Cripple Creek Town Forum Scheduled

Rick Langenberg

The city of Cripple Creek is abuzz with activity these days, running the gamut from new lodging ventures,  housing developments and start-ups, ballot propositions; and yes, much commentary and debate at local council gatherings.


On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the city will hold a town-hall style meeting, aimed at providing updates on key projects,  grant pursuits and presentations by department heads.  The meeting will occur from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Butte Theater.


City Administrator Frank Salvato has described the forum as a way to better communicate with the citizens through a more conversational-style get together.  Leaders stress that this isn’t like a regular council meeting.


The forum won’t feature any debates on the forthcoming ballot issues, such as the pro-marijuana and sales tax issues. The Nov. 8 election ballots, which were mailed out on Oct. 17, contain no shortage of local issues. The ballot is described as the longest election  ballot ever compiled in decades.



Instead, big discussion at the town-hall forum will occur on the pending grant pursuits, with the city eying more than $10 million from the state so it can expand its infrastructure capability. Officials believe this will open the door more for housing projects that are badly needed.

It also will allow residents to hear directly from their department heads.


Also, some of the town’s signature goals will be further showcased, along with progress reports.

According to Salvato, city officials and leaders have cited affordable housing, infrastructure, the push for a daycare center and a more diversified economy, as top goals. (Just added as top goals to the end of the paragraph)


One touchy subject has dealt with the city’s previous action to  no longer financially sponsor special events, other than Independence Day.


But according to Salvato, the city is on board  to join local casinos in reviving the popular Ice Fest.


He said the city wants to set the stage for doing more special events again and bringing back some of their former popular festivals.  These events have been heavily endorsed by small business operators.


A local recall campaign has surfaced against two elected council members, with the special event slashing action emerging as  a key issue.


However, financial realities have gripped the community. The city’s main revenue source, betting device fees, have dipped considerably. Since the pandemic, more casinos learned to operate with fewer games.


If this trend continues, the city will face some tough decisions, unless it can secure other revenue






City Snags Key State Awards;  Transit Department Wins Small Community Agency of the Year


The city of Cripple Creek’s  transit department has been racking up awards recently.


This past week at the Colorado Association of Transit Agencies conference, the Small Community Agency of the Year Award for the State  was presented to Cripple Creek’s transportation department. On top of this, Cripple Creek Transit also received second place for the nationwide photo contest for transit bus stops.


Earning two awards in such a short period of time is a great accomplishment for the transit department and is a testament to the hard work that this department has put into Cripple Creek. By partnering with organizations like Hometown Trolley, using department creativity, and putting in hard work for the community our Transportation Department is shining above many others.

“Cripple Creek Transportation demonstrated forward-thinking and leadership with predesign of a transit facility and completion of streetcar planning study,” said Mary Wagner from Cripple Creek Transportation. “With the dedicated Transit team, the Cripple Creek community receives outstanding transit services.”


About the City of Cripple Creek: Cripple Creek is a small mountain town located at the base of Pikes Peak. Only an hour drive from Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek is packed full of 24-hour Casinos, rich mining history, stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, fun activities, and more! For more information go to For more information regarding the Cripple Creek Transportation Department go to