Key Green Mountain Falls Recovery Construction Project Begins Aug. 17

Maple Street and Midlland Avenue Bridges To Get Replaced

The town of Green Mountain Falls has announced that contractor, Water on Marrs, will begin construction on the Maple Street Flood Recovery Bridge Replacement project the week of August 17.


This is one of the key local flood recovery projects, sparked by the devastating floods of the summer of 2018 that seriously damaged parts of GMF.   The town at the time made a major appeal for state and federal emergency funds.


Town officials would like to thank Wilson & Company’s, Andre Bracken, for providing engineering and project management services.

Following the replacement of the Maple Street Bridge, Water on Marrs plans to replace the Midland Avenue Bridge.

The estimated date for completion of both the Maple Street and Midland Avenue bridges is October 15, 2020, weather and other conditions permitting.

Construction materials will be staged at the town lot across from the Municipal Pool. For safety reasons town officials urge residents to please stay clear of the construction site and staging areas.

During construction there will be a temporary stream diversion installation, and temporary detour road access for residents only. Water on Marrs and town staff will begin prepping the right-of-way and Maple Street site on August 17, and major work is set to begin on August 19.

With the project, a  planned temporary stream diversion  will be established, and temporary detour road access for residents only.

The town plans to have the Maple Street temporary stream diversion and temporary detour road access installed by August 28. Stay tuned on Facebook for project updates.

Town Manager Angie Sprang also wants to emphasize, “Thanks you ahead of time for helping keep workers safe by using extra caution when driving in these areas during construction. Expect reduced speed limits. Safety is our number one priority.”


For more information, contact GMF Town Manager Angie Sprang, at 719-684-9414, ext. 5 or