Woodland Park Middle School Welcomes New Cheer Club: Building School Spirit and Athletic Excellence

The following is a press release sent out by the Woodland Park School District.

The cheerleading spirit spreads through Woodland Park Middle School (WPMS) thanks to the recently established WP Cheer Club. This exciting new addition to the school’s extracurricular activities is the creation of Grace McKoy, an advocate for the positive impact of cheerleading on the community and its students.

With an impressive and extensive resume, Grace McKoy brings expertise and experience to the WP Cheer Club, including coaching at prestigious cheerleading facilities and assisting in the choreography and coaching of all cheerleader extras in NBC’s drama T.V. show, Friday Night Lights. Her dedication to the sport extends over a decade, and her commitment to empowering young athletes is evident in her work as a coach and mentor. Grace McKoy’s track record in cheerleading underscores her ability to lead the WP Cheer Club.

“I saw an opportunity to build a positive group that supports our community and schools,” Grace McKoy explains. “Coming from a small town, I know the value cheerleading can bring to a community and the students. I am dedicated to building a long-lasting program with a positive impact on the next generation of cheerleaders, instilling in them not just athletic skills but also skills that will serve them beyond the cheer mat. I am dedicated to empowering young athletes.”

The WP Cheer Club has clear goals and objectives that revolve around building school spirit and pride through various activities, including performances, fundraising, community outreach, games, and supporting school events.

The WP Cheer Club is open to 7th and 8th-grade male and female students at WPMS, Merit Academy, homeschooled students, or those from schools/districts that do not provide cheer as an athletic or club program.

The WP Cheer Club offers two types of teams: a Spirit Team focused on school spirit and event support and a Competition Team dedicated to technical skills for competitive cheerleading. Both teams practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at WPMS.

The club is currently seeking students interested in joining the competition team. Practices are open, and anyone interested in learning more can participate to see what it’s all about. The team aims to have 15-18 athletes. Tryouts for the Competition Team will be held in January, as competitions are scheduled for April 6 and 20, 2024.

The club’s practices will focus on core tumbling and stunting skills necessary for competition. At a minimum, students must be able to perform a back walkover, round-off, and cartwheel. The competition routine will include approximately one minute of cheer and 1.5 minutes of tumbling, stunting, jumping, and dancing to choreographed music.

The WP Cheer Club is led by Grace McKoy, an experienced competitor, cheer coach, and choreographer. She is supported by a volunteer, her husband, Duke McKoy, a multi-national champion winner with Cheer Athletics and Navarro. The Spirit Team currently supports all local school events and games. The Competition Team is set to compete in April 2024 in Colorado Springs and Denver as a recreation team; however, the goal is to become an official athletic team next year and compete on a schedule similar to the WPHS cheer club.

The cheerleaders and cheer parents will be operating the boys’ basketball concession stands for the remainder of 2023. Starting in November, they will launch a new fundraiser to find sponsors, whose names will be featured on the Cheer Club website and T-shirts distributed throughout the community. All funds raised will go towards purchasing new mats and covering competition fees.

For those interested in joining, becoming a sponsor, or learning more about the WP Cheer Club, contact Coach Grace McKoy at woodlandparkcheer@gmail.com. You can also find additional information on the WP Cheer Club’s website.

Parents should be prepared to cover the cost of cheer uniforms, shoes, poms, and hair bows.

The WP Cheer Club is grateful for its strong support from Woodland Park Middle School, particularly the Middle School Athletic Director, Caleb Kettler. His encouragement and backing have been instrumental in the club’s successful establishment and growth.

As the WP Cheer Club grows, exciting milestones are on the horizon. The club is focused on honing its tumbling, stunts, flexibility, and jumping skills as it transitions into the competition season. With fundraising efforts paying off, the club looks forward to receiving its first order of cheer mats.

The WP Cheer Club has quickly become a source of pride for WPMS, with dedicated parents and cheerleaders excited to be part of this historic moment for the school. As the club looks toward its future, it is clear that the spirit of cheerleading will continue to flourish within the Woodland Park community.

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