A Case For the Democratic Challengers in November Election

Dear Editor:

As our ballots for the election have been mailed to us from the printer, I would like to share a few thoughts.

In 2016 as a candidate, Trump promised many things such as a 2,000 mile long southern border wall with the Mexican government paying for it all; a better and less expensive healthcare plan than the Affordable Care Act; lower trade deficit with China amongst others. Mexico has not paid a cent towards the very partially and expensive constructed wall, which may be scaled without ladders or ropes and sections have fallen over in the wind. Many Americans have had their private property “taken” in the process; there is no better and less expensive healthcare plan even offered and trade deficits are higher now with China.

His recent “Presidential Debate” was a new low in our democratic process thanks to his numerous impolite rules breaking interruptions (141 between the moderator and Vice President Biden in 90 minutes).

He has stated that he will not agree to a peaceful transfer of power, if he loses the election and that he intends  get rid of our votes so there would be no need of a transfer of power in January thus foretelling of the subverting the will of We the People. Trump Jr. has called for an army of supporters to go to the polls to act as unofficial poll watchers. Trump has called for the arrest of his current opponent, former opponent and President Obama.  Republicans across our nation have been and continue to try to suppress and intimidate voters.

After encouraging his supporters to help on the southern border a gunman shot and killed 33 innocent people in El Paso, Texas and more recently Trump encourage his supporters to “liberate” the State of Michigan, which they were in the process of when 13 of them were arrested and charged with felony counts, including kidnapping their governor and high ranking police officers. Trump is considered a risk to our national security by hundreds of former national security staffers by both Republican and Democrats as well as many retired military generals.

He has put forth the worse Covid-19 response of any of the industrialized nations with nearly 8 million of our fellow citizens needing treatment, over 216,000 dying as a result and the counts continue to rise with tens of thousands more predicted to die before the end of the year. Thirty-five states have reported increases in hospitalizations today. Trump himself is a super spreader. His staff and supporters are no more than disposable props in his “reality presidency”. He has constantly lied to us regarding the pandemic, refutes the expertise of our nation’s scientists and doctors and tries to muzzle them. In the middle of this crisis, he withdrew our county from the World Health Organization and has our Justice Department arguing before the Supreme Court to end the Affordable Care Act. If his will is carried out, millions will lose the only healthcare they have, 8 million more will have a new preexisting condition, while the preexisting conditions protections disappear and our children under 26 years of age will lose their coverage all together. Trump has not protected himself, the White House staff, or his own family. Why would you think he will protect “We the People”?

Our economy is in crisis because of the botched response to Covid-19 and will not recover until the pandemic is under control and that is nowhere on the horizon. Millions are out of work, many businesses large and small are failing. The manufacturing sector is now in recession. Millions need government assistance and Trump told the Republicans in Congress not to act despite what his Federal Reserve having indicated is our nation’s need to keep our economy afloat. It is predicted that there will be fewer Americans employed at the end of Trump’s term than when it started, thus being the only president having done so.

Trump’s presidency has been a failure and he is a weak man only pretending to be a strongman. He and his enablers, Senator Gardner and Representative Lamborn do not deserve our votes. We deserve better than this. It I time for a change. As a recovering Republican and now a Democrat, I support their Democrat challengers instead. Please join with me in doing so!

Dennis Luttrell