Local Donkeys Preparing for Range-Free Roaming Throughout Cripple Creek

Dear Editor:

The Two Mile High Club, caretakers of the donkeys of Cripple Creek, announce the annual turning out of the donkeys from their winter quarters so that they may range free for the spring, summer, and early fall.


This year, following COVID-19, is special because President Teddy Roosevelt (aka Steve Smith) will be on hand to speak, and to facilitate their release as he did in 1901. At that time, donkeys were the primary source of motive power in deep underground mines and lived under inhumane conditions never seeing the light of day.

Volunteers will be there to escort the donkeys into town where they roam freely much to the delight of locals and visitors. All the while one can expect the donkeys to bray and beg for healthy treats.

The date and time of the release program is Sunday, May 15th at 11:00am. Come join us for this festive joyful occasion starting from the donkey winter enclosure located at 600 Teller County highway 89, southwest of Cripple Creek. Be sure to meet our two newest rescue donkeys Calypso and Salsa and welcome them to the herd.

Thank you,

Curt Sorenson, President
Two Mile High Club