UFOs Spotted in Cripple Creek

Locals Claim to Have Spotted Extraterrestrial Beings

Travis Phelps


Over the last year or two, reports of people seeing UFOs have surfaced, making many believe that humans are not the only life in the universe.

Retired military officials have come out of the woodworks and talked about how the government has collected bodies and space ships of extraterrestrials with some even claiming the government has communicated with them.


Teller County has recently proved that they are not left alone when it comes to sightings of things that could originate from beyond this world.

Last Wednesday, Cripple Creek Mayor Andie Duram announced to the public that Cripple Creek was added to the list of places where unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were officially spotted.


Images of a triangular shaped flying space ship with multi-colored lights first surfaced when a video was shown on local social media pages. The witness accounts, pictures and videos were then sent to the International Alien Sighting Society (IASS) who officially verified that the object caught on video was indeed an alien space ship.


The IASS said that there have been numerous reports of alien sightings in Teller County, but the organization had been unable to verify any of the accounts until now. Officials from the alien sighting organization claim that the ship belongs to the species Marsupiano which are small, green human-like creatures hailing from the planet Grozoff.


“I thought something supernatural might be going on after all of the really strange things that have been happening in town lately,” the Cripple Creek mayor said. “I have seen strange, pale white creatures running the streets at night but I thought they were just the locals.”


The officially verified sightings come about a month after Cripple Creek resident Mike Malstrom claimed to have seen a strange looking alien space ship crash in a field just north of Cripple Creek. “I saw a round object flying sporadically and then crash into a field,” Malstrom said. “I saw weird looking beings running around the crash before three dark SUVs with government plates showed up out of nowhere and took the creatures away. I then walked to the crash site and the wreckage seem to just disappear in thin air.”


People have also reported seeing strange things occur at night in other parts of Teller County including Florissant. Even though the hundreds of reports coming from the rural community have never been verified, the locals still seem to think that they are surrounded by alien beings from another world.


“I grew up in Florissant and I always thought that people were so weird around here because of the drinking water,” said Cordell Walker, a Florissant civic leader. “But then one of my parents’ friends whose family have lived here for three generations told me about the secret lizard people compound hidden in the mountains somewhere around here.”


According to Walker, the lizard people are never seen by the locals but they are thought to have been brainwashing people in the Florissant area for the last century. He said that the lizard people are to blame for all of the straight bizarre things that have been happening in the town recently.


However, experts from IASS told TMC that they are unable to verify the lizard people story. They said that the Marsupiano creatures that were spotted in Cripple Creek are friendly but they seem to levitate around towns that legally sell marijuana.


After announcing the news, the Cripple Creek mayor said that the city plans on erecting a giant 5G cell tower in the center of town in attempts to speak with the visiting aliens. Representatives from the local casinos have already asked if there is any way to send the aliens job applications to help with the gambling town’s employee shortage.


Happy April Fools Day!