Week 7 In The NFL

Chiefs Face Big Rivalry Match Against Chargers; Broncos Confront Cheese-Heads


Trevor Phipps


Bronco fans everywhere have been cringing while the team makes a mockery of themselves.

Fans that once had high hopes now know that the team probably isn’t going to produce much in 2023.


Denver has looked atrocious on both sides of the ball with many saying that they might completely revamp their team before the Oct. 31 trade deadline. Some have even got to the point where they say the Broncos should just tank their season in hopes to pick up all-star QB Caleb Williams in the 2024 draft.


This week the Broncos take on the Pack who have looked off and on during play this season. The Packers have beat some decent teams, but they recently fell to the hated and struggling Raiders team.

However, I think the Broncos defense won’t be able to stop Jordan Love. 

Prediction: Packers 38, Broncos 23

AFC West Predictions


The Chiefs look stellar this season with a winning streak since week one and they could prove to be unstoppable. But this week they could be in for a tough division match against a Los Angeles Chargers team that seems to be turning things around.


The Chargers have a history of playing the Chiefs well and I expect this to continue for Week 7. Hopefully, the Chargers will play Kansas City with that division rivalry vengeance and keep the game close.


But, I think the Chiefs have good rhythm at this point and the Chargers probably won’t slow them down. I do think that the Chargers have a chance to become a threat in the AFC West, but now is not quite the time.


I believe the Chiefs will use their home field advantage to come out on top this week.


Prediction: Chiefs 34, Chargers 31


The Raiders looked pretty awful after beating the Broncos in week one, but they seem to have improved lately. Their big win against the Packers may have put them back in the running for the top spot in the AFC West.


Jimmy G is back behind center after nursing a concussion and the team looks decent. Josh Jacobs has been key to their ground game and this week could be their time to shine.


Since the Raiders take on the weak-looking Chicago Bears, I expect them to pick up another “W” this week. The Bears have struggled on and off the field with internal issues.


The Raiders should keep up their momentum and easily trample the Bears on their home turf.


Prediction: Raiders 38, Bears 17


College Football Predictions


Even though the recently popular Colorado Buffaloes have the week off this weekend, there is still a chance to check out some local college football action. Besides, despite their success and growing fame, the Buffs still haven’t quite proved to be top notch which can be seen by the fact that they are no longer in the AP Top 25.


Eyes will be on the Air Force Falcons this week as they hit the road to play the 2-3 Navy Midshipmen. The Falcons look stellar this year, but their military school rivals always seem to give them a good run for their money.


But as the Falcons seem unstoppable with their epic speed on the field, I think that they will overcome Navy this year. However, I do believe that the Midshipmen will use their home field advantage to make it a game worth watching.


Prediction: Falcons 37, Midshipmen 34


The Colorado State Rams have been another team that has recently received attention. After their close bout against Coach Prime and the Buffs many thought they could be a sleeper team this year.


However, their momentum seemed to slow down a bit after their big loss against Utah State. This week they battle UNLV who look like good contenders in the Mountain West Division.


Whereas UNLV hasn’t played a lot of tough teams, they have won every match except their battle against the number two ranked Michigan. If they can keep winning league matches they could sneak their way up to first place in the Mountain West.


Even though the Rams have improved, I just don’t think they have what it takes to defeat UNLV on the road.


Prediction: Rebels 38, Rams 24