WPSD Welcomes Ken Witt as New Interim Superintendent

On December 19, 2022, the Woodland Park School District (WPSD) Board of Education unanimously approved Mr. Ken Witt as their selection for Interim Superintendent. After contract negotiations, Mr. Ken Witt accepted the position and began his first day as WPSD’s Interim Superintendent on Monday, January 1, 2023.
Mr. Witt and his wife, Deb, have resided in Colorado for 15 years. They have four adult children, two of whom graduated from Colorado public schools and are now grown with their own families. “As a parent raising four children, recognizing that each had their own unique educational needs, I became very involved in education. For the past decade, K12 public education has been my primary personal and professional focus.”
Mr. Witt entered the world of education in early 2013 when he decided to run for and ultimately served as president of the JeffCo Board of Education. In addition, Mr. Witt’s professional background includes leadership in high-tech companies, including as officer and VP, Engineering of a public communications electronics company and president of an intrusion prevention software company. Mr. Witt also held roles as Information Security Officer and VP, IT Governance to one of Colorado’s largest public global resource companies and as Information Security Officer of one of Colorado’s largest private companies.
Mr. Witt has a passion for public education and is actively involved in state-wide initiatives to improve public education in Colorado.
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