Better Signage Needed For HAWK Lighting System

Dear Editor:

I’m not sure how one would expect to NOT be confused by the Hawk light in Woodland Park. I’m a resident and I’ve seen the articles in the news, website and Facebook pages, so I get it.

But what about those who don’t read these pages? What about all of the tourists that likely won’t see all of this information?

Well, first off — that sign with directions that The Mountain Jackpot put in their article is not from the Hawk system in Woodland Park. In Woodland Park, our sign says “Stop on red”. That’s it. Not “Stop on hard red, go when safe on flashing red”. Just “Stop on red”.

So, what do we all do with other flashing red lights? For a school bus — we stop. Well, unless we want a ticket or want to risk hitting a school kid, of course. What do we do at flashing red at a train stop? We stop.

So, why do we think it should be so easy to take decades old standards, change them up, fail to put up signage and then expect there to be anything but confusion?

Sorry, but I believe that the implementation of this system was poorly thought out. I would expect confusion to continue to reign, at least until there is some sort of proper signage.

Bruce Purcell