In the Shadow Designs Helps Locals Prepare For Parties and Special Events

Trevor Phipps

Teller County residents and business operators love special events and parties, and a new local enterprise is just the combination they may need in preparing for various celebrations, without going down the Pass for help.  And with fall approaching, the timing couldn’t be better for this helping hand.

When it comes to entertaining guests, the hardest part can sometimes be decorating for your get-together.

Now that the summer is coming to an end, parties become more common during the fall and holiday season. During themed events, it always adds an extra touch to have the location decorated to fit the specific theme or season. But, it is a common fact that not everyone has a knack for decorating and what looks appealing to the eye.

One new business that recently started operations in Teller County called In the Shadow Designs specializes in decorating for events. According to business owners Connie Telfer and Christy Lenk, they chose the name for their business due to the fact that the area is “In the shadow” of Pikes Peak.

Telfer has always had an eye for designing and she said she has always made her own flower arrangements and decorations. Lenk has served as a head chef for several fine dining establishments and she brings her expertise in catering to the table.

The two started working with each other about a year ago and they immediately became best friends. After talking about what each of them can do, they decided to open a business to put their skills together.

“She (Telfer) brings in her flower arrangements to our work and people buy them as she is walking into the building,” Lenk said. “So, I said, ‘Connie, girl you got some talent!’ Some people are just blessed with an innate sense of artistry and that’s what she is.”

Telfer specializes in the design and artistic side of the company with her eye for decorations. Lenk offers her culinary skills for events and brings business knowledge to the business.

“We sit down and we actually collaborate when we make each design,” Lenk said. “We both bring something to the collaborative effort.”

The business just started in April, but the two entrepreneurs have already helped put on some events in the area. The team just recently helped put together decorations and flower arrangements for a 90th birthday party celebration.

The business focuses on “one-of-a-kind” flower arrangements year round. Lenk said that since it is difficult to get fresh flowers in the area during all seasons, they make their arrangements out of silk because the colors “seem to really pop.”

As far as what In the Shadow Designs can do, the options are endless. They have the ability to help with events by providing decorations, flower arrangements, and catering services.

The team says that they plan to help with events like birthday parties, weddings, or retirement celebrations. They can also offer general decorating services for offices or for holiday decorations at home.

Gearing up for Autumn Celebrations

For those having autumn celebrations, In the Shadow Designs can help decorate the party space with flower arrangements that go along the fall colors and a harvest theme. For Christmas parties, the team can assist with making your home or party room look festive with holiday colors and custom flower arrangements.

In addition to having an eye for decorations and flower arrangements, Tefler has also recently added painting to her list of talents. Even though she is rather new as a painter, the business owner has already created outdoor paintings that have sold.

“I am an amateur painter but I have already sold four of them now,” Telfer said. “I have only been painting for less than a year. I specialize in scenic pieces.”

Recently, Woodland Park Mayor Hilary LaBarre asked that some of the flower designs be on display with her artwork at the Our Reserve Gallery. There are currently four pieces on display and up for sale at the art gallery in Woodland Park.

For questions about their services or to schedule the team for an upcoming event, visit the In the Shadow Designs Facebook page or e-mail