Gear Up For Summer By Getting an Advertising Campaign Ready Now

Are you planning on starting a business for this summer? Or maybe you have dreams of turning your side hustle into a money-making venture. Or perhaps your business’ busy season is just getting started and you are starting to think about ways to get more customers.

Well, now is the time to figure out your marketing campaign for the area’s busy summer season. Everyone knows that the Ute Pass Region is about to get bombarded with traffic and visitors once the weather warms up. During a weekend day in the summer Teller County sees around 40,000 cars driving on Highway 24.

And, many of them pick up the local newspaper when they are in town. We have proven our success when it comes to advertising locally. And now, we have more options that include our website that sees increasing traffic every day.

For the summer time, we would recommend some sort of steady advertising schedule. If you sign a contract and wish to purchase ads on a consistent basis, then we can offer you a better deal per ad.

Since people come and go through the area during the summer, it is wise to figure out a plan where your business advertises on a regular basis for the four to five months of the tourist season. The longer your ad stays in the newspaper during the busy season, the more chances it will get seen. We can offer packages where you run an ad every week, once every two weeks, or only once a month.

The summer is THE best time to advertise in the local newspaper and get recognition for your business. For more information e-mail Sales Representative Trevor Phipps at or call him at 719-761-9489.

Or, click below for all of our advertising options.

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