NETCO Supports Ballot Issue 7A

Dear Editor:

On Oct 17,


the Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District (NETCO) Board of Directors signed Resolution 2018-05 in support of the ballot issue 7A for a .5% sale tax to support the Ute Pass Regional Health Service District (your Ambulance Service).  The resolution states that the NETCO Board of Directors believes the reasons to support this ballot question are:

  • Increasing demand for services and costs associated with emergency response are rising and there are insufficient resources to answer emergency calls.
  • The number of staffed ambulances is inadequate to meet the increasing demand creating unacceptable response times.
  • Operating costs are rising and revenues have declined due to state regulations that control ratio of valuation for assessment for residential real property.
  • For in-district residents with insurance, there will be no more out-of-pocket charges for ambulance services.
  • By applying a sales tax it insures visitors will pay taxes for services they don’t otherwise pay for.
  • As competition for paramedics rises, providing competitive salaries will improve recruitment and retention and thereby assure quality service.


NETCO’s Board of Directors strongly supports ballot issue 7A.  Your Ambulance Service needs your help.  Vote YES on 7A!

NETCO Board of Directors

Mike Sperry, Chairman

Shirley Douthit, Vice Chairman

Kip Wiley, Treasurer

Larry Russell, Secretary

Donny Rickert, Member at Large