City of Cripple Creek has Cancelled Ice Fest

The Cripple Creek Ice Fest Committee made the difficult and unsettling decision to cancel the Ice Festival for 2021. The event was scheduled to be held February 6th – 14th, on Bennett Avenue, in downtown Cripple Creek. The event has been an iconic winter activity in the Pikes Peak region for many years and
draws up to 20,000 people. Several ice carving teams work with up to 130, three-hundred-pound blocks of ice to create astonishing works of art. Just last year a cash purse was offered, and visitors were able to vote for their favorite display, which added to the fun and excitement of the event. “The COVID numbers and unknown behavior of the virus, along with concerns for the health, safety and
wellbeing of the citizens, workers, service providers, and visitors to our community were the underlying factors in the committee’s decision”, noted Marketing and Events Director, Jeff Mosher. The committee recognized the significant impact the event has on the revenue stream for the businesses in town, however they are also acutely aware of what a large outbreak could cause and the impact that would have on the residents and reputation of the City. The committee also hoped to pull off the event to
provide a break from the stress of the current situation, but it was not meant to me. The decision to cancel was not made easily and the committee was greatly saddened that the event will not be held in 2021.

The committee hopes that the event can return bigger, better, and more exciting in 2022. Efforts are already underway to enhance future Cripple Creek Ice Festival activities and entertainment. The group is certainly committed to keeping the event alive. The date for the 2022 event is not yet confirmed but should be during the same approximate timeframe. The release of the annual event calendar for events in the Cripple Creek area will be delayed this year as event organizers face uncertain COVID restrictions, loss of City sponsorship, and other extenuating
factors. Updated information about events can be found at