Teller County Increases Fire Ban Restrictions

Outdoor Smoking Now A Crime

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

With the fire dangers increasing on a daily basis, Teller County has officially enacted a Stage Two ban.

As a result, this outlaws all outdoor smoking, campfires of any kind, charcoal grill cook-outs, trash burning and other outdoor activities. This action was taken last week and represents a further response to the conditions.

Many of the above-listed activities can occur in a controlled environment, under certain conditions. For example, people can light up a cigarette in an enclosed vehicle and campfires can occur in certain designated areas.    

This is the first time Teller has enacted a Stage Two ban for at least five years. Initially, Teller officials had enacted a Stage One ban, which is not that uncommon in the high country. The new change, however, isn’t that surprising.

Officials have compared the current conditions to those around the time of the Waldo Canyon fire of 2012.  Teller Country has encountered hardly any moisture in the last month, and recently the region has been bombarded by sizzling summer temperatures. Plus, the region experienced an extremely dry winter.  

Electronic signs visibly exhibited on Hwy. 24 have unveiled the new restrictions. 

For more details on the specific Stage, Two restrictions and the ordinance passed by the county commissioners on May 29 visit Teller County government’s main website.