2023 Teller County Coordinated Election Update

2023 Teller County Coordinated Election Update

Today the process of rectifying the ballot situation continues.

• We have confirmed with the vendor all needed replacement ballots are scheduled to be mailed by the deadline, Friday, October 20th. We are working with the regional division of the United States Postal Service to expedite this mailing. Voters can return their voted ballot by mail through October 30, or at a drop box or voting center until 7 p.m. on Election Day, November 7.

• The Secretary of State’s office was on site today for support and believes all processes are being handled in a manner that will support the integrity of the election.

• Voters in the Cripple Creek/Victor School District RE1 have the correct ballots. Please do not discard your ballots. There have been concerns expressed about the school board races only have write in lines. There are eligible write-in candidates for these positions. Write-in candidates names will not appear on the ballot. You can obtain the list of qualified candidates on the Clerk and Recorder’s webpage www.tellercounty.gov. You will not receive a replacement ballot.

• We would like to reiterate; the process of the preparation and mailing of these replacement ballots are at no cost to the county.

• As a reminder, affected voters will receive an insert with the replacement ballot. This insert will contain information concerning the replacement ballot and what to do with the initial ballot.

• If you have any specific questions, please email them to elections@tellercounty.gov. We will do our best to answer them in the next press release.