Better Solutions to Avoid Residential Deer Killing

Dear Editor:

Animal Warning Devices May Prevent Auto Accidents

I am not selling these (special animal warning devices installed on the front bumper of automobiles that emit high-frequency sound waves to scare away wildlife).

I simply found this (suggestion) in a magazine and information that also includes where they can be ordered.

I have these simple devices on my car. Do they work? 

I don’t know for certain.  But I am least trying…cuz the only thing I see in the newspaper is the idea of killing the deer so there aren’t so many on the road.  Maybe try one of these devices.  So little to spend and a lot to gain.

I live in Cripple Creek, but I am from Northern California.  My father was a deer hunter, but he never hunted in a town. This could not only be dangerous to residents, but it could injure deer that were never caught.

I try to be very aware of the animals that could be in the roads. Also, driving the speed limit helps. I also found driving the speed limit around here means being tailgated and gets people angry…cuz one is not speeding.

I hope someone will try this (using these special animal warning devices. For more information about these devices, call 1-800-377-7878 and ask for C1677 animal warning devices, or  They have a warning device that emits high frequency sound waves to scare away wildlife from an oncoming vehicle, up to one and one-quarter miles away. They are mounted on front bumper with self-stick take of  one and three-quarter inches by one and one-quarter inches in diameter. They come in a set of six. They work day and night.) 

Marilyn Karloske

Cripple Creek