Breaking News | Black Hawk Choppers in Divide

Teller County, CO, On April 23, 2020 Major General Michael A. Loh, Adjutant General of the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, flew to Divide in order to see for himself the great work the Teller County Unified Command Group has done in preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic. General Loh toured the Emergency Operation Center at Teller County Public Works, the decontamination facility for first responders and their vehicles, and the Auxiliary Medical Facility in Woodland Park. The main purpose of the general’s visit was to get an idea of capabilities and readiness for any future demands on our public health system. General Loh and his staff met with Sheriff Jason Mikesell, Emergency Management (OEM) Director Don Angell, and director of Public Health, Jacque Revello. General Loh saw a demonstration of the airway protection box that was designed and created by three members of the Teller County Unified Command Group: Eric Murray, Director of Southwest Teller EMS, Fred Clifford, Public Works Director, and William Daniel with public works. Director Angell said, “It is important that the citizens of Teller County know and understand that, while quiet, we are very progressive in fighting this virus in order to benefit the health and safety of our community.”