Woodland Park Council Member Endorses Williams For Commissioner

Dan Williams has my full support and endorsement for District 1 Teller County Commissioner.  I have known Dan for over five years and I am grateful he has stepped forward to serve us at a very critical time for our county and our city.  He is a highly respected community and Veteran leader who possesses great integrity, ability, and compassion for all of us.  Not only has Dan led throughout Teller County but he has been a consistent friend to Woodland Park.   He has led and organized many of our patriotic events, cared for our Veteran population and our community, supported our school programs, and has publically addressed our council on multiple occasions.

Dan has been a regular part of our community and a key leader well in advance of his decision to run for County Commissioner.  He possesses the necessary skills to be a county commissioner today, ranging from policy level decision making ability to his ability to truly connect with all those he meets.  Dan has a heart for service, Teller County and Woodland Park and will provide the leadership we need.

As we face an uncertain future, with many of our residents and our businesses facing real financial hardship, we must place our best in positions of responsibility.   This is a critical election for Teller County, and we need to elect the most qualified leader we can, with a verifiable record of public service, ability and integrity. Not only has Dan done a superb job as part of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Force, but he has the necessary relationships with our city leadership, community partners, and our state and federal agencies.  He has managed 800 million dollar budgets, made serious decisions under pressure and in combat, and he has 5 ½ years of Teller County experience as its Planning Official.   Dan is a consensus builder who brings organizations and people to the table so that their voices can be heard and the right decision for our citizens be made.  Throughout his entire campaign and this current crisis, Dan has been a calming influence, leading by example, calling for unity and has worked against divisiveness at every level.  We are all in this together!

Dan Williams will boldly confront the challenges facing all of us, he will stay connected to our city and with our people and he will lead from the front, standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we begin our economic recovery.

Please join me in giving him your support by voting Dan Williams for District 1, Teller County Commissioner.


Kellie Case
Woodland Park City Council Member