Best Of 2022 Hits Full Stride in Cripple Creek and Teller High Country

While Santa raced around the world recently in delivering presents in this most important post-pandemic Christmas, another traditional celebration has hit the Teller High Country in full stride.


It’s that time of year for business and individual trash talk, bragging rights and the quest for TMJ Accolades, designations that can resurrect, preserve and destroy reputations.


We are conducting our annual Best of 22 contest for Cripple Creek and the entire Teller County/Ute Pass region. Hold onto your seats and make sure you vote.


This is a contest started in the early 1990s, shortly after the introduction of limited stakes gaming, as gambling establishments and operators often had to place in the top running if they wanted to stand out. Our Best Of contest almost emerged into local version of the Academy Awards competition. The competition was quite tense, but friendly, a style that still prevails today for TMJ’s Best Of Cripple Creek and Best of the High Country.


In the last few years, we have greatly expanded our competition to feature more area-wide competitions.

Now, we feature close to 100 categories to choose from, encompassing a slew of casino, business, special service/niche and individual competitions. Participants in TMJ’s Best Of 22 will proclaim their favorite places to gamble, play slots and table games, dine, hang out, buy gifts, seek entertainment, hang-out, gossip and grumble at politicians, along with the finest spots for getting their hair done, having their dog groomed or treated, obtaining legal advice and car repaired, bank, you name it. And then, there is the showdown for top community leaders and personalities, bartenders and various managers.


Please, no boxing punches here.


In a slight change from past years, we are doing two rounds of voting, with the preliminary/nomination stage now occurring.


In January and early February, we will showcase a more condensed, simpler ballot, featuring the top preliminary choices.


The final winners will be announced in mid-March during a special Best of 22 issue.

Voting will occur at


In upcoming issues and online and on our Facebook page, we will unveil more details.

Vote, vote and then vote again. Your favorite businesses, places and personalities rely on your support.