A Message from the County Commissioners and Sheriff of Teller County

The Teller County Commissioners and the Sheriff recognize that some of the
restrictions in the Governor’s Safer at Home Order are harming local businesses and
that some in our County are frustrated with these restrictions. We also know that the
overwhelming majority of people in our community are law-abiding folks and support
our efforts to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people in our
County are going through hard times, including our friends, neighbors, co-workers,
and families.

We realize a balance must be struck between protecting the public health and
protecting our long-term economic health. When we are able to start to reopen our
economy, this balance requires each of us to commit to being personally responsible,
taking personal safety measures, respecting others, and complying with current laws
and orders.

In support of our local business owners, employees, and residents, on May 8th, Teller
County submitted a request to the State for a variance from the Safer at Home Order
to help our economy start to reopen and recover. We solicited input from local
businesses and community members and spent considerable time and effort with the
variance request to demonstrate the unique circumstances in Teller County that justify
the granting of a variance from the Order. We are hopeful the State will recognize that
Teller County can be trusted to reopen our local economy and that our residents will
continue to be responsible and safety conscious as we do so.

As we have said from the beginning, we will get through this together. We hope to
return to normal as quickly and safely as possible. Thank you for your patience,
support, resilience and, most of all, for staying #TellerStrong.