Mailbox Bandits Caught Fleeing Teller County

Teller County, CO, December 6, 2020– If you were wondering or if you heard about the large law enforcement presence in Woodland Park Friday evening, you aren’t alone.

Many people wanted to know what was going on. On Friday, December 4th, 2020, Teller County deputies were called to addresses in the Woodrock subdivision for reports that a stand of mailboxes were pried open and mail and packages taken. A passerby spotted the suspects using a metal pry bar to open the aluminum mailboxes and when the suspects spotted the witness, they fled the area. The witness called 911 around 5pm and reached a dispatcher with the Teller County Sheriff’s Office. The dispatcher was able to notify all units in the area, including nearby Woodland Park Police Department.

It was a Teller County Deputy who spotted the suspects in a gray BMW attempting to flee the county and get down the pass to Colorado Springs. The suspects were boxed in by additional Sheriff’s deputies and heavy traffic in front of the McDonald’s restaurant on US Highway 24, shutting down eastbound rush hour traffic for a few minutes.

Once all the suspects (4) were taken into custody, the roadway was reopened. The investigation is ongoing and the United States Postal Service has been contacted for assistance. The Teller County Sheriff’s Office will never stop holding criminals who prey on our communities during the Holiday Season accountable in the most proactive and aggressive way.

We would like to say a big thank you to the witness who called and gave a description of the suspect(s) and the suspect vehicle. Search warrants for the vehicle and contents will reveal more information as this case develops.

If you believe you have missing mail or packages, or if your vehicle has been broken into and you are missing items, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 719-687-9652 and reference case number 20-02287).

If you witnessed any of the break-ins that occurred on December 4, 2020, please contact our investigations divisions at 719-687-9652.