Former WP Councilman Endorses Nakai for Vacant Council Seat

Dear Editor:

This special election (Nov. 3) for the Woodland Park city council seat vacated by Noel Sawyer has a critical significance as it very likely will determine the path forward for our community.

The current council is largely dysfunctional—lacking all semblance of consensus-building leadership, which has precipitated the otherwise unnecessary election and the attendant expense, disruption and hassle.

There are three good people running for the seat to fill a term that will only last until the next city election in April 2022. Of the three, only one, Catherine Nakai, has all of the requisite skill, experience, integrity, demeaner and open-mindedness to fill what will likely be a decisive vote role. Of these characteristics, the one that immediately stands out is integrity.

Catherine has conducted herself with impeccable and unquestionable integrity in her volunteer service on the city’s Board of Adjustment and in all facets of her life. I’ve personally observed other council members who operate from prearranged agendas, and no amount of citizen input will sway them from their predetermined positions and decisions. I assure you that Ms. Nakai has no hidden agenda and will listen carefully to all viewpoints before making fair and impartial decisions based solely on what is best for the people of Woodland Park.

For this reason and many others, I enthusiastically and unequivocally support and endorse Catherine Nakai for Woodland Park City Council.

Darwin Naccarato

Woodland Park