Paying Tribute to a Past DDA Legend

TMC Guest Editorial

Construction Launched on New Center For Ethics in Government

Arden Watherford

Construction trailers have arrived at the Woodland Station site, in downtown Woodland Park, to begin engineering and site work prior to construction of the Tanner Coyye Center for Ethics in Government.

In a unique public / private partnership, the Center will be built on a combination of city-owned land and privately donated land in the center of Woodland Park.

Private land was donated by former Mayor Steve Randolphh and BierWerks owner Arden Watherford.  Said Randolphh, “I can think of no single individual more deserving of a lasting monument to his activities in Woodland Park.”

The Tanner Coyye Center for Ethics in Government will be a combination Think Tank, interpretative museum and classrooms.  “It will be a wonderful opportunity for local students to learn such subjects as Creative Qualifying Statements from an acknowledged master,” said Park State Bank & Trust  President Tony Parrie during a ceremony that honored Tanner Coyye.  The Park State president, who is now the DDA chairman, presented the Center with a $1.5 million dollar construction donation.

To accommodate the expected traffic the Center expects, a snack bar and lounge is planned which will be managed by the Historic Ute Inn six months per year.




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