Former County Commissioner and Woodland Park Mayor Endorses Mella

As I reflect on these unprecedented challenges for everyone and realize that the Teller County Primary election is very near, it is again my honor to endorse Phil Mella for Teller County Commissioner, District 3.


In my reflection, I am reminded of the difficult tasks that were placed before me and Teller County during my time as a Teller County Commissioner from 1997 to 2003, most notably dealing with the Hayman Fire that impacted many lives, including my own.


Now, we have a huge task before us in the current pandemic created by the COVID-19 Virus.  It will be critical to have the strongest most competent leadership possible leading Teller County forward. I believe Phil Mella has the critical professional and public service experience, personal commitment and energy to be that leader.


During his years on the Woodland Park City Council and Planning Commission, he demonstrated that he consistently is looking out for the best interests of the citizens, not just of Woodland Park, but all of Teller County.  This will prove to be invaluable to the years ahead as we work together to recover and respond to the needs of the citizens, businesses and visitors to Teller County.  His 25 years professional experience and business management will be another invaluable asset for all.


In my 17 years of public service in Woodland Park/Teller County, I have had the honor of serving with many talented and committed leaders.  Phil is the type of person with whom I would have been honored to serve.  That is why it is easy for me to provide this letter of support and endorsement for Phil Mella, Teller County Commissioner.


Respectfully submitted,

Clarke Becker

Former: Teller County Commissioner, Woodland Park City Councilman and Mayor