Ute Pass Kiwanis Scholarship Fund Established For the Family of Sgt. Elliott Robbins

Sgt. 1st Class Elliott J. Robbins was killed in Afghanistan June 30, 2019. (DoD photo)

~ by Bob Volpe ~

The Ute Pass Kiwanis club is setting up a scholarship fund for the family of Sergeant Elliott Robbins, who was killed in Afghanistan.

Elliott was one of the soldiers reportedly killed on June 30th.

Heartbreakingly, he was only three weeks from coming home. He and his wife Vicky had just had their first son, Elliott Jr, just a few weeks before this deployment began. Elliott Jr. will be growing up without
knowing his daddy.

This scholarship fund will see to it that young Elliott can attend college when he comes of age.

According to Carl Andersen, who is spearheading the fund in coordination with the Ute Pass Kiwanis, “The Kiwanis Club is going to accept donations to a foundation in Elliot Robbins’ name.”

Andersen said, “Lee Taylor of Edwards Jones Investment Company is setting up the account for a scholarship in Elliott’s name for his son to attend college.”

Donations can be made to the Kiwanis Club. The email address is ERobbinsScholarship@gmail.com or you can send your donations by mail to Ute Pass Kiwanis, PO Box 1020, Woodland Park, 80866.

Ute Pass Kiwanis does scholarships every year for high school students in Woodland Park and Cripple Creek. Andersen said, “Because of that, we are in a unique position to do this for the family of Elliot
Robbins. It’s just a great opportunity for people to donate money, write it off on their taxes, and the family benefits from it.”