march 20 – april 19
If you were unable to capitalise on the influx of planets into your sign last week, or even if you just wish these trends could have lasted for a little longer don’t despair, as the main players in this drama are sticking around, through until the end of March and even beyond. This is the window of opportunity you have been waiting for so long, but try not to be impatient or imagine it is a once in a lifetime chance, as you’ll only undermine your best efforts. There will be other times that dwarf the significance of these events; yet the contrast to the lacklustre atmosphere that existed previously, could not be more obvious.
taurus – taurus : the bull –
april 20 – may 20
The action this week takes place behind the scenes. From the outside it may look like little is happening, but that belies the truth. As a seed begins to germinate beneath the surface of the soil, fundamental developments are occurring out of sight, while the roots of a new cycle are being put down. The import of these events is fundamentally emotional, as you come to terms with your needs and expectations, primarily on a subliminal level at first. It may be that in the past others have not appreciated, how they have interfered with your peace of mind. Keep certain individuals at arm’s length, where this remains so.
– gemini : the twins – gemini
may 21 – june 20
A favourable configuration, highlights the spectrum of human relationships and interpersonal interaction. Friends, acquaintances and any neighbourhood issues are especially in the frame; together with those links that characterise your working life and also, your most intimate and personal affairs. Your closest associations are going through a testing period, where what remains between you is held up for review. A few emerge stronger and will shrug off future challenges, while others have clearly seen better days. Significant encounters occur in the most unexpected situations, with a profound impact on your outlook…
cancer – cancer : the crab –
june 21 – july 22
Your professional affairs predominate, as the cosmos encourages you to better yourself, improve your material circumstances and struggle ever on towards your goals. For many there is an emphasis on your employment affairs, either in terms of the choices you’ve made previously, or when it comes to the necessary experience and qualifications to make your ambitions a reality. Your best option is to cultivate an individualistic angle, since your opportunities are more lucrative and your progress most substantial, when you cautiously forgo conventional mores and expectations, to cut your own furrow from the outset.
– leo : the lion – leo
july 23 – august 22
This week it is helpful to bear a few guidelines in mind. Firstly, by thinking positively and optimistically, believing in your heart that events are in your favour and matters will turn out as you want, you’ll be adding your own input to the collective power of those cosmic undercurrents that go to ensure this is the case. Secondly, it is always important to stick to your principles and not to sell out in the interests of short-term gain, or to lose sight of what really counts. Finally, although you may have plenty to be proud about, cultivating modesty and humility wins you more friends than a pompous and overbearing attitude.
virgo – virgo : the maiden –
august 23 – september 22
Taking your personal viewpoint on the sky this week, you’ll find the majority of planets over towards the western horizon, the direction in which the Sun goes down and every planet sets. This puts the emphasis on other people, rather than taking an independent stance. You may feel quite frustrated and resentful at times, because of the apparent need to gain approval for every step you want to take, or the ease with which your competitors and adversaries are able to undermine your plans. There is a purpose behind all this though, as you learn to accommodate the wishes of others and integrate these with your own needs.
– libra : the scales – libra
september 23 – october 22
Three planets in your opposite sign put the focus on your one-to-one relationships. Those of an intimate and personal nature are especially back in the spotlight, although any association where you and another person interact directly as individuals, will also be covered by this heading too. Business partnerships are not exempt, neither are situations where you’re seeking reliable and unbiased advice; for example from your doctor, a financial advisor or a trusted counsellor. Communication is the key in any of these associations; you respond to dynamic and assertive individuals, who will display a great bedside manner.
scorpio – scorpio : the scorpion –
october 23 – november 21
Saturn is a motivational factor and forms the perfect spur. Now travelling through your money sector it concentrates your mind on your financial affairs, causing more concern than would seem warranted at the moment. Ever since last July, you have been especially fortunate as opportunities to further your ambitions in a multitude of ways have been numerous, particularly when it comes to your professional interests and career choices. Some of these you have accepted eagerly, while others you have let pass. Remember as you decide on your priorities, the cosmos will not always be so categorically on your side…
– sagittarius : the archer – sagittarius
november 22 – december 21
Much is made about the harsher qualities of Saturn, including for instance: the constraints, restrictions, limitations and difficulties with which this planet is traditionally associated. These are regularly mentioned within the context of your outgoing and exuberant nature, highlighting the inherent differences and occasionally jarring contradictions you are likely to encounter as a result. However, Saturn in itself is far from all bad. When implicated in some sympathetic alignments involving other planets, the outcomes are easier to countenance. Such is the case towards the end of this week, as you happily enjoy the dynamic.
capricorn – capricorn : the sea-goat –
december 22 – january 19
Abundant activity on the domestic front keeps you on your toes. The pace is frenetic and no sooner do you have your schedule sorted, then something shifts the goalposts and leaves you playing catch-up. It’s exhausting, unsettling and bewildering; yet the presence of Venus on the midpoint between Mars and Uranus, means you’re acquiring the ability to remain sanguine and objective, as you can see some good coming from it in the end. Every time you put yourself out for a family member, you accrue good karma for the future. Whenever you place another’s interests before you own, people will notice you really care.
– aquarius : the water-bearer – aquarius
january 20 – february 18
Mercury continues its protracted stay in your sign, running from the early days of January through to the middle of March. It is the planet of communication, ruling thought and your logical mind, so your thinking is unusually lucid at the moment, your memory is better than normal and you are able to unpick complex concepts if you have to, while holding the details in your mind. This is an excellent period to make important telephone calls, deal with outstanding correspondence, to negotiate and sign contracts or for buying and selling generally. Though you are constantly busy, somehow life seems more enjoyable too…
pisces – pisces : the fishes –
february 19 – march 19
It has been said money makes the world go around, although gravity and love are alternative agencies preferred by some. Material wealth provides a yardstick, by which folk active in the world of work can judge their progress, since those with a thriving career are presumably well paid. A big house, expensive car and frequent holidays incline the casual observer to assume you are a person of significance. Of course, this isn’t always true and there are millions of workers on low wages without whom society would collapse. Still, unless you run a charity, being compensated for what you’re doing is the ultimate reward…