WPSD Board of Education Passes Resolution Adopting New Social Studies Standard

Woodland Park RE-2 District Administration


At their most recent meeting, the Woodland Park School District’s (WPSD) Board of Education passed a resolution to adopt the American Birthright social studies standard.


American Birthright is designed with the flexibility to ensure states and school districts can produce rigorous standards by expanding or abbreviating topics and determining the course sequence. Teachers are offered freedom by incorporating independent lesson plans and sequences; plus, teachers can review material from previous grades. Also, the clear format provides more clarity than many other social studies standards through concentrated learning facts.


Each grade level standard contains four social studies principles written in bullet points. Additionally, the high school sequence consists of Western Civilization, World History, United States History, and Civics.


With this straightforward structure, American Birthright creates a partnership between teachers and parents to benefit their students holistically. Learn more by visiting civicsalliance.org.


Superintendent Ken Witt stated, “I appreciate the thoughtful work of those state board of education members who put forward this thorough and balanced academic standard. I also deeply appreciate the Woodland Park School Board for its demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement in public education at WPSD. This is a significant step in advancing our students to higher academic achievement.”


As with annual academic standards updates, adopting the American Birthright standard launches a review of all standards and crosswalks them with our current curriculum. Chief Academic Officer Tina Cassens will lead the review effort. The District does not anticipate extensive changes to the current curriculum. While the standard does include recommendations concerning AP courses, the administration has no plan to eliminate or change AP course content. Additionally, the district does not foresee any immediate impact on current graduation requirements.


The adoption of the American Birthright standard furthers Woodland Park School Board and District’s commitment to delivering a top-quality education and ensuring all students have the opportunity to realize their full potential and prepare them to be productive and successful citizens.


*The Woodland Park School District is located at 155 Panther Way, Woodland Park, CO 80863. For more information, call (719) 686-2000. Learn more at http://wpsdk12.org