CC Elks Lodge Much More Than Social Hangout; Gives Money to Community

Dear  Editor:

I wish to address some negativity that the Cripple Creek Elks Lodge has received over the last few months.

To start:  We are a non-profit organization, which raises money to give to our community.

Colorado Elks in the Elk year 21-22  gave  $252,000 alone.  Our lodge would be happy to discuss any questions or  concerns that you (or any local residents) may have about our organization. The major rumor is that all we do is drink.

So yes, we do have a bar, yes we do like to have a few; and yes, we do socialize with our members at this lodge. But we also have meetings on Tuesdays, where we discuss business. Club room time is relaxing time.

All I’m asking if you have a problem with a person, talk about the person not the whole organization.  This organization does wonderful things for our community, as does the American Legion, Two Mile High club, Victor Elks Lodge 367, and so many more.

Thank you

Zeb Pennock

Exalted Ruler Cripple Creek Lodge #316