slowing down is a good idea. If you are single, with Venus retrograde, it is not the best time to make the acquaintance of a new partner.

Ironically, also this month, Saturn will stop being retrograde and move forward with energy in your new love sector June 25. If you are not convinced that the one you’ve been dating is right for you, you may take a break from being exclusive in your present relationship and date others. Or, if you’ve not been dating in a long while, you may now feel ready to meet people again. Not yet, dear Virgo. Wait until early July. Venus will turn from retrograde to direct speed on June 27, and at that time, you should see a noticeable improvement to your love life at end of June, and beyond. Saturn will have regulated his speed too, so the fog will lift and things will be clearer to you.

You seem to have been concerned about finances lately but on June 20, any work you did in the past to generate income should bring excellent results, thanks to Venus working closely with Uranus. You won’t even see this coming!

Libra Horoscope for June 2012

Travel is coming on strong in June, so you may be jetting to more than one city this month, for a variety of reasons – whether for business, to see family, or to enjoy romance. June 4 brings a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, and because this is a sign that blends so well with yours, you should find the events that come up will please you. More exciting travel – to a city that can offer a wealth of sightseeing – may come up after the new moon June 19. Consider going with a friend, your sweetheart, or spouse, or go alone, but by all means, go. You need the change and the intellectual stimulation of seeing something new.

Also in June, you may be reaching accord on a contract or the direction of an important project. If you find that you need to negotiate one or two points of the deal, make sure you negotiate with the person in power and who has final say. There is some indication that you are talking with someone too far down the totem pole to make a difference and may be spinning your wheels. See if you can get to the person in charge that has the power to have final say.

June will also be a superb time to take a college-level class, or to make formal application to graduate school. If you feel you have finished your formal education, you may still want to sign up for courses that will allow you to brush up on developments in your field, to learn a new language, or to gain in-depth information on a personal favorite, such as art history, poetry, or classic literature.

One of your close relatives, such as your sister, brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, or in-law may also bring important news. You will need to keep your schedule elastic enough to respond to a request for a helping hand from this one person. A need to see this person could be one of the reasons you leave town this month.

Financially, your very best period to make decisions or to improve your cash flow will be June 1 to 11, when Jupiter will still be in Taurus and will light your house of other people’s money. Put in applications for a loan, line of credit, or mortgage. You may also have good financial news to celebrate on June 20, when Venus, your ruler, reaches out to Uranus. If you need to sign a contract, do so on June 13, when your actions will create a stable, long-range situation.

In matters of love, you are so fortune to have Venus, your ruling planet and the planet associated with love, in Gemini, a sign that blends beautifully with yours. Venus will be weak as the month begins, but will change to stronger orbit at month’s end. Specifically, from June 27 until August 7. Next month is better, for when Mars tours Libra, you will find your popularity reaches new heights, and so by then, you’ll be simply unstoppable.

Scorpio Horoscope for June 2012

You will see extensive changes in your income and outgo this month, but if you play your cards right, you may become richer before the month is out. Your key moment to watch will be June 4, a lunar eclipse, and the weeks that will unfold from this date. Saturn will be friendly at the time, so the decisions could be quite stabilizing. Uranus will push a job opportunity to you – take it!

At the same time, Mars, one of your ruling planets (and hence, important for you to note as Mars’ actions will always be “worth” more to you than to others), will be in hard angle to the Sun and moon, so socializing could set you back a hefty sum. Don’t be lulled into spending by an enthusiastic friend who is feeling flush – not unless you aren’t worried about getting an expense-laden credit card bill later.

Still, having said that, money is clearly growing in importance as a fortunate center for you, for on June 11, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will enter your house of “other people’s money” and bring you all sorts of financial luck. You may receive a court settlement, an inheritance or insurance payout on a claim, or even win money on a TV show.

Socially, things are looking brighter, too. Mars, your ruler, went direct in mid-April, but Mars has taken time to pick up speed. Now, by June, Mars is almost back to top, healthy speed, and the invitations will start to pour in. You’ll have an opportunity to meet new people and make some superb contacts. One or two of those you meet may become good friends in time, but you will need to make the effort to cultivate those friendships.

When it comes to romance, however, with Venus still retrograde until June 27, you need to be patient. If you met someone new now, things might be a little “off” and you may not even be able to say precisely why. By month’s end you’ll have better experiences in regard to love, so stay optimistic.

Travel will be most fun – and even profitable if taken for business – if you do so in the last week of June. Saturn will turn direct on June 25, and as said, Venus will too, on June 27. By then the Sun will be brilliantly lighting your ninth house of adventure and distant horizons, adding the icing on the cake. On June 29, Mercury and Jupiter will cooperate brilliantly, allowing travel to have a touch of luxury, too – a perfect day to start off on a vacation. Clearly travel will be best if you go any time from the end of June through the third week of July. If you can’t decide between an active vacation or a restful one, I vote for a restful one for you – it seems to be what will do you the most good.

After that, you’ll need to be home because in the days that follow the new moon August 1, big career news is due for you!

Sagittarius Horoscope for June 2012

A lunar eclipse in Sagittarius June 4 is about to bring on all sorts of changes with the biggest one likely to be in the way you view your capabilities, talents, and priorities. If you’ve outgrown your goals, it will be time to make new ones. A close relationship may be on your mind, too, and if you are dating, you may now decide it’s time to marry. If already committed, you may decide to have a baby. On a personal scale, your new appreciation for your experience, talents, and capabilities may cause you to adopt a new look or to even change your name, say, if you are an author or actress, or for any other reason feel it’s time to do so. The closer you were born to December 5-6, the more strongly you will feel the effects of the eclipse.

In your career, June puts you in prime season to get attention and special favor from VIPs, so send out word that you are eager to tackle new responsibilities. Mars is in your fame and honors sector, but has been retrograde from January 23 through April 13 and during that time, you may have found your career progress stalled. Since mid-April, Mars has been ramping up speed, and now, at long last, all systems are go. Interview for a new position, whether in your present firm or a new one, and if self-employed, it’s a good time to pitch new business – just be sure to wait a bit AFTER the June 4 eclipse arrives.

A headhunter, lawyer, agent, manager, or other middleman will be key to your success. Collaborations and partnerships of all kinds are now stellar for you, for the person you choose to partner with will bring opportunities that you could not find by yourself. If creating a screenplay or book, working with a writing partner may create blockbuster material.

The emphasis on twosome energy will bring outstanding results in your romantic life, too. If you’ve been dating, now that Jupiter now will be in Gemini in your engagement / marriage / commitment sector starting June 11, one of you may pop the question. Good timing! This wonder period was brought to you by Jupiter, and this planet will be at play for twelve months, giving you plenty of time to make this trend work its magic for you. Watch the new moon, June 19, to make an initiation on a partnership in business or in your love life. If attached, June 29 may be an extra special day for your relationship.

Single Sagittarius may want to wait until late July and August before venturing out to meet new romantic interests. A relationship started with Venus retrograde will often not blossom in the way you had hoped. It is also true that it’s not the time to sign contracts – you can talk through deal points, but do not sign.

Your creative powers will be very high in June. If you work in a creative field, you’ll outdo yourself – show your work to influential people. If you don’t but have a pastime you are serious about, carve out time to devote to developing your craft.

On the financial front, if you make a decision on June 13, when Saturn and the Sun are supportive, you’re likely to make a decision that helps you feel calmer and more settled. Next month will bring more financial news – keep your antenna up.

Capricorn Horoscope for June 2012

As the month begins, a piece of information you were never supposed to hear will quite suddenly come out in the open. Having this information will allow you to protect yourself, especially if someone has not been honest with you. This information comes to you due to the lunar (full moon) eclipse June 11.

There is another way this eclipse may assert its presence. The twelfth house, where this eclipse will appear on June 4, also rules institutions of health. This suggests that you, or someone you know, may opt to get special medical care, in a hospital, rehab center, or other facility. If news does arrive, your family will likely be supportive, and members will come together in an effective way.

Work will be very busy as the month begins, and that comes thanks to an extraordinary buildup of planets in your sixth house of work assignments. Several little planets are already there, ready and excited to welcome Jupiter, the great giver of gifts and luck, who will stay in this house for a full twelve months. Jupiter always gives “more” of anything you could ever want, so you won’t lack assignments, for sure. To be sure you notice that this will be quite an important time for you, the universe sent an eclipse on May 20, and a new moon this month, June 19, in the very same part of your chart.

The new moon, June 19, will also emphasize health from your sixth house, but the difference is that this new moon will be the best of the year to kick off a new fitness or nutritional diet. Do so as early as possible within the two weeks that follow. The first few days following that new moon, June 19-22, will be your strongest and best time to begin.

With Jupiter moving into your sixth house on June 11 for a full twelve months – this is the area that rules all the things you do to feel your best – any attempt you make to feel and look better would be rewarded. Interestingly, having Jupiter in the sixth house is the best place to lose weight and get fit because this planet would overhaul long ingrained habits.

At work, you are likely to be very busy with not one but with two new projects that will excite you and help you broaden your skills. The projects might include writing, editing, speaking, lecturing, selling, marketing, advertising, publicity, or doing translations as some examples. These projects will bring you into a new realm, so do your best – there are more interesting assignments to come.

Your home situation seems to be running the gamut from very good news to high pressure and a battle of wills. One day when tension is likely to run high is June 25, when Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries square off in a very angry way. Keep your antenna up, and brace for any news that may seem unfairly forceful. If you keep your wits about you, you can think of a resourceful way to handle anything that comes up.

In terms of finding love if you are single, you are now in the final days of having Jupiter in Taurus, the finest place for the planet of gifts and luck, in the perfect house to bring love until June 11, ending a yearlong visit. Be sure to circulate during those last days if you still hope to meet someone. If you found love, the same house that Jupiter is visiting also rules pregnancy and birth. If you hope for conception and that schedule works for you, that would also be a good time to summon the stork.

Once you get to the last week of June, you will sigh with relief. Your own ruler, Saturn, will turn direct, allowing blockages to be released and productivity to flow again. You’ve faced a number of tricky obstacles, but things will improve now, proving all your efforts were worthwhile after all. And all the hard work you will put in this month while others are on vacation is adding up to something big. Watch mid-October – you’ll get the promotion and the last laugh as you are ushered into the corner office, with YOUR name on the door.

Aquarius Horoscope for June 2012

The full moon this month is also a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4 and will bring sudden news in regard to a friend, or concerning your involvement in a social or professional group. News may run to one end of the spectrum or the other. You may have a falling out with a friend, or you may hear a friend will announce she’s moving quite a distance away. Alternatively, you may hear a friend has a crisis and will need you to help her sort options. You may make a new friend, or take on an important post in a charity or community fundraising effort that could have far-reaching effects on your career.

Costs will run high at the time of the eclipse – by no means lend money to your friend, no matter how goodhearted you want to be. Doing so is likely to put a dent in cash flow and leave you in debt for a long time. You might have a disagreement over money with a friend, or you may be concerned about the money you have to spend to attend a function, such as a wedding or birthday party of a friend.

On the plus side, near June 4 you may need to travel for an event, whether it is personal in nature (such as to attend a party or family reunion) or professional (seminar or conference). Travel will be the bonus of this eclipse, so by all means, go, but just watch how much money you spend, as you may not be aware of how much you are putting on your credit cards.

There are several touchy days this month. The first sensitive day will come on June 11, when Mercury and Jupiter will be sending angry glances at each other. This would not be the day to travel – stay home! All kinds of problems are likely to come up.

Wear your armor on June 24, too, the day that Pluto will challenge your ruler, Uranus. Add a day on either side, too. A powerful person behind the scenes may push your buttons and make you upset. This will be a difficult situation because you may be trying to negotiate and forge a solution to a problem with the wrong person – one who has absolutely no power to improve the situation or approve your solution. You must be careful not rush into any agreement because on or near this day, a powerful person will attempt to make you feel cornered, and worse, try to force you to agree to terms you will feel are unfair to you.

In terms of love, as remarkable as this will sound, you are moving into a glittering period, better than any you’ve seen in the past decade. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will enter your true love sector for the first time since mid-2000 to mid-2001. This time will be far better, however, because back then your aspects were marred by a long and difficult placement of Saturn. Now, you have only enchanting stars to help you find the love you want and deserve. This warm and glowing trend will continue until next year, until June 2013. You’ve not had any help like this, but its coming, dear Aquarius! All you need to do is be out circulating and open to a wide variety of types of romantic partners.

Are you overly picky about those you date? Careful – you may miss the sweetest part of this trend, so reconsider your stance. You may assume you know what want in a partner, but may later find you were off the mark when you meet someone “not my usual type” and fall head over heels in love. This would not be the time to overly limit your choices. With Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Jupiter, all crowded in your house of true love, this is truly one of your most magical times to find new love, ever.

If you are attached, Jupiter, a new arrival in your romance sector (as of June 11) will be with you one year. The new moon June 19 will enlarge this trend and help you see the full force of Jupiter. Be ready to welcome love in your life!

If you are attached and have been disappointed with an inability to conceive a baby, Jupiter will also help you now. Opportunity for a conception has never been better.

Pisces Horoscope for June 2012

Your home is about to become a huge focus in months ahead, bigger than it has in a decade. All the plans that you had put aside earlier because your career needed your first attention can now take root. Jupiter will arrive in your home / property / family sector on June 11 and bring you all kinds of good fortune for a full year to come. You will start to see the benefits begin to flow from Jupiter just after the new moon arrives, June 19. From then on, browse new spaces, write your list of renovations, and sort your design choices.

Any new space you choose in the coming twelve months is likely be spacious, with large closets, sunny, and may offer you a view, for Jupiter is known to provide that kind of amazing luck. You may stumble into a bargain for your space, or a discount on a handsome piece of furniture. Your home-related plans will click into place after the new moon in Gemini, June 19, 2012, and will last one year, until January 24, 2013.

Your social life will become more exciting after Venus goes direct on June 27. Venus has been resting since May 15 and no doubt you’ve noticed that life seems less carefree and more centered on work. Life will change and improve quite rapidly at month’s end, and you may decide to do more entertaining or to have houseguests stay over.

Expect enormous changes to your career, quite suddenly at the full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius of June 4. News may be connected to discussions you had last November-December 2011 or to earlier months, specifically to June 2011. The change in income you would see from new opportunity should be substantial, due to a golden, positive beam from Saturn. Uranus, planet of surprise, will also be friendly, too, another indication that the compensation and benefits would be substantial. Creditors, lenders, and bankers will support your aims. One career situation will be ending, but another will begin in a surprising way. Although you never like to see chapters close, you will certainly be enthusiastic about what’s coming up next.

Financial planning has been difficult because Saturn has been touring your eighth house of other people’s money. This month, however, seems to be far better for cash flow. In addition to the change in income that may come to you as a result of the eclipse on June 4, you may also see an up-tick in income on June 13, when Saturn signals the Sun. These are good days. Finally, June 20 would be an ideal day to negotiate home upgrades or negotiate for a new condo or house, due to Venus in lovely angle to Uranus, and again, news would come up suddenly.

There is more indication that financially, things are looking up. Venus is in your house of home but RULES your eighth house of debt and credit and has been retrograde since May 15. Venus will turn on strong power on June 27, and that will trigger a more positive cash flow for you. Saturn has been touring your same house of credit, loans, commissions, and other such income, and will ALSO turn direct only two days earlier, June 25. In every way, your finances are about to improve, and by October, when Saturn ends a nearly three-year visit to your credit and loan sector, you should see an enormous improvement in your ability to manage money, increase your income, and lower debt. You won’t feel that finances are so burdensome any longer.