Super Bowl LIV Local Predictions

Super Bowl 54 Approaching With Plenty of Talk and Swagger

Alright, the big game is tomorrow Sunday, February 2nd, with Super Bowl 54 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Yes, we have to experience another Bronco-less drought in the most-watched sport outing in the world.  Maybe, next year.

Already the pundits are going berserk in describing the game as an all-time classic. As one prominent Television station recently noted, “Reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes leads a high-powered offense that can strike with the quickness of a fer-de-lance, and will equally as much venom.” But then there are the 49ers, led by rookie phenom Nick Bosa and veterans Arik Armstead. Plus, the 49ers have the infamous and cocky Richard Sherman on defense, who devoured the Broncos a number of years back in the big game, when the Broncos got devoured by Seattle.

Regardless, the game is being touted as potentially one of the best match-ups in decades. As of this writing, the Chiefs were given a one-point advantage. That could bode well for the throngs of Chief fans that saturate our fine sports village.

We could ramble on and on. But instead, we have opted to rely on our local cadre of Monday morning armchair quarterbacks. So without any delays, here is what our always right crew of professional pigskin experts are saying about Super Bowl 54.

If you don’t have a place to go for viewing the game, don’t be afraid to visit one of our local bars/restaurants or casinos for a Super Bowl party. Have a great and hearty Super Bowl.


Noel Sawyer, Woodland Park City Council

San Francisco 36, Kansas City 24

The 49ers are the classier team and I think they are going to win.

Neil Levy, Mayor of Woodland Park

San Francisco 27, Kansas City 24

I pick San Francisco because they have a great defense.

Kellie Case, Woodland Park City Council

Kansas City 31, San Francisco 28

They both have good quarterbacks but I think the Chiefs will win.

Todd DeRemus, Owner of Blackfoot Pavement and Maintenance

Kansas City 21, San Francisco 3

My team is going to win because that is the way I want it to be.

Bill Camp, Local Real Estate Agent/Mourning Packers’ Fan

Kansas City 30, San Francisco 24

I have to go with Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City because they do well with moving the ball in the air. The Chiefs defense has improved during the playoffs and I think that they will be able to maintain the 49ers running game.

Dwight Edwards, Former Canadian Football League Star

Kansas City 28, San Francisco 21

I like KC. The Chiefs’ guys in the trenches have to put pressure on the QB can’t let him sit in pocket. KC by 7. It’s either going to be a shoot out or a defensive game.

Charlie Chambers, TMJ Video Wizard and Former Semi-Pro Football Player Canada

Kansas City 27, San Francisco 24

My memories of going to watch the Chiefs practice in the ’60s at William Jewel College in Kansas City and then seeing the games that were led by Hank Stram who took them to the Super Bowl twice was fantastic. But, trying my best to keep emotions out of this, I do believe it will be a shootout. The team of Andy Reed and Pat Mahomes will eventually be too much for the 49ers.

Trevor Phipps, Sports Writer / TMJ Bail Bondsman

San Francisco 35, Kansas City 21

When I was little kid I was raised by Californians and groomed to be a 49er fan at a young age. I even cheered on the 49ers when they blew out the Broncos in the Super Bowl 55-10. As I grew up I became more of a Broncos fan but San Francisco remains to be my second favorite team. I picked them to win not only due to my personal bias but I also think that they are a better all-around team than the Chiefies. They have one of the best defenses in the league, one of the best running games and Garropolo has shown that he can pass well to targets like Debow Samuel, Emmanuel Sanders, and the beasty tight end George Kittle. Kansas City has a mediocre defense and their success has seemed to strictly rely on their passing game fueled by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. I just don’t think that Mahomes will match up as well against the league’s best passing defense as Chief fans hope.

Bud Price, Marijuana Journalist /Columnist

San Francisco 55, Kansas City 10

My prediction is based mainly upon the fact that California has legal marijuana and that Kansas does not. Even though the 49ers won’t be able to enjoy the herb during Super Bowl week since they will be in the strict state of Florida, I think they will use the medicinal qualities of the natural plant to heal themselves during their week off. With the help of a little bit of nature’s medicine, I think the 49ers will come into the Super Bowl fully rested and they will show that they have newfound energy that will help them annihilate the extremely annoying Chiefs so that their local fans will finally shut up.

Derek Gray, Local Annoying Chiefs Fan

Kansas City 28, San Francisco 24

I think the 49ers’ defense is good, but not good enough to stop the Chiefs’ offense due to the many targets the team has that Mahomes can throw to. The Chiefs’ defense isn’t great, but they proved that they can play well when they held the Patriots to only 16 points in week 14. And, they also held the Texans to only one score in the 2nd half in the divisional playoffs after giving up 24 points in the 1st quarter.

Jon DeVaux, Gun Shop Owner and Planning Commission Guru

San Francisco 34, Kansas City 27

They are the team to beat. Look at what they did to the (Green  Bay) Packers. They have a great running game and are a more complete team. I hope I am wrong, as am pulling for the Chiefs. They both are going to score a lot of points.

Rick Langenberg, TMJ Editor

Kansas City Chiefs 31 San Francisco 28

This is the year of the Chiefs. Plus, if I said anything different, I would be tarred and feathered at the Blue Moose Tavern in Green Mountain Falls and left for a wild hound of dogs.   Talk about a Chiefs haven.  For a change, the Chiefs will come out swinging, and despite a valiant effort, Patrick Mahomes won’t be able to be halted.

Lynn Phipps, Newspaper Distributor / Town Mom

San Francisco 49, Kansas City 23

I think the 49ers are going to win because they are my team and I grew up with them and because I said so!


Jon Karroll, Former KRDO News Anchor
49ers 42-38.
I would love to see former Bronco Emmanuel Sanders get a Super Bowl ring. And I love Kittle!
Tanner Coy, Owner of Tweeds Fine Furnishings
Kansas City 24, San Francisco 21
My guess is that the Chiefs will win by 3. They’re the best coached, most dynamic, highest energy, and most ambitious of the two teams.
Alex Vejar, Sports Writer for the Salt Lake City Tribune
Kansas City 21, San Francisco 17
I pick KC because of their run game. And, Mahomes is going to be motivated and won’t let his team lose.