Woodland Park RE-2 School Board Announces Plans to Shatter 2024 Guinness World Record

Rick Langbert

The Woodland Park RE-2 School District Board has unveiled plans to seek a $100,000 top national prize by shattering a Guinness World Record designation, which most Guinness World Records’ insiders considered to be completely unreachable.

It is part of a new Guinness World Records’ promotion, aimed at honoring new records being set by local governmental entities and nonprofits.

Oddly enough, the board will be receiving assistance from an unlikely source, Erin O’Connal, lead singer of the popular local band, Tave Blue, who also has gained a reputation as a community activist in challenging many of the RE-2 District policies.  She was selected by the voters of TMC as the top political troublemaker for 2023.

The board has announced a bid to successfully receive 600 hours of television media footage in the next few months, resulting from actions taken at their regular meetings.  Also, the amount of verbal and physical fights recorded at local meetings are expected to skyrocket.

According to sources, recorded disputes at RE-2 School Board meetings escalated above the 200-fight level for the 2023 fiscal year. But in order to go for the gold in the eyes of Guinness World Records’ officials, this amount must soar above the 500-level, a tally achieved recently by a district in Tennessee. In addition, new lawsuits must hit the 100-filing mark within a 90-day span.

“We won’t have any problems whatsoever in achieving these marks,” said an optimistic Superintendent Ken Witty. Newly-elected school board member Keegan Berkley agrees.

Proponents and critics of the current board echoed the same cautious optimism that the fight minimum will be reached with few problems, especially if the district consolidates more facilities.

“We have come to realize that when you have meetings up here, you are partially in the entertainment business,” said Board President Mick Bateis. “That is something I have learned the hard way due to the news coverage we have received on television and due to rants aired in The Mountain Crackpot.  Local TV stations just love featuring us on a nightly basis. They are obsessed with us.  We may just have to have to lease out a new facility for our meetings.  Maybe those sales tax dollars from the city will come to a good use.”

As part of their new forthcoming entertainment meeting facility, a special suite will be reserved for WP Councilwoman Carole Harvay.   In addition, plans are underway for the district to hire a make-up artist and theatrical director, for future appearances on late-night talk shows.

According to Butte Theater Manager Zack Sstanya, the melodrama season in Cripple Creek will kick off this summer with a real-life skit from a RE-2 School Board meeting.

“I thought we were bad in Cripple Creek,” said Donna Brazal, a community leader in the CC/V RE-1 School District.  “I never thought we would become a model of civil behavior.”

“This is the first time I agree with this school board and want to help them any way I can in receiving more media publicity,” said O’Connal.

“We will do a song for them to help their cause,” said O’Connal, the feisty singer of Tave Blue. “We already have a new song, entitled, ‘Witty Blues.’  We say move over Bob Dyan and Roger Daltry, as your past songs are no competition for RE-2 School Board Rock’n’ Roll Revival show.”

*For the record, the previous benchmark for television media footage of a local school board occurred from a town in Tennessee, which encountered some of the same challenges as the RE-2 School District.

Happy April Fools Day!