Don’t Become a Hoarder! Clean Out That Junk Today

Local Junk Removal Company Urges Residents to Act Now Before It’s Too Late

Trevor Phipps


Now that it is well into the spring season, many have started thinking about spring cleaning or perhaps some home remodeling projects.

But for many, the first step to launching any major spring-cleaning overhaul is to remove junk.


Most people probably have some sort of excess junk laying around the house and the experts say it’s wise to start the junk removal process now before it gets to the point to where it’s overwhelming. In 2009, the television series “Hoarders” launched showing the public the devastating end results caused by some people who never get rid of their junk.


The horror stories of people living in filth are rampant and according to Jennifer Hanzlick who owns Clutter Trucker Junk Removal which services Teller and El Paso Counties, she has dealt with local clients that live in situations like those seen on television. She has aided her customers with issues surrounding bedbugs and hazardous toxins, while helping them remove trash that, in some cases, is stacked to the ceiling.


However, Hanzlick did say that not everyone intentionally becomes a hoarder sometimes the junk just starts to stack up and people become overwhelmed to the point to where they don’t even know where to start the cleaning process and they are too ashamed to ask for help.


“I feel like it has become a tsunami of clutter,” Hanzlick said. “Ever since 2020 we have seen a huge increase in people that may have become isolated. And then with the invention of online shopping and how easily accessible it is to everyone; people really get piled high in their homes. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are hoarding, sometimes the issue is they are not physically able to clean. I have heard stories that we have had people that can’t reach the dumpster and they don’t have any help.”

She said that a lot of the time Hanzlick and her company works with people who are struggling with depression or addiction or other issues that prevent them from cleaning their dwellings themselves. Clutter Trucker also works with senior citizens who relocate to smaller homes or assisted living facilities and need help clearing out their homes.


“At some point in time, everyone needs to face their items,” Hanzlick said. “Sometimes hoarding can have a lot of shame and stigma, but everyone does some level of hoarding.”


Clutter Trucker Junk Removal Aids Local Hoarders


According to Hanzlick, Clutter Trucker Junk Removal launched over 15 years ago in the Denver Metro area during the recession in 2008. “It was kind of similar times where there was uncertainty in the economy. I was laid off and my grandparents were hoarding, and it was before all of the TV shows,” Hanzlick explained. “So, we didn’t know what it was or how prevalent it was.”


Ever since they opened, the company has had several jobs in the Colorado Springs area to the point where they decided to open up an office in the city. They now service all of El Paso County, Teller County and the Denver Metro.


Hanzlick currently operates the Colorado Springs office with her daughter Brandi who has been with the company for the last five years. Her son Jordan has been with the business for over a decade starting when he was 15 years old, and he currently operates the office in Denver.

According to their website, Clutter Trucker offers many services such as deep cleaning, hoarding services, commercial cleaning and junk removal. The company offers just about everything to bring a building back to its original state including basement, crawl space and attic cleanouts, yard clean ups, and hot tub removals.


“We clean things that haven’t been cleaned in decades,” Hanzlick said. “It’s a lot of shame and embarrassment people don’t understand how they let it get that high.”


For those who know a hoarder or may happen to be one, Clutter Trucker can help return lives to normal. The company can also help those who have some junk piling up before it gets to the extreme hoarding point. For more information about their services, visit