WP Councilman Responds to Candidate Endorsement by Former City Manger

Editor’s Note: The following letter, compiled by Woodland Park Councilman Robert Zuluaga, refers to correspondence, submitted by former City Manager David Buttery, regarding his preference for a vacated council seat among three official contenders. This decision will be made on Nov. 3 by the voters of Woodland Park. Zuluaga is supporting Stephanie Alfieri for this position.

Friends and fellow Woodland Park Residents:

As a member of Council, I respect the retired City Managers right as a private citizen to express his preference for his preferred candidate for the current vacancy on City Council.

However, the judgements and assumptions that he makes about the currently elected members of your City Council is most troubling, divisive and pejorative.

New faces and fresh perspectives do not equate to undermining the quality of life and good of our community. Responsible government means living within our collective means as a City and more personally, in any family. I see the retired City Manager loves our City, (he gives an awesome personal tour with passion and historical anecdotes). Notwithstanding the tone expressed below begs the question of underlying motives; along with perhaps and examination of a personal legacy; through which he was paid handsomely for his services.

Current elected Council members, I contend, also love our City and are giving voluntarily of their time to provide oversight to the budget, City Manager, boards and organizations who are there to serve you the residents of Woodland Park. They are simply fellow citizens willing to serve for a time, to dedicate their time and attention voluntarily for a season, to represent “We the People.” The prior City management and Council left our City with a great burden of debt; arguably at the consent of the majority of our citizens.

Add into the mix the China Virus which has further impacted life as usual in our City, affected future State revenues to us at the local level, and so, clearly apprehensions and emotions are high.

Offering grace to one another I would suggest we all endeavor to serve life and our community with our best efforts.

I for one have concerns about the agenda of the retired City Manager reinserting himself into the political process. It is troubling to me to see folks reinsert themselves when they have run their race, especially when Mr. Buttery speaks in a degrading manner to folks he really does not know; nor has taken the time to confirm the quality of the heart and the intentions of those he speaks ill of.

Reader, dig deeper, ask in the quiet of your heart for wisdom to discern what is the truth and the best for our City.

There are two other candidates to consider; one a lifetime resident of Woodland Park; smart young fiscally responsible conservative who is committed to preserving the quality of life in Woodland Park. I find her to be courageous and clear headed and familiar with the players in our community, some who would manipulate the affairs of our City for their own unstated purposes. She will be fearless to challenge these players.

The other is a quiet and gracious man of God, humble in his service in one of the local big box stores and repeatedly coming forth to offer his service to our community.

Take the time to learn of each of these candidates and tune into the Candidate Forum coming up Wednesday 10/7/2020  in the City Council Candidates Forum at City Hall from 5:30 – 8:00 PM. Due to COVID – seating is limited.  The Chamber is offering this event via ZOOM as well.

For the record, my personal recommendation is a born and bred Woodland Park candidate, one that will do her best to “preserve” the Woodland Park we all love. I believe she will work together as part of Council to lead us to a fiscally sound, cooperative and collaborative future. I ask you to deliberate the choices; and agree with me to elect Stephanie Alfieri.

In conclusion, please agree with me in prayer for the best outcome for our City Above the Clouds that we heal the wounds of the past and press on to the prize of a united community that visitors will enjoy and citizens will engage and speak well of

Robert Zuluaga

Woodland Park City Councilman